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It was always easiest to find her in the dark of the night, bathing in the comfort of the light from both the stars and moon, and if you knew her well enough you'd probably be able to guess what time she'd appear during the night. This night was no different from all the others with her wandering around like a lost soul under the moon. Io, technically, belonged to what one might call a home but she also knew that she didn't actually belong. Historically she had always been able to find some kind of belonging in whatever place she'd call home but it was almost like she was denied this comfort here. The moment the golden woman had learned that Luvena led the Night Court she had felt an uneasiness settling into her chest and this had caused her to avoid the Court, she only ever crossed the border to go back to Gaston, she knew only him and Luvena (who hated her) and she couldn't even point you in any simple direction there. Instead Io had taken to wandering around aimlessly in the same way one who belonged to nothing would wander. In truth wasn't that what she was? Someone who didn't belong? Either by her own choice or simply by the way of the world she felt...unwanted in what she was supposed to call a home. If she was being honest Io could only chalk her decision to keep clinging onto the idea of belonging to a Court to staying for Gaston; he had made a home there in the same way she had made a home in Hemanta and he had stayed for her. 

Despite her returning to Gaston she would admit that it was getting rarer and rarer for her to come home. She would rather belong nowhere than to belong somewhere she felt only anxiety and guilt. This caused her to cling to lands that belonged to no one, dancing on the edges of the world with an itch to flee from every emotion that crawled up her spine. But she had promised that she would stop running away, stop bouncing from one place to another. This meant that sometimes she would simply vanish for a period of time before popping up again, she was like a weasel who hid in a hole before appearing twenty miles away from where it had just been seen.

Every step Io took was followed by the sounds of a whisper, she had left her tail unbraided allowing it to drag on the grounds behind her. The golden woman went nowhere in particular, she had no place in mind to go to despite her mind going a mile a minute. It was small and trivial thoughts that filled up her head, the current one was the debate on if she should cut her hair again. The braids and once blunt cut mane had grown out nearly to the same length she had kept them at for almost all her life. There's a faint smile on her face when she thinks about how long she had once kept it, to the point of having tripped, gotten tangled in the roots of a tree, and having been able to hide little foals in the thick loose curls. Maybe she'd let it get that length again, she could always find a way to have it braided like Shanti had done for her. Shanti...Thank you for coming back in Sovereign. Her golden eyes close at the idea of her beloved spectral companion, the owl had been a constant comfort to her in Elysium and she had returned to her in Sovereign for a short time. It felt like she'd had her for a second, a simple blip in her life. Io had truly enjoyed seeing the interactions between her first companion and Chandrakant when she'd had them both with her. A pain stabs her in the chest at the thought of her companions; one that she could never get back and the other missing.

She's gotten to the edges of the plain when she finally stops to look up, to wonder how many souls in Isilme were praying right now, how many nights had she spent in her life simply gazing up there? For a moment she thinks of how she had once been a constellation herself in Elysium, then the thought is pushed away with the closing of her eyes and a deep tired sigh. "Saesa ona amin y' quel re tul're, ona amin y' meetima eska atara ithil. Nyara amin manka sina naa manke amin naa." Opening her eyes a part of Io can't believe that she's sent out a prayer to her once Goddess after so many years of rejecting the Goddess that had turned away from her. It was always easier for Io to pray to whatever Deity in her own language, and it was also always easier for her to say all the words she left unspoken when she knew almost no one would understand her. "Please answer me...just this one."


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