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Hello my name is Henleyy and I have been in the roleplaying game for a while but took a break for a couple years while I started to get my bachelor's.
I am studying Equine Science right now with intentions of heading to vet school in the next few years and I am planning on working in neonate critical care in my future with any and all species. I currently work as a small animal vet tech and have for almost 5 years now along with volunteering at my local wildlife rehab center which is amazing work all around.
I have a naughty black kitten named Tonks, a few fish, and a Great Dane named Loki that lives with my sister at the moment while I am stuck in an apartment. 
Overall, I am a pretty laidback person and just missed getting to write so thankfully I had the opportunity to get back into this world over the summer and have a schedule that will allow me to now continue! :)


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