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Interactive Quest  - Teeth locked in battles past [TW]

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your death allows me true life

This post is set off the coast of Solterra's shoreline and in the PAST, when Saoirse is newly four years old.
Content Warning: Predatory hunt/non-sentient animal death.

The water is cold, but those who've lived in the sea would hardly notice. Especially for the thrill of the day, what this event would gift. The promise of a future and a place in the clan proper. A chance to prove oneself as capable. The hunt was underway. It won't be easy, it won't be quick, but that was why there were a few days to accomplish this task.

Setting out, your gaze is eagerly searching for your prey. It has to be, as the seal was well known for camouflage as a defensive tactic. It would be hard enough already with the several inches of blubber to protect it that would require one to bite down hard to ensure the death, to be able to claim its hide. Once spotted, once grabbed, there was the thrash and bite to worry about.

You lose track of time in your search, but finally, you find what you're searching for. It seems so oblivious, but as you near it, hoping for a quick attack, the creature suddenly darts of, speed on its side, and you become aware that it had likely been watching you for as long as you had been watching it.

The flight of a desperate escape is matched with the flight of a desperate hunt. Failure could not be an option, not if you wanted to prove yourself, to avoid being stripped. So you give chase, using every possible tool, and trick you have in your arsenal. Cutting off its turns, anticipating its movements.

It's rewarding in the end, slamming into the creature. You're soon locked into battle, trying to tear through the blubber for the takedown. As you're attacking, you're also defending against the power in its body, the thrashing of its neck, even as it tries to grip you as well, but you're strong, you're determined, you have to do this, and you will do it.

Its thrashes are slowing down, and those moments seem to pass with the slowness of an hour. You don't give up, you don't let go, in case it's a trick, in case it's the last resort to escape. And as that seal finally stills, the hunt successful, you feel a rush of satisfaction, elation, excitement, glory. A skin to take back, a skin that would prove your prowess. 

And it's all yours.

The day of the Hunt is finally here and @Saoirse heads out into the waters off Solterra's coast. Time melds into itself and she finds herself on the hunt, and eventually locked in battle with, the Leopard Seal that would eventually bring her the honor of Liopardi... and, eventually, the Morrigna.

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This quest was written by @Dyzzie!

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