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Private  - I Think I'm in Love

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Nervously, the great captain paced the floor of his quarters. Sure, he and Bucky had taken to sharing a room again, a habit left over from their days in the military and sharing a tent. But even before then, before the military and before getting separated over and over again, they shared an apartment, a room, a bed. They'd whispered more and more secrets to each other in the darkest of nights, listened to each other breathing after fights between them. More often than once, Liam had been unable to sleep whenever Bucky was out gallivanting around with dames, and he found himself immediately falling asleep once the other colt was snoring peacefully beside him. With all these memories and all the information he knew about Bucky, why was he so nervous? Was it because he was wanting to take the next step in their relationship? Was it because he was afraid of what Bucky's answer was going to be? Part of him thought that. But the darker stallion had never once turned a hair of disgust toward the copper-burnished captain, something that Liam found himself able to take solace in. Still, that didn't keep the nerves from settling in.

They hadn't talked much, not about their future. More focused on the now, Liam didn't think about what would happen if his feelings were reciprocated. If they were reciprocated. He had to keep reminding himself about that. He hadn't talked to Bucky about it yet, and he didn't want to assume. There was a shaky inhale taken by the Sovereign, his heart hammering away in his chest. During their tenure together in Novus, they'd already adopted several other equines into their lives. There was Odile, the horse cursed to be a swan during the day. Then there were the twins, Ard and Erd. Who could forget about Asta, their wayward adopted daughter, the one who escaped the Citadel using windows instead of the front door? Aeon, who was a recent new addition to Novus, Dusk Court, and their family, had been slightly injured when Bucky had stumbled upon him in Susurro Fields, and when they'd come home, Liam didn't hesitate a moment to bring him into their little oddball family. Last but not least, if Liam could remember all the children he'd welcomed under his care, there was sweet, sweet Elain. Albino and blind, the filly was the sweetest thing on four legs, and Liam adored her completely.

That's not even counting the ones Liam took into his life as adoptive siblings. Uzuri, Mernatius, Israfel, Valan all sprung to mind, and they would be completely and irrevocably supportive in what he wanted to do. Continuing to pace, Liam heard nothing but the sound of his own heart roaring in his ears. He couldn't even hear his advisor, Sekhar, try to get his attention. Nor did he hear his own hoofbeats hitting against the paved stone that made up the Citadel. Nearly impenetrable, Liam felt safer here than anywhere else in Novus. That is, until this very moment. Every nerve ending of the stallion was alight with some sort of anxiety, and it was driving him nearly mad. He knew the reason behind the anxiety, but he couldn't stop it, couldn't find a way to calm himself down.

As he got lost inside his own mind again, he failed to listen to his advisor leaving and coming back. It wasn't until Liam heard that voice that he finally stopped and looked up, his expression breaking out into one of pure and utter delight. Stepping forward, heart calming in a way he didn't think was possible, Liam touched his nose to Bucky's, taking in that familiar, crisp scent that was sharpened by the whipping winter winds outside. "Buck—" Liam breathed, voice catching as he delighted in having the stallion so close, so near.

"Liam Speaks."

Notes;; Soooooo Liam is going to be confessing his fEELINGS in this thread. <3
Tag;; @Buchanan
Voice claim;; Chris Evans
Word count;; 641



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