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Dusk Court Sovereign
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Here he stands, looking out at his people. His people. It had been so many years since he had goverened a large body of individuals, but he supposed it was much like riding a bike. This would be his third and perhaps last attempt at leading a kingdom to greatness. It was task that he didn’t take on lightly, a task that he was so very serious about. He would do his best by Dusk, guiding them into a new era full of hope and prosperity.

He gives a smile to Vespera before he looks out at those gathered in front of him. He is reminded just how much these people look up to him. After all, it was their choice for him to lead. For so long he had advised previous Terrastellan kings and queens and it was now his time. He is filled with love, knowing that these people saw something in him that perhaps he had not.

The silence fills the gathering of individuals, all eyes on him. They were waiting for him to make a speech. While he had never been too terribly good at speeches, he knew he needed to address his people. "My fellow Terrastella citizens…" His voice his loud, the tenor seeming to resound through the crowd and for that, he is thankful. "It is an honor to be chosen to guide you into the next phase of life within Dusk Court." He’s not sure what to say and it seems like he is tripping over his words. And yet, he knows most won’t care what he says. Some will judge, he is sure, but most just want direction.

Clearing his through, he climbs on top of a small boulder so he could look out over the crowd and they could see him. His short stature was definitely not doing him any favors in this moment. "I want my time as your Sovereign to be about you, not about me. I will not be your dictator. I value each and every one of your opinions, from the very young to the very old." And he was serious. He was not here to order the court around and increase the distance between royalty and citizens. He wanted to bridge the gap, to bring everyone closer together, not farther apart.

Rhone takes a minute to look at each person gathered, to meet each and every set of eyes. It takes several long moments, but he knows it’s worth it. They will know he values them, that he cares about each one as an individual. "Tell me, Dusk Court, what do you want to see done to better this court?" This was their time to bring up their ideas, to allow him a chance to carefully ponder each one so perhaps they could all move forward. "While I cannot promise I can give you everything, I will try my best to make you all happy and to make this court great again." He knows not everything can be given. He is not here to please them all. He is here to lead and with that role comes some very tough decisions and compromise. But he hopes, that at least his people will feel heard, even if some of their ideas cannot be implemented. "Please, come forward with your ideas now or seek me out privately. I always rise with the run on top of the cliffs. You can always find me there." Sometimes, coming forward in a group like this can be hard and scary. Perhaps coming in a far less formal way might encourage more participation. But until then, he would stand here watching and waiting.

ooc: Rhone wants YOUR imput. What do you want done? What sort of events would you like? Parties? Balls? Hunts? Anything goes! Make your voices heard!


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