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The stars are alive, child! Did you know that? Everything out there is alive, and there are grand purpose abroad!

It had been an age since she’d been to the swamp, at least if you didn't count the swamp portal that she’d entered from the path. What an experience that had been… She’d spent a few days curled up after, Picoro nestled into her side. 

Usually that was comforting, but he had seethed the whole time, his fur prickling into her side. Yara and Mithra hadn’t even joined her, shying away from the angry little sloth, even though they could dispatch him in one swipe should they really desire it. When she’d finally risen again, she’d hoped that the cough she’d acquired over the winter would have finally been kicked enough to fade, but it still lingered, with a rasp in her otherwise gentle voice to accompany it. 

So it was off to the swamp, or rather to the hospital at it’s heart, to see what herbs they had that perhaps she didn’t. She left with a bundle of them, all of which she buried into one of two satchels that hung around her neck. One of which was bottomless, and used to collect herbs throughout the year. The other was a small drawstring bag that she used to carry her own personal herbs whenever she ventured out. It had been empty for most of the winter. 

It was on her way out that she caught a flash of something under a patch of sunlight. She turned her head, and had to stop herself from gasping in awe. Skeletal and pale, skin so translucent it looked as if it might melt away at any moment. Was this what others saw when they looked at her? No… This women did not have the same fragility. She was beautiful, in the same way a desert mirage is beautiful. Something to hunger for and chase, but the closer you get, the more you realize it was but a cruel trick of the light.
Luvena tipped her head gently to the creature. “Good morning” 




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