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e had been careless.

Walking - or rather limping - to the Hospital in Terrastella, Benedict kept one leg up. While out searching for ore and minerals, he had stumbled and twisted his right front leg. That wasn't all; a vein of ore had stuck out, digging into his flesh. The man had winced but did not cry. He'd had worse done to him, that's for sure.

Managing to leave the mountain range behind, Benedict carried himself back to his Court. He had tended to the wound best he could so a trail of blood did not enter the border. A quick rummage of items he had with him was all it took to apply a gauze. He was no healer, but it was the best he could hope for.

"Hello?" he calls out now, the halls seemingly empty as he steps into the area. Maybe someone was here that could assist him properly? He would like the leg to be cleaned and sanitized for sure. "pardon the intrusion, but I have injured myself..."


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