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The hour was far too early, the sun still tucked away beyond the horizon. Most Terrastellians still lay cozy in their beds, staring at the back of their eyelids. Fires were beginning to go out, most turned into nothing but coals. And yet, despite the stillness of the morning, Rhone was happy.

There was something about the beauty of a winter morning, the way a fresh blanket of snow seemed to settle over the citadel. The air was crisp and cool, but the wind was nowhere to be found. The birds were just beginning to sing as very few Terrastellians were already beginning their mornings. It was quiet and beautiful and just what Rhone loved.

And yet, here he was, meandering the streets looking for any excuse to not be stuck in the citadel. While he loved and appreciated his new role as Sovereign, he needed a break from scanning the archives. He loved his people more than he loved studying and to him, being out amongst his court seemed a far better use of his time than hunched up in the stuffy library with only a crackling fire and a mouse to keep him company.

With a smile, Rhone turned the corner, not really expecting anyone to be out and about this early in the morning. What he hadn’t expected was the army to be out running drills this early in the frigged winter morning. So naturally, when he rounded the corner rather quickly, he nearly ran right smack into one of the many soldiers who just happened to be there. "My apologies…" He thought he had been traveling slow enough to avoid any run ins and yet, here he was. He must have been moving faster than he originally thought since he nearly ran over the sorrel and white fellow.

Liam. He recognized the man from the meeting with Vespera. "Liam, is it?" He offered the man a soft smile before he turned his body more square so that he could talk to the man face-to-face instead of at an angle. "I hope I didn’t interrupt…" Always a kind fellow, Rhone’s first instinct was to apologize for getting in the man’s way.



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Liam Kenway

An early morning run was the best way to clear out the cobwebs left behind by sleep. It was early in the morning, far too early for the sun to be peeking through the snow-laden trees. Most, if not all, of the kingdom was still in their beds, warm and cozy underneath piles of blankets. Fires were nothing but embers, barely living as they struggled to continue to breathe warmth into the homes and rooms of the citizens. Despite knowing all of this, Liam felt his most lonely in the earliest of morning hours.

The freshly fallen snow was regarded with a fiery contempt, disgust for the frozen precipitation flaring through the copper-burnished stallion. As he walked back to his home, he watched as snow lazily fell from the sky, sticking to his sweat-soaked coat in the most annoying of ways. The air, crisp and cool, held no remnants or sign of a gust of wind or even the slightest of breezes. Since it was so early in the morning, very few birds were awake, but those that were chirped in the upper boughs of the trees, signaling to Liam the start of a new day.

Yet, Liam found himself doing nothing but moping. Sure, he'd gotten out of his house, gone for a run like he normally did, but he found himself moping. There was a melancholiness around the stallion, one that he found himself unable to chase away. Part of it came from missing his husband, the one he'd given himself and his entire heart over to. The other part of it came from being in that lonely hole that he had spent much of his adult life in before Bucky had come back into it. Maybe he needed to move on? Maybe his relationship with the moody stallion had fizzled out?

It was with a sour look on his face that he found himself getting swept up in the military drill, falling in step alongside his fellow captains, easily schooling his face into one of concentration. As he moved to stand before one of the new battalions, Liam found himself nearly running over a much smaller stallion. With a startled snort, the copper-burnished stallion slipped on a patch of ice before he scrambled his way into a patch of snow. Flattening his ears against his head slightly, Liam straightened up before relaxing his composure and expression as he faced the man he'd nearly crushed beneath his muscular limbs. "No apologies necessary. Are you alright? I didn't hurt you, did I?" He inquired gently, brow creased in worry.

It was then that his name broke into the air, and he frowned before nodding. "Yeah, that's right. Uh, you're Rhone? Should I call you Emperor or--?" Liam questioned, confused as to how he needed to address the new leader of the kingdom. In Caeleste, he wanted everyone to call him by his name; none of that king or emperor nonsense. But every stallion was different, and some had egos the size of Agnosia -- extremely sizable. "As for interrupting, I'm afraid that you just interrupted me joining for the first time this morning. I'm just getting back from a run," he admitted sheepishly, ducking his head slightly in embarrassment. "It's been a-- rough few days for me. Goin' through a lot, so I forgot all about the drill today, but I know that's no excuse," Liam pointed out, jerking his head away from the formations. "Did you want to take a walk?"

"Liam Speaks."

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