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IC Event  - the ringing ! || announcement !

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the crier

he has come

The edges of Solterra are quiet , as is the mighty court itself . The hot desert wind blows through a sand streaked kingdom that has fallen away to silence where there once was the strike of hot iron and the shouts of training and vendors wanting to sell their goods against the heat of the sun , to bring in income and flow to the kingdom that prides itself on being able to stand on its own and be the holder of a large army .

That army has shrunk into nothing , has faded , and Solterra has grown comically soft .

It is here that the crier appears , shaking dirt and sand from fetlocks and mane , lifting his head against the sunlight and blinking against it . “ HEAR YE , ALL SOLTERRANS ! THE NEW SOVEREIGN HAS BEEN CROWNED ! ADONAI HAS VANISHED , AND TO TAKE HIS PLACE , LEVIATHAN , THE GRIZZLED SOLDIER ! IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE , FOR A HUNT ! FOR REVELRY AND REJUVENATION ! ” and so it goes , from the court to the next section of Solterra where citizens are gathered . A ringing chorus , a cry for the hope of a fading empire , and for the outreach to other lands , perhaps , a flock of birds to carry the message across . Formal invitations , so they too may join on festivities that they could mingle and perhaps reforge old friendships .

The festival will be opening , and there will be more after that ! Keep your eyes and ears open , and listen for what may happen next !

The meeting has been called first , but the festival is hot on its heels !


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