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Union  - I'd catch a grenade for ya!

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it's in the way that you move me,
and the way that you tease me,
the way i want you tonight


it's in the way that you hold me,
and the way that you know me,
when i can't find the right words to say

The doe felt like she'd forgotten how to breathe, as she looked up to the talk of the peak. The soft crown of small white flowers circled her head gently, ivy visible between the petals as she glanced towards the buck, her expression soft, excited; but nervous. "Are you ready, Huehuecoyotl?" She asked quietly, brushing her muzzle against his cheek softly, her eyes warm, gentle. She took a step, smiling as small flowers leaned towards her, pushing up and borrowing her own magic to whisper their excited, their congratulations. The very air seemed to hum as the doe began the climb up with her to-be-mate at her side, for their official request of a union before the gods. Would this work? After all Coy had only just recently come over to the Court of Delumine from being a vagabond. She had only just taken up the mantle of Sovereign. She hadn't even had a chance to properly wish for Orien's blessing.

What if they weren't happy, didn't grant them - no. Cally wouldn't think on the negatives. If the gods couldn't see what was between them then that was there foolishness, but Cally knew in her heart that this was special, this connection, this bond they already had. She took the steps slowly up the mountain, leaning slightly into the buck's slightly larger side, borrowing from his own strength. She nuzzled him briefly, speaking softly to pass the time as they walked, "Please remember to behave yourself. No showering the gods with glitter, yes?" She teased, knowing as well as he did that he wouldn't mess this up for them - not this, not something this important. But she couldn't not tease him regardless.

She looked up at the rest of the way they still had to go, before snorting and suddenly her playful smile was in place, "Race you to the top? First one there, gets to shove cake into the face of the loser at the reception?" She offered, with a wickedly playful glint in her eye - not even waiting for his response before she took off at a run, laughing. It didn't matter who got to the top first anyway - they'd both likely get a face full of the sweet treat, regardless.

She slowed towards the top, reaching out to touch his side, and she slowly lead him towards the statue of their patron god, her muzzle dropped down, touching the base of the statue, and as she did, her offering was left behind. Magic, the very energy that housed inside, the very thing that made her who she was; flowed from her body, the soft green glittering of the natural magic of the word swirling around the base of the statue, leaving a small feast. As she stepped away, small relics, the smallest (and easiest to carry) but prettiest that she had found when looking for items for the Library to display for the reception were left around with the feast, a small token of bringing their reception here, with her, to share with Oriens (and any other god that might show up, she supposed).

She motioned for Coy to step forward, to live his offering, her expression gentle, as gentle as the almost constant touch she kept up with him, whether it was the brushing of shoulders, the pressing of sides, or even her muzzle against his cheek or neck. They'd stopped trying to fight their need to be close to each other a long time ago. Cally looked up to the statue before slowly bowing, trying to ignore the own goddess's soul inside her body that was revolting at such an idea - bowing to another. Cally ignored her for the time being, knowing this was important, this was for Coy - and no past version of herself would get in the way.

Her gaze lifted back to the god's statue, and as she spoke, her voice was softer than normal, her gaze slowly turning to the buck at her side, eyes brimming with the love she had for him. They'd come a long way to be here today. "Oriens, my name is Callynite; though I am sure you already know that. I'm afraid our introduction is long overdue after I took up sovereign of your beloved Delumine. I hope that you'll forgive my tardiness, but as you can see, I've been a touch busy with a wedding, that wouldn't be complete without your presence. We hope to acquire your blessing upon our union." Her gaze was solely on her mate now, the love she held for him, almost causing slight tears to well up in her eyes, "I love him, with all my heart; and couldn't imagine my life without him. I see my future with him by my side, raising our fawns together in Delumine, and working side by side to make Delumine stronger. Even if I have to keep him from trying to redecorate everything with neon colors and shed glitter." She brushed her muzzle against his, slipping past, to keep contact until her cheek was pressed to his. 

Withdrawing, she glanced to Coy, to see if there was anything he wished to say as well. Their focus now was on the union and the blessing (hopefully) from Oriens. Their vows to each other would come just before they would descend down the mountain so that even if the blessing failed, they could still walk away with heads held high and joy in their hearts. Because no matter what the gods said, Cally knew - knew it with everything she had; Coy was the only one for her.

i'm pushing the edge, i'm feeling it crack

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so don't ask me to describe,
i get all choked up inside,
just thinking 'bout the way

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Perfectly Fabulous in every way

The peak. The world. Coy felt like he was wrapped in a cocoon of excitement as he gazed at the beautiful doe beside him. This was it. This was the chance of a lifetime. He was going to become Cally’s mate. Every inch of the stag was vibrating with excitement. Then she spoke to him and his world narrowed to just her. 
"I was born ready for this. I can’t wait to become yours in all possible ways." He murmured, brushing her cheek as she caressed his. He found that he was prancing beside her, pure joy filling every inch of the stag. 

When she requested behavior, Coy snorted. 
”Where is the fun in that?" He teased back, ruffling her pelt before smoothing it back in a caress that was filled with love and more. 
"I would do nothing that would jeopardize our union, my love." He promised as he moved.

Coy grinned at the challenge, moving with grace and speed that showed his comfort with the new form. Yes, he cherished the fact that he was closer to his love than ever before. He let his longer legs stretch, catching the doe and pulling slightly in front of her. At least until they reached the top. Then he slowed slightly to give her the final stretch. 

When they reached the top, Coy let her take the lead. Staying back for a moment, he watched the reverence she showed when placing her offering. That was when he stepped  forward with the scroll he had selected from his own personal collection. A scroll from beyond the edges of this land. It was odd to think of offering to a god. Yet he had chosen to join the court of his beloved, to align his life with the god Oriens. It was odd, but he found himself glad for the chance to belong. 

Her words were eloquent, wise and well spoken. Beside her, the stag found that he felt like a fish out of water. 
"Oriens… I am a new member of your court, a stag who gave up his wandering ways for the doe that won my heart. I support her, though I am still learning what that means. Regardless of that knowledge, I will never step from her. She has my heart in her hooves, she is my world. I find that I am willing to do whatever it takes to acquire your blessing upon our union." He said, his gaze drifting from the statue to the doe he loved. 
"My heart, my future… everything I am belongs to this doe, and to the court she loves. I am new to Delumine, but I will give my all to make it the best it can be. I will stand beside her and help her to live her dream of being the best she can be and making the Dawn Court something incredible. I will even withhold my desire to redecorate." He shot a smile at Cally, nuzzling her neck as he spoke and let his facade drift to meet hers. 

There was conviction in his eyes as he murmured the three little words to the doe beside him. No matter what happened, his love for her would not disappear. He would always love the little doe that had stabbed him upon first meeting. The doe that challenged everything he was and everything he knew. The doe that had won his very heart in a way that no other had ever done. No matter what the god said, he would always love this doe with everything he was.

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