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Trigger Warning  - Monster? What Monster? [animal hunting]

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I'm ready to bleed to make amends
And sleep in this dirt we call our bed
So tell me your secrets
And join me in pieces
To fall and rewrite the bitter end
He listened to her explanation closely. It seemed to make sense and matched what others had told him. Each adult in this world that told him it wasn’t his fault tipped him closer to accepting it. “I never got anywhere near the top, I can’t fly. It was too steep.” It felt like an admission to admit he’d never been to the summit. The summit was where the important twisting caves and elders were said to be. Nothing that he had ever been privy to. 

When she started to describe the event it was uncanny how closely it matched his experiences. This further convinced Aeon that the predator mare knew what she was talking about. It was difficult to listen to her describe the traumatic events that had landed with him in Novus. The air had been so thick with ash and soot he had been unable to breathe. The tumble hurt him, but it also likely saved his life pushing him from the cloud of smoke. What was still a mystery was how falling down a volcano caused him to appear here. Perhaps the land he knew existed above this one? Novus was a world filled with magic, he knew better than to assume anything would be logical. Deep inside he hoped that it was a one way journey and that returning was simply impossible, that way it wasn’t something he needed to worry about. 

“That all makes a lot of sense.” he said plainly before adding “It’s hard to accept a different reality when you know no other. My parents and the herd drilled me that I would be the death of them, that I was a curse due to my shortcomings. That I would anger the volcano and our elders” It was a difficult sentence to put together. Difficult to know exactly how to phrase it. He didn’t want sympathy, he simply wanted to understand the world better. It was a relief to hear it so clearly painted that he could not be the cause of the disaster. That it was simply something that happened all on its own. 

When she glanced at him and spoke of his luck in surviving his rumble with a volcano; it drew his attention to her eyes once more. Their pupils were unique. “Do you see anything extra with your eyes?” This was again another thought that was hard to phrase. Perhaps one that he would be wiser not asking.  He just couldn’t help but be curious.

ooc: @Pangaea He simply can't help but ask questions about things! 


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