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- Delumine Wedding Reception

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Delumine Wedding Reception

Welcome to the wedding reception between Callynite, Sovereign of Delumine, and Huehuecoyotl, her chosen mate. This celebration has been carefully planned to allow all of Delumine to celebrate with them, as well as invite those of the neighboring courts to visit, and pay their respects as well.

You’ll find a large collection of fun planned out!

For the Main Reception, you have three areas:
The Open Air Courtyards: Where the main festival areas are.
Inside the Main Courtyard a large feast is spread out, with all kinds of options, from fruits, grasses, vegetables and nuts, to barks, roots, and flower spreads. For those of a more carnivorous diet, a variety of meats, including Elk, Boar, Rabbit, as well as a variety of fish options have been provided. There is also a large dance floor set up, for those who just wish to party the night away, and a DJ station for those who’d like to request a certain song! And of course, no reception is complete without the bar set up. So please come by and partake of a variety of wines, beers, and other alcohol. The Side Courtyard is also set up as a resting area for those who need time off their hooves. With plenty of areas to stretch out, and pillows to support those who wish to lounge, you’ll find this a relaxing atmosphere. There are also a variety of tables set out for those wishing to eat comfortably away from the wild ruckus of the main courtyard. And in the far corner of the courtyard is a large Entertainers’ Stage, perfect for any entertainer wishing to try their hand at displaying their talents for the masses.

At sundown, however, the stage will become a focus point for an Entertainers’ Talent Show, in which the best talent out there will be crowned victor over the other entertainers. To sign up for such an event, please check out the Talent Show Thread

Of course, there are dozens of smaller things to do in this long celebration that will last well into the next week, for those who want to really see what Delumine has to offer!

Viridae Forest -- In a display of power, and more greatly, the respect the forest also holds for Cally, a labyrinth has been created (thankfully with a minotaur not included), with many twists, turns and an abundance of challenges to overcome! Successfully find yourself to the other side, and you’ll know just how strong you are. Those who enter the Labyrinth are also given a whistle, and at any point that you feel you have become too lost to find your way through, blow the whistle, and one of the individuals working the labyrinth will come in and help escort you out.

Illuster Meadow -- Set up in the Illuster Meadow is a mini set of Olymic game. While not an official game, with competitions and a chance for things to get out of control, the mini olympics do have a variety of games to participate in, including:
Chariot Racing: For Teams of 3, who wish to participate, Two will run, pulling the chariot blindfolded, while the third rides in it, to give them directions through the course. The Course is a total of 6 laps, and for every two laps, you must rotate, so everyone has the chance to ride in the chariot once and race with the chariot twice.
Mini Event Trifecta: In this mini-event, each individual takes part in three events: The long jump, in which the use of wings is forbidden. The Javelin Throw, in which only telekinesis can be used to throw a 5 lb spear. And the Discus Throw, in which a thin, iron discus is thrown with the use of the head and neck, by gripping it in one’s teeth before release. The three scores are then collected and used as a measure of overall ability.

Running: There are technically three types of trials for this event - one involving flight, one involving swimming, and one involving normal running. Prior to starting a running competition, the distance on the circle must be noted; whether half a lap, a full lap, or more. And then it’s a race to the finish line to see who is fastest.

The Library -- You’ll find, in a display worthy of noting Delumine pride, the Library has been also decorated for the event, and in the main room, and entryway, a collection of Greek and Roman storybooks, as well as history books have been set out for visitors to read. A wide variety of artifacts have also been put on display behind glass cases for visitors to look over.

Rewards for taking part:
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