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There is still a long way…

A flurry of emotions was making the fae mare flee the crush of her court. She loved having a place to belong, but she was still struggling over the pain from the news that had been shared with her. The failures that she had clearly let happen. Shaking her head, she braided her mane to make sure it was properly put up and then tucked the colors into a whirl of black. A black cloak hid her acidic gossamer wings and helped to ward off the child that plagued her when upset. 

The fae stalked through the court, her movements almost predatory and hinting at the darker court that she had once called home. Her court was ruthless, sly, hunters in the darkness. And that darkness seemed to be haunting her. Her arrival at the lake shocked her, the mare’s vivid eyes widening at the shimmer of the sunlight on the calm waters. 

Dipping her head, she took a long drink and then let some of her tension fade from her form. It was like her body was primed for a new wave of bad news and it was enough to make her not even want to look at anything. Sighing, she began to casually nibble on the grass and enjoy the quiet.

@‘Veil Nebula’


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V e i l N e b u l a
Visions of your pretty face send me into hyper space
Caught up in a palentary world
The star was on the move.

A striking vibrancy of light with no end goal in sight, just a need to see, to explore, to not feel trapped in the heated biome that was the desert she was living. She liked Day Court, because it was where Jane was. She enjoyed the space of air, the way the heat would caress her from the Sol who warmed this planet. But like all stars in the sky, Sol no longer spoke to her. There where times, yes, when she might feel a whisper from one of the galactic beings against her mind, where she could swear they were sharing secrets with her. But whenever she would focus on that whisper, it would be gone again.

Her abilities to read the universe was returning.

She could look at the night sky, and it would tell her what was to come. She could interpret the signs of the universe, the sensing of deja vu that would clear her into what was to come in the next few hours, or even next few days. It wasn't like it used to be, however, that connection wasn't back yet. What Veil didn't understand, what her siblings cried out for her to realize, was that she hadn't lost herself when she was grounded. Only by accepting that she wasn't lost from the universe, would the universe let her in once more. And she was so close, and yet. so far away.

So she had taken to traveling through, and around; Denocte.

Where the lights and jolliness of the market reminded her of the activity in a nebula, the crushing of celestial beings in a galaxy, the mischevious, mysterious secrets the universe held, she could feel here. And she was starting to hear whispers, of thanks, of holiness, of something special. Caligo. It didn't have the same meaning as Solis, when that name was whispered in Solterra, but there was the start of pondering, the start of wondering what these words, no names; belonged to. It was that wondering that would lead her to Venear Peak in the near future. Just not yet.

The star still didn't yet understand enough.

A figure crossed her vision in the distance, a black cloak that seemed to highlight predatory steps that had a sense of alarm springing up in her thoughts. There was a flash, a connection again, her magic feeding her into a broader mindscape that briefly supplied images to her mind she had never seen, large-toothed felines stalking prey through an arid savannah. Danger, that's what those movements whispered. And yet, the darkness was intriguing, the darkness this being seemed to wrap themselves in like a cloak - like she did with the star dust, with the galaxies, with the universe.

She approached slowly, as the other stopped by the lake.

Her steps where light, wafting the soft fluidity of the star dust off of her form, like the shedding of another skin. Ironic that what she was shedding was her truest, most authentic form, and it was this compressed form originally crafter from that same star dust that she saw as the mask, the facade. She had a long way to go, yet; to accept herself. She shifts her weight, finally making her steps notable as delicate hooves dipped into the sand, alerting the stranger of her presence, pink galactic eyes curious, but as friendly and gentle as the naive smile upon her features.

Hello. Atleast talking was easier now.

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