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Dawn was perhaps Rhone’s favorite time of day. Each morning, he would rise before the sun even awoke and make the trek to the top of the cliffs where he would stand and watch the sun come up from over the water. It was a surreal and beautiful sight and Rhone never grew tired of it.

So today started like any other day. He had himself a cup of coffee and a bagel with strawberry cream cheese. He then made the hike up to the top of the Praistigia Cliffs. It was there that he watered his oak tree, admiring how it seemed to grow out from the cliffside without any difficultly. Roots clung to the limestone and sand, somehow holding it to the cliff. No doubt it was Rhone’s magic that seemed to keep it in place.

And then, just as he began to see daylight, he paused his watering and growth and looked out over the sea below. He watched the beautiful colors of sunrise fill the sky. Birds flew overhead in groups, calling out their hellos. It made Rhone smile. It was breathtaking and Rhone couldn’t get enough of it. There was just something so soothing about this moment at this time of day.

But then, something broke his concentration. He paused, his head turning slowly to see the approach of another. He offered her a smile and a welcome to join him. "Welcome, come join me!" His smile was wide and welcoming, hoping not to scare off the stranger. He would never back away from company, especially when that company was going to admire something as beautiful as this.

Turning back to the sunrise, he waited patiently for her to join him or choose to walk away. He hoped she would stay and talk with him, to join in this beautiful moment. The sunrise was meant to be shared with those you care about…and seeing as how she was a Dusk court citizen, he cared for her, even if he didn’t know her name.



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