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Poll: Do you accept Luvena as the second Night court sovereign?
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Private  - why get your girl a ring when you can give her a crown?

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Second SOvereign Voting

@Israfel has offered @Luvena a seat by her side on the throne. It is up to the court whether or not she is fit to wear the crown.

Second sovereign voting will follow the same rules as normal sovereign voting. Only those with a character in Night court may vote, with only one vote per member. @Sparrow and @Lullivy may not vote. If voting maybe, please let us know your concerns!

Even if the world ignites into flames
You'll be right here by my side
And as it burns away
You smile at me and say that
"Not even death could take me away from you"

They were building a system, she and Luvena.

Slowly they were figuring out what this meant, understanding and building this new dance they wove together every day that was spent in each other’s company. The steps of this waltz were being designed with every move they made, endless and beautiful, a waltz with no music other than their laughter, their words, and their shared, heated glances, and Israfel had never felt a more sense of ‘right’.

Just as well, she also had never felt more stressed. Ruling Denocte was not second nature to her. The Sun Daughter was well aware of her shortcomings, knowing that her temper burned as bright and hot as the fires she manipulated and controlled. It was all too easy to rile her up, to stoke the fires that burned within her, and she would be the first to admit that she was no silver-tongued dignitary or noble with the training or poise needed to make a formal address, or regard a council of local or foreign delegates.

Yet, as time passed and she spent more time with Luvena, treasuring every moment she saw Lu laugh, or smile, or crack a joke, or even frown in that stern-yet-adoring way of hers whenever Israfel said or did anything particularly stupid, something was slowly beginning to slot in place.

They had begun their courtship, yet another part of this elaborate dance. Israfel had never given gift-giving much thought before Luvena, but spoiling the woman with small trinkets picked up through the day, or a bouquet of flowers, or a new selection of teas simply came to be second nature. Spoiling Luvena became a mission, a challenge, and it was one that Denocte’s Queen very much wanted to win.

Israfel knew that she needed Luvena. But just as well, so did Denocte.

Israfel’s weaknesses were carried by Luvena’s profound grace and humble dignity, by her ability to speak softly yet still be heard no matter how loud the room. Israfel’s strengths could protect Luvena’s weaknesses, her frail body easy to shield, and truly, the Sun Daughter had no qualms about being a hefty bulwark for the woman she adored… They made a fantastic, perfect team. A ‘power couple’, Solaris had joked fondly, watching the two as they reclined after a long day of duties.

It was on such a day, stolling together with their shoulders bumping through the gardens of Denocte, watching the setting sun cast the late-summer skies into a beautiful display of a kaleidoscope of colors, that Israfel spoke. The calm breeze played with their hair, and Isra glanced sidelong to reach forward and move an unruly strand that blew in front of Luvena’s glittering turquoise eyes.

“We compliment each other pretty damn well,” she began, picking her words carefully and being patient with them despite the need to just let them all spill out of her lips in a jumbled, unintelligible pour, “You and me. You’re good with addressing people. I’m… Well. I’m not. You’re good at putting them at ease, and understanding them, of showing empathy and strength.” She paused, pressing a kiss to Luvena’s soft neck. Her vermilion eyes glittered in the rays of fading daylight, and already the sounds of songs and shouts echoed through the distant streets of the markets.

She continued, forcing a small smile, but it didn’t last long before her expression sobered. “I’m not good at those things. I’m brash, hot headed, and arrogant. I’m good at fighting and protecting. I can’t debate my way out of a wet blanket… And I’ve realized over the last few weeks that I think Denocte needs more than just what I can offer it, Lu.”

Abruptly, Israfel paused. Golden hooves stood stationary within the soft grasses of the gardens, the late-summer blooms brilliant and beautiful around them. Bushes, hedges, and towering trees abloom could hear their whispers, accidental eavesdroppers that they were, and perhaps that was why she had requested an evening walk through the gardens with Luvena in the first place.

Ruby-red eyes focused upon the smaller woman at her side, and her gaze burned. The Queen of Denocte straightened, shifted, rolled her shoulders, and stepped closer, pressing her muzzle against Luvena’s own yet not tearing her eyes away from those teal, endless depths. 

“Rule with me, Luvena. Denocte needs you, but I need you more.”



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Every day with her felt like a miracle. It was easy. There was never any fumbling for the right words, or wondering if she was doing the right thing. Every step fell into place, Every kiss whispered along the others neck placed with ease.  There was no wondering whether things would go south. They wouldn’t.  And that she knew with certainty.  

She’d been spending more and more time at the citadel with her, leaving pol to run the clinic for a few hours. Every hour spent made her even more certain. Though spending more time there made her nervous too. So far she’d been lucky, waking up in good health. She’d been careful to only god when she felt in top shape. Truthfully, she was fearful that if Israfel saw her in a bad way that she’d be scared off. She wouldn’t be the first.

While Israfel showered her in gifts, Luvena returned the favour in… well favours. Rising before her in the morning where she had spent the night to bring coffee and biscuits back up to the room, instead of having one of the citadel employees do it. Making her chamomile tea when she seemed stressed with the pressures of sovereignty (though she had them heat it up in the kitchen). Even dealing with some of the staff complaints that came through every once in a while, while she was there.

She leaned into Isra while they walked, knowing the woman wouldn’t mind.  She loved the gardens, especially at this hour, though she spent more time chancing sidelong glances at Israfel. It was hard not too, when the sun was in just the right place to bounce off every gilded surface of the woman. 

She stopped alongside her, smiling as Israfel brushed a thin piece of hair from her eyes.  She nodded along as Israfel spoke. Everytime Israfel kissed her it was like a spark was ignited in Luvenas heart. She grew worried though as she said Denocte needed more than she could give. Was she stepping down? She knew it had been hard on the woman, but she was doing as well as one could expect. She let her continue though, listening in silence.

She returned the gesture, pressing back into Israfel, meeting her vermillion eyes. 

Her own widened in surprise at the words, and she pulled back seriously, a spark ignited. “I would rule a thousand kingdoms by your side, under a thousand different suns.”  She pushed her muzzle back into Isras. “Again and again. Um… would I… move into the citadel with you?” 

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