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uhhh hi hello hey i'm gray and i'm 26 and a dog groomer. i started rping ponies on proboards when i was 12, but i started rping in general even before that. basically i'm an rping grandpa at this point tbh. my creaky joints are just further proof that i am an ancient relic LMAO. i use they/them pronouns pls and thank u. i hoard designs and characters and love to plot. you can dm here on site or on discord for plotting. i like to throw my characters into angsty plots. but i also love soft uwu plots. basically i am super soft or hella angsty with very little in between why am i like this pls send help my characters are suffering.

some links i guess??

discord: Slendy#7245


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OH SHOOT, excuse me for totally missing this post Gray! ;;

I can relate, I TOO am an ancient relic and the fact that my toes pop when I walk is proof too lmfao
Always love seeing your grooming pics in the discord too, you do such a wonderful job with the pups! ;_; ♥

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