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Information  - Login/Registration Troubleshoot Guide

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Login/Registration Troubleshoot Guide

This guide will walk you through two of the most common myBB glitches- "authorization mismatch" when logging in and "invalid email address" when registering. These are known glitches with the forum software that are unfortunately beyond our control. However, not all is lost! Follow the instructions below and it should help you get past the issue.

Try any of the following:

  • Switch devices and/or internet browsers temporarily
    (If trying to register, try doing this just to register your account, then log into your preferred device and stay logged in)

  • Clear internet browser cookies/cache (Click here for a guide on how to do this on any browser)

  • Restart your internet browser or device

  • Try switching to the default myBB theme, then attempt to login/register while on that theme. (Visual aid here)

  • If none of the above work, wait for a period of time and try again. Sometimes the issue will essentially resolve itself and let you login/register as normal.

  • If you're trying to register a new account and the options listed above still don't work after several tries, please contact a staff member. Make sure to provide as many screenshots of the issue as you can. We can help register your account for you if all else fails.

Overall, best practice is to check off "Remember me" when logging in from all devices so that you stay logged in. This will likely prevent the login glitch from repeatedly happening.

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