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Battle  - [P] rip and tear

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Fight Type: BATTLE
Prize: EXP
Contact Made: Yep!

Character #1: @Salome
Bonded: N/A
Magic: N/A
Armor: N/A
Weapons: N/A
Current Health: 12
Current Attack: 8
Current Experience: 17

Character #2: @Cordelia
Bonded: N/A
Magic: N/A
Armor: N/A
Weapons: N/A
Current Health: 8
Current Attack: 12
Current Experience: 11

Her hooves hit the ground, yet made no sound. She glanced about from under her hood, pondering if this was a good idea. Salome wished to control her issues. What better way for a vampire to control than to smell blood and resist it? She was a cloaked bat upon the Steppe, seeking a challenge. While not physically strong, she desired to be. For Gareth.

He was so gentle. She promised herself she would never leave him ever again. But to do that, she had to prepare for whatever came at them next. It included any type of conflict. She drew in a breath, the air not reaching her dead lungs. Salome had fed on a rat hours prior; she was good to go for... this sort of interaction. Lifting her head, she called out for someone to answer.


Summary: arrived (at night) to the Steppe to battle

Attack Used: 0
Attack(s) Left: 2
Block Used: 0
Block(s) Left: 1
Item(s) Used: n/a

Response Deadline: october 18th
Tags: @Cordelia, @inkbone

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due to being a vampire, she can only thread during the night


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