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IC Event  - thunder on the walls || THE HUNT

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when you're up there looking down

A hit .

Blood pours from the wound on the Teryr's belly , and down the horn , over his muzzle . It's a coppery smell , a sour victory . Short lived , he thinks , as his head jerks upward and attempts to drag his horn all the more through the beast's belly , to catch intestine , to hopefully yank onto bone . He wants to turn it inside out , string its guts along the canyon if he can do it . His attack is stopped short , by the wings that bare down on him and flap hard and heavy . As light as the bones are , that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt when they beat against his sides , knocking the wind out of him , bruising down to his very lungs . He gasps , trying to drag in air and only pulling in sand from the fray , feathered hooves digging and moving , pulling him back and away .

Fuck .

Fuck .

He's becoming a little more disoriented , the air heavy with magic , grit , blood . His ribs ache ( one feels like it might be cracked ) , and he can't help but snap his jaws in irritation as he suddenly lifts his head up . He can see Israfel attacking , his ears falling flat at the rage of the Teryr as its wing snaps and it screams in some unholy form of pain .

Solis help me . The irony that he's offhandedly praying to the very deity he cursed is not lost on him .

Before he can plunge forward , he becomes aware of a frigid drop in temperature however . In a way that the sand his hooves have traction in is suddenly not sand , but ice , and he doesn't have the traction he so desperately needs to continue this fight . His legs spread slightly and he snarls in agitation , head lifting and turning to the side , blue eye focusing on the fish-like mare --- he'd met her before . Once upon a time . Below Zero , if he recalls , but he can't dawdle now . Not with bruises in his throat and anger in his veins , with adrenaline pumping away . Not with the way the ice is creeping over the land and down into his already raw lungs .

It hurts more to breathe , and he's sent into a coughing fit as his throat dries from the sudden drop , before pain explodes from his side . It had been raw before from the attack , but now it truly steals his breath , and he fights to suddenly catch his breath again , staggering along the ice in a near comical way , hooves sliding before he slams them down and cracks the ice in his anger .

Heat blooms and flares , and his body twists , facing toward -- toward the four winged one . Where the flare had been , the ice looks weak on the sands , and Leviathan plunges forward , leaping onto the weakened area and feeling the shattering under his hooves . Everything is painful with his breaths , his spine , but his entire body is running off adrenaline now as he turns , and he suddenly lunges forward , gaining traction and aiming for the Teryr .

There's a bloody wound on the beast's belly , but now Leviathan is aiming higher . It's weak , leaning to one side from the broken wing . He saves his breath for this run , his eye ablaze as the anger ignites and burns hot and heavy in his veins , scorching the pain to a level he can't register at the moment , keeping it low as he reaches the Teryr .

He rears , front hooves aiming for the beast's bloody front , and his horn aiming for one thing ; the animal's chest , putting all the force and momentum of his slide on the ice into it .

Summary: Since Bel's magic made the air so cold , Levi went into a coughing fit . The Teryr already weakened his ribs with a beating but he coughed so hard he ended up breaking one or two of them . He's very very angry rn at this stupid bird . His attack is he basically charged over where Sol had attacked , using the weakened ice to have traction and then rearing at the end , using his rather large height to get up to the Teryr's chest and just try to poke its heart . Just a little .


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Her hooves didn’t even bother the creature, a momentary fact that made the simple mare snarl softly. The slightly unhinged mare was prone to recklessness and the idea that the teryr had brushed her off so thoroughly without even bothering to snap at her made the mare furious. Shaking her head, she took a few steps back to size up the battle. 

That was when her hooves caught ice. The surprised necrobotanist lifted her head and shot a glare at the aquatic creature beside the big brute with too many wings. The mare’s fury rang off of the rocks around them and made Faction snort. Typical… lovers got too heated in the midst of battle. The cold was painful, making Faction want to turn on the battlemage. 

"Save your declarations of love for when you are not facing a creature that couldn’t care less that the brute is your mate. Perhaps that knowledge would be enough to encourage more brutal attacks sent his way even." She snorted, words snapping from her maw as she fought to get a grip on the ice that now coated the sands.

Sliding with each step, the necrobotanist moved to the side where the wing was still intact. The teryr made her nervous, the big beast easily harming those that were attacking it. Almost as if the teryr had the favor of the gods. That was when her eyes caught a bond that was on the edge of the ice field. Did she risk it? The mare moved to examine the remains from teryr meals, her eyes taking in the bodies around her. There were equine bones… too many to count the actual number of deaths. But mixed in were those of other creatures. Of predators that the beast had faced for its territory. Those were the ones that Faction focused on. 

There were no plants nearby to use on the skeletons, but perhaps that was better. She could fuel two if there weren’t plants… Sorting though the remains. She pulled out the skeletons from 2 larger predators. The claws were still visible, teeth sharpened by the draw of sand and wind over the planes of bone. If they both animated, it would be enough to send them each toward hitting the monster at least once. It made her nervous, the chances of failure dancing along her mind. 

