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The little healer was a bundle of emotions as she woke from her nightmares. Scenes of her past, memories that had chased her from sleep many times. The fears and worries from the current events were turning the little mare into a mess. Bel had helped, but Pol couldn’t erase the thoughts that plagued her. 

Escaping her bed, the aquatic mare paced the room. The walls felt like they were closing in, her entire being begging for freedom from the room. Her ruined tail was twitching like a feline, tapping her rear legs as she tried to keep her mind from racing. No longer able to keep herself from racing out the door, the healer headed into the court. There was one that she could trust to help her figure out at least one of the puzzles. At the edge of the courtyard, the mare stopped and offered a letter to a guard to bring to the sovereign.

We haven’t officially met, though your love for my mentor speaks volumes. I have a question for you, a plea for help. It regards Luvena and her past. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. I dont want to make the wrong step and make things worse for her. 

- Polar North

How the message would be taken, the thoughts of this lady of power… Pol found herself anxious as the message disappeared from view. This was stupid. Isra had no idea who she was. Why would she help? Lu was her heart, Pol was the interloper. Her thoughts strayed to the stallion and a soft smile crossed her face. No, she would not let him down.

Standing out of the way of the hoof traffic, Pol waited with an anxious heart for any response. A little voice inside told her the message was probably ash by now. Closing her eyes, she focused on breathing and trying to control her thoughts. "I can do this… I am not a stupid, frightened pup anymore." She muttered, her words soft as she waited.

Notes: Worried Pol for her ‘mama’s’ love <3


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