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Private  - The flow of time

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We were the Kings and queens...

he flow of time could be immensely cruel, unforgiving to the living. Specially for those who lost everything, whatever the time between then and now was. And that was what Salazar felt, he the lost of his home yet to fresh, to real. He could still hear the screams, the usurper's  teet on his skin, the laughing of his enemies, of the foes who took away not only his crown but his family as well. Despite the months, the years from that incident, the mental and emotional wounds were far from healed. But he never let others notice that, to find his inner weakness. Masking it in rudeness, keeping others away in whatever means. Snapping, attacking those who lurked way too deep into his mind, into his life. He didnt trust anyone's empty words, fake smiles, all wasn't real, hiding more traps, more pain. 

The night was falling, and the once prince walked alone through the meadows, eyes cold, blank. Ears up and moving as noise came into his era canals. His mane flew with the cold breeze, feeling the snow crunching under his hooves. It was cold, as winter held in thigh the Delumine's terrains. He was of course covered by a mantle. He kept with his solitary walk, away from others, seeking the safety of being alone, of keeping to himself. He didnt need no one, he didnt need more fakery, more risks. 

"He speaks like this."


Salazar isn't a very affectionate and nice character. He can be an ass. None of what he thinks or says reflect those of his players thoughts. 


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you want to go back to where you felt safe
to hear your brother's laughter, see your mother's face


your childhood home is just powder-white bones
and you'll never find your way back

The deer moved through the meadow as if she belonged there, not that it was surprising. Beyond being sovereign, queen of this realm, Callynite was a former druid, a former nature goddess. And the very leylines of Novus seemed to recognize who she had been, had wrapped her in nature's loving embrace, and held her like a tender beloved. As she walked through the snow, flowers would blossom in her wake, eagerly clinging to her limbs with a loving embrace, willingly coming to life for just a moment as the being blessed by the earth dredged through. The trees whispered to her in greeting, telling her of gossip, what they had seen, and what they had heard. Keeping her well informed, even as her mind was half in her body and half melded into the leylines that crisscrossed over all of Novus like a spiderweb carrying the natural magic of Novus.

Her ears perked at the whispers of another near. Of another who'd carried himself with heaviness. Cally paused; large oval ears perked forward as the deer listened to the words of the trees around her, dormant and without leaves but shaking themselves awake to speak with her. The former druid nodded quietly, taking note of the descriptions they offered her. Dual hued, from the earth, with a rack of antlers from his head. So she turned as the cool breeze ruffled her thick fur that kept her warm, even as the sun had begun setting, night sneaking in. The joys of being part Irish elk ensured the thick pelt that kept her warm even in the snow and dropping temperatures.

Her cloven hooves carried her through the snow, though she was more walking atop it than through it), hooves carefully shifting her balance to keep her from breaking the snow pack as she glanced around for the beast out here alone. Finally, she catches sight of a brown and cream being, a tall being at that, up beyond her. While Cally was nowhere near as small as she had once been, before she'd finally been returned to her Cervidae form, she barely pushed into the fourteen-hand range. This mammoth was well beyond her height. It didn't pause her from approaching, her head held high, her gaze kind, welcoming, but with a steely edge that was developing with experience upon the seat at the head of Delumine, "Don't you think it's getting a little cold to be out playing in the snow?" She asked cheerfully in greeting.

She approached slowly but kept a respectful distance. Her ears perked forward, a small set of antlers angled up towards the sky, and wide, green eyes seemed to sparkle just as vibrantly as her body. The green shimmer of magic seemed to shift and cling to her body like a lover's embrace - a leftover remnant of the leylines she was so deeply connected too (they just never could let go of her fully). "I do not believe we've meet. I'm Callynite, Sovereign to Delumine." The title still felt weird for her to say. A deer to rule a kingdom of horses. It was like the setup for a bad joke. Instead of thinking how odd this all still felt, still tasted on her tongue, she offered another kind smile, ears perking, and body language relaxed and open.

and when you're gone, will they say your name?
and when you're gone, will they love you the same?

Notes: <3

if not, that's okay. if not, that's okay.
you are broken and callow
cautious and safe
you are boundless and beauty
with fright in your face

Artwork ©Bingo


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