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It doesn't feel the same, even Io can admit it but she's holding out hope that she can find a way to fix this. That Luvena will let her work through her issues and try to mend what she's done wrong. She misses the warmth they'd had when they'd curl up together to lounge in the fields in Crucis under the sky, she can't feel it right now but she's clinging to a flicker of hope. She knows she's not the same, that she'd changed over the years but maybe she'll be able to explain it to Lu and with a stroke of luck she'll understand.

Io barely hears her when she answers the question about her children, in her response she gives an understanding and sad nod. She won't push that button and ask anymore question. "I'm sorry, can I do anything to help? I'll try if I can." She tries to offer comfort in her words and presence but before she can do anymore the smaller mare pulls away from her. Listening to her Io can't hide the shock on her face when she's asked if she cares and feels bombarded by what follows next before a feeling in her chest akin to stabbing hits her at the last part. "Lu that's. That's not what I meant." She's nearly at a loss for words. "All I'm asking for is a second to process all of that information, I never said I didn't care." There's a desperation in her voice mixed with pain until she starts to truly process the last pieces while Luvena turns away. "Lu, please just let me explain." Her voice cracks while she tries to call after her.

All she can do is watch her walk away, a mixture of pain and anger brewing in her at the question. All Io had ever done in Elysium was give, give, give, and give to Crucis until it almost killed her. She has to bite her tongue before her anger gets at her. A thought passes through her while tears begin to run down her face. You aren't the only one hurting here Lu. Standing there all she can wonder is if Luvena had taken a second to actually look at her, had she been so caught in her own grief that she hadn't noticed Io's own pain? She feels agony settle into her when she sees the last part of Luvena and something in her breaks when she turns away as well. If she had only expected me to be perfect the least she could have done was say it in the beginning. Glancing over her shoulder she can see the smaller mare is gone and her vision is blurred from tears, her ears flattening back against the wind. "At least tell me you preferred the idea of me dead and martyred." The words are whispered to herself before she walks back towards the beach. If she wasn't already falling apart and chipped enough Io could add this to the list of moments that took the biggest parts of her away when she reaches the waves and a half scream half sob of pure pain comes from her throat. It's drowned out by the waves when she makes a silent vow: If her sister wanted nothing from her then fine Io would do what she wanted, she'd stay as far away as she wanted. After all, she did decide she'd do whatever Luvena wanted from her.


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