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he did not seem to understand. More than that, she appeared shocked. Benedict calmly waited for her to compose herself and Veil asked the same question - blood? "Blood flows" he replies patiently, leaning forward to press his nose against where her heart (appeared) to be "from heart" he says, leaning back to gesture throughout her body "in veins. Give life."

But it was fine if she didn't understand still. She would drift away from him, perhaps not emotionally - he hadn't missed the welling of tears - but physically. Veil stated it would be time to go, and he could not agree more. The teaching had passed, and so did the light. It was not good for either of them to exist in a land they knew little about after dark. "Okay" Benedict says to her, nodding and collecting his things. He begins to head off.

"Goodbye" he adds "visit soon." Dusk was not where Jane was. Veil would cross into the desert land, or even fly there. He hoped she flew, for it was safer. Grounded, the man had to rely on his hooves. He walks further away from the sea, leaving it and Veil behind. / EXIT


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