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Private  - Once upon a dream

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Look Forward... Trust Yourself... Find Peace

Time had passed since the meeting with the striking stallion. Enough so that she had conversed with Lu and spilled the secret. Shaking her head, Pol headed back toward Delumine and the library it held. If anyone could help her to understand this magic, she was hoping it was a certain scholar. 

Arriving at the library, Pol gazed at it with a wave of anxiety. Would he even remember her? Would he had pushed her memory away as easily as dust from the page of a book? Pol sighed and stepped inside. She had no idea where to begin, or even if the stallion would be there. Hadn’t he been pushed out of the library to see real life again last time?

Spotting a librarian, Pol approached with a soft step. "Excuse me… Where can I find books relating to magic?" She asked, her voice a bare whisper. The other being pointed toward a shelf and Pol found herself scanning the tomes as she tried to find anything that would help her to understand.

"Healing magic… healing magic… sparkly blood?" She muttered to herself as she scanned the spines. She was so focused that anyone could probably scare the daylights out of her without trying. As she approached a darker corner, her natural glow started to shine with soft lavender to help her see better. 

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