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It had started to become a routine, one that was beginning to dragon on the stallion's soul. Sure, he loved exploring and being in new places but always showing up alone was never a part of the plan. This pattern of finding somewhere new, getting somewhat settled, running into familiar faces, and then somehow getting split from them and on his own again wasn't the sort of life that he wanted. With the little bit of "family" he had left Mir was trying to hold on to every bit he had left.

So far he hadn't been entirely successful as he was alone yet again. It almost felt like a curse sometimes but if he started to believe that then he would have to believe that he himself was cursed. In a terrible way it would make a lot of sense and explain some things, such as why no one stuck around for long, but that thought was too depressing. There was already too much in the stallion's life to consider his current predicament a curse.

With a shake of his head the stallion forced those thoughts from his mind. The mirror-like surface of the lake before him returned a near perfect image of his figure. It was a bit of a shock to see himself so clearly, with the sun shining off of the plate on his face and the rest of his jewelry sparkling. Mir hadn't given the pieces too much thought with the exception of the gem tied around his neck but he did have to admit they gave him the appearance of someone else. They were more ornamental than functional but a part of him thought of them as physical shields, hiding the feelings he didn't want anyone else to see. With the majority of his face covered it probably did a pretty good job too.

A huff left his lips at the thought and Mir quickly splashed a hoof in the water to disturb the image, turning it into something more similar to how he felt inside. He turned away before the lake could settle again and the perfect reflection could gaze back. The fauna around the shoreline would have served as an easy distraction if he were really actually interested in specific plants. Instead he could only note that they complemented the area before his mind drifted away. With a lack of anything to actually do Mir turned back to the water and stared out at the open expanse before him, refusing to glance down at himself.


Notes : Open to anyone, he's normally not this sad I promise. 

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