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when you're up there looking down

His wounds bother him , his lungs ache . The Teryr had beaten him damn near black and blue , but they had come out on top . All of them had .

His eye turn towards the older mare that he had asked to join him today , his weight adjusting on his hooves with a wince , eyes sliding over the other . She had been steadfast , and it helped that her personality was so open . " Thank you for joining me , Cordelia , " comes the deep rumble , and his lips twitch into a soft smile . It's rare , but there , lips falling over golden fangs again as he turns his head .

Aloe shines along his spine and wounds , healing salves that he's applied the moment he woke up . It won't prevent scarring from the deeper wounds , but it will at least soothe the pains through the day . " I asked you here to have a discussion with you . You're a go-getter type , very quick witted , sharp tongued , and charismatic ... and I think we can use that in Solterra . Right now , the Regime is empty , except for me , but I would very much like to offer you the position of Emissary . To be able to mend bonds with other courts and talk with them , to help me plan things . I'm no good at it , but I have a feeling you would bring a world of wisdom with you that I would need . "

The blue of his eye seems to gleam with mirth , and he smirks . " What do you think ? "

Time to get ol' granny her position !


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you are a vast forest
full of beautiful and vibrant stories

summons had arrived for her shortly after the hunt with the Teryr from Leviathan. The older mare had been surprised at first, but more than anything she was thrilled to be able to talk to her new friend again. The beast had thrust more than a few blows upon the King, and Cordelia had wondered how he was faring. She was immortal, but her wounds were still painful. More than she would have liked or hoped. It still reminded her of her youth, the days after long hunts, and how sore she was back then too. A smile formed on her lips as she went to join Leviathan at his side. He thanked her for joining him, and she dipped her crown as best she could. Cordelia's movements were obviously stiff, and her own salves were lathered on her frame. The salve smells faintly of clove.

"Of course, deary. I wouldn't miss it for the world you know? I was about to find some excuse to come and check on you to make sure you were alright." She responds with all the warmth of a proud grandmother. The older adventurer comes to stand beside him, and she is quiet as he speaks. The words that flowed from his mouth were serious at first, but she never imagined what he would be asking of her. The new king offered her position on the Regime, and one of Emissary. It was a job that essentially allowed her to visit the other courts, and enhance relationships. Cordelia's smile widened and she perked up considerably, although the weariness did not leave her. "Why, I would be truly honored Leviathan. Thank you! It seems almost as though you've read my mind. I've intended to befriend and meet a majority of Novus. I would love to help you out, and plan things. You've always got me in your corner, my friend." She beamed at him with twinkling eyes. 

"Now now, I am sure you're plenty good at planning. You got us through that fight didn't you? We'll nurse our wounds and press onward into a new day. Just tell me what you need, and I will be there for you." Cordelia's warmth spills out with a faint laugh as she peers up at her friend.

<3 <3 so excited!


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