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- back? we're back again

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hello one and old.

tis I, Daisy. joiner of sites, abandoner of sites During Hard Times. i was on Novus before but had to leave due to Life™. i'd rather not get into it publicly. i'm happy to be back, of course, and happy to see my old friends again. i hope this time i can remain... even though i am very intimidated by the discord again lol

about me... 31 years old, female and Canadian. i am always available to chat and plot and just have Good Times. i'm very shy, love to play Genshin Impact (add me!), and admire art I cannot buy. but once you can't shut me up - you really can't shut me up! haha. as for me planning to bring back old chars... I might, if the plotting is okay. if not? I'll be remaking and using new ones!


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