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To hold my tongue except when I try to pray...

Power changes hands in Novus frequently. Sometimes that power comes in the form of a Sovereign, and others it comes in the shape of a noble. Reinhart is not ignorant of these changes although he tries his best to be. His parents used to tell him to be proud. It was hard to have pride in your home when your very parents did not accept you for who you were. It was harder still to be proud of your noble house when it carried such a heavy, negative reputation. The majority of House Vogelstein was in denial or hiding from the truths buried deep within. The once prodigal son steps out of the darkness of the streets and into the main house of Denocte that his family owns. It is the main house for the noble family, although there are others in the other solar courts.

This is the place Reinhart reluctantly calls home. Since his parents left in search of him, the Lord and Lady of the House positions have sat empty. It is only recently that a new face has ascended to become the new Lady of the House of Denocte. There is a part of him that is hopeful she will be the breath of fresh air that House Vogelstein desperately needs. Inside him, there is also doubt. Reinhart is two men after all. The prodigal, doting son, and then there is Ezra who is free from the oversight of nobility. Reinhart believes more and more every day that Ezra is the truest version of himself.

He never has to hide who he is or loves. Reinhart turns his visage to one of the guards of the house and gives them a nod. "Would you retrieve our Lady of the House for me?" His pale lips ask the guard politely. They nod and disappear into the house that is lit with warm, glowing candles. Reinhart peers up into the rafters overhead as he waits to introduce himself like the good son he should be. Reinhart almost feels guilt for the trouble he'll cause her. Almost.

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Voodoo was standing strong, proud of being the guardian that he had become. The stallion that arrived was interesting, causing the striped beast to flick an ear. Then the request came and he dipped his head. "Of course. Please wait here and I will see if she is available." He said firmly, though not unkindly. 

Turning on his heels, the brute stalked through the house with alertness keeping him on his toes. He had so much respect for those that had given him a place to belong, a job to do. Reaching the Lady’s quarters, he knocked on the door and waited patiently. 

"Lady Yvtala, there is a stallion here to speak with you if you are available." He called, letting her know both who was at the door and what the reason was. Shaking his head, he stepped back to a respectful distance and waited patiently.

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"we stand on the mountain and bow."

It hadn't been long since her admission as House Vogelstein's Lady of the House and so far it had been a lot to take in. Of course she had handled it with grace so far and naturally fell into the groove that was expected of her, filling a position she understood was well overdue along with her - although limited - view of the world and everything around them. While she had a lot left to do, it certainly hadn't deterred her from actually talking with those around her - her intensions were pure, but it would certainly not hurt to see who she truly could count on in this House that had a more than ancient and forgotten past.

Presently, she had decided upon reading a book to occupy her while she wound down from the day, only looking up when she heard a knock on the door of her quarters. Rising to her full height, Yvtala made her way to open the door once the newcomer had stated his name and reason. Shaking her wealth of mane back into a presentable shape, she walked outside and gave the multicolored stallion a kind smile as she prepared herself mentally to meet yet another face.

" I am available, will you bring me to him? "

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To hold my tongue except when I try to pray...

He watches the form of the gray striped guard wander away into the depths of the house. Reinhart knows that he should know this guard's name, but he doesn't. It has been a long time since he cared enough to ask anyone working for his family their name. Part of him knows that it's cruel, but it isn't out of classism. It is because he does not know why anyone would want to find themselves employed by House Vogelstein. They are unfortunate for that reason alone, and so he judges them. Time passes slowly as he peers into the rafters as if they will give him any answers or solace. Reinhart has half a mind to take up refuge in some other court far from here. 

That would never work in Novus though, House Vogelstein persisted even beyond the reaches of Denocte. At least those courts wouldn't have the same bad memories. They wouldn't have left a bad taste in his mouth or turned their backs on him. Reinhart could be relatively invisible. Movement caught his eye and he spotted the form of the guard and a lady he does not recognize. Her face is porcelain against a sleek black frame. Her hair spills down her dark shoulders in similar gray tones. There is a collection of red near the base of her tail, but Reinhart can't make out what it is from this distance. He waits until they are closer before he murmurs softly to the guard. "Thank you." At the very least, as unfortunate as he thinks the guard is, at least he is polite...

Reinhart turns his attention to the woman whose face looks like a ghost to him. "I believe... congratulations are in order? I'm Reinhart and a member of the Denocte House Vogelstein." He introduces himself. If he lives here, the least he can do is tell the woman overseeing the house his name.

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