A deep breath filled her lungs and she reached for her magic. Dipping her head, she let breath wash over the two skeletons. One twitched before going silent, a failure that made her swear softly under her breath. The other seemed to glow slightly. Claws clenched and the beast stood. It was nothing recognizable, pieces from different creatures all meshed into one beast. It was only a few feet tall, build fairly feline. The creature dipped its head as Faction gave it soft orders. 

One attack. That was all that the creature would be good for. Time to make that attack count. A cry from her maw was the signal for her attack. She and the creature aimed for the remaining good wing, hoping to do enough damage to make it unusable as well. The creature leapt, long dead claws attempting to shred the wing. Faction aimed for the joint where the wing met the body, hoping to damage the joint and cause as much pain as she could for the creature.

"Faction's Words" - "Sors' words"
Notes: Faction used her magic to reanimate a skeleton, failing with one and succeeding with the other. After the attack, she will withdraw remaining magic from the success and let it rest. She personally attacked the wing joint, trying to do damage to incapacitate the remaining wing.


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P a n g a e a

it’s only natural to free the animal locked up inside
the nature of the beast is, you want it
nature of the beast is, i do too

The dinosaur horse, they weren't happy. In fact, it was taking all of Pangaea's control to keep their calm as they stared down this tyrant beast. It was worse than the T-Rex, or even the Spino that had taken out their younger brother. Pan had angled down, aiming to attack, to hit it directly, to get at those eyes. It hadn't even noticed them as the stupid thing moved and they collided with it like some cartoon character going face first into a wall painted to look like a road. Gritting their teeth as their body slid down it's neck, the dino barely had a chance to catch their breath before a sudden wave of COLD breeched the undeveloped defenses to the cold. It was the first time the dinosaur horse had ever felt cold, and it seemed to freeze their blood, before it began to slowly fuel that fire.

It numbed the pain of the torn into limbs, and with that numbness came a reinforced desire to cause pain and suffering to this beast who would not go down. Pangaea narrowed their eyes, the reptilian slitted pupil focusing hard. Shifting their weight, wings were spread out as far as they could reach, and with a powerful, downward thrust, they soared back up. Hitting a height that felt comfortable, neutral even, the saurian-equine eyed the enemy down below, focusing on each injury, focusing on each wound, cataloging, desiring, aching to return the pain that had been delivered. They wouldn't hesitate, as they finally settled on a target, teeth gnashing, fangs glinting in the sunlight.

This wasn't the mare seen before, who initially attacked, who tried to work with the others. This creature was lost into a desire to feel the enemy's blood slipping down her throat, to feel the soft, delicate frame work of those wings sliced by her claws. This was a creature who was seeing red, lost in the blood lust that her species felt so rarely. Her muzzle twisted, a smirk, and she felt far more powerful, far more like the feminine monster she'd been back home than she had in a long time. That odd cry left her muzzle again, half avian, half reptilian; But this time, it wasn't a war cry.

This was a hunger, a dangerous call of one predator going in for the kill on a pray. Her very posture had changed, more rigid, less fluid, eyes locked onto that pure, pristine wing that this creature still held, like a flaunting piece of 'here I am'. The red cape to her bullish tendencies. Snarling, she dove, wings suddenly held close, her body streamlined with the desire to give herself more speed, more power behind her last ditch effort of an attack. She knew, deep down; she was ruining fumes, that cold blast had taken a lot out of her. But she wasn't about to show herself as some meek, weak predator that could be picked off by anything bigger. She took down the bigger and the badder. She could hold her own. And she wasn't going to let this Teyry beast knock her out of the fight before she had her own taste of it's blood.

NOT UNTIL SHE HAD RETURNED THE FAVOR. She aimed to latch onto that wing, a frenzied, blood rage activated that would have her teeth, and claws ripping into delicate flesh if she could only make the landing this time, her own wings would hold her in place, those talons on her wing hinge locking into that flesh to give her the purchase she needed to do as much damage as quickly as she could, as much as she could, before she knew she'd be knocked back, knocked down, and more than likely, not able to get back up the next time.

let’s unleash and cut the creature loose

@Leviathan @Faction @Israfel @Tug @Below Zero @Sol Bestiam
Notes: Well aware she's not got much health left, Pangaea has hit a blood-rage straight. She's not really seeing anything except the Teryr. She's not really feeling anything except the desire to return the favor of the pain it had caused her. She's angry, she's hungry for an attack, and she's determined to make one attack hit. Really, I think it's her last effort with all her remaining energy channeled into a blood-rage.

oh, it’s the nature of the beast in you
you wrap yourself around me and tightening the noose
trapped in the cage surrounding the sinful side of you

Artwork ©Sephinta


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