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The great stallion had made a decision. Was it an easy one? No. Would it be one that would be painful to admit to, or to tell anyone else? Yes. Was it one that he regretted? Not really. As of late, the call for retirement was loud, incessant, unyielding. Aches and pains, despite the lack of aging on the stallion's part, sliced into him every day like knives, like arrows. It wasn't until now that he realized that Bucky had been right. Perhaps seeking out danger, seeking out fights, yearning for that leadership position was getting to be too much for them these days. Bucky had long since given up fighting, finding that all his fighting had been done ages ago. Retirement looked good on the dark stallion, and every night, Liam just stared at his boyfriend with amazement, love, and adoration. How he'd managed to snag someone as incredible as the taller stallion was incredible, and he was so thankful that Bucky was in his life the way that he was.

It was why, as Liam and Bucky stood in the Citadel, the copper-burnished stallion felt like he was making the right decision. He and Bucky had spent hours the night before, cuddled together as close as they possibly could get, talking and edging closer and closer to heavier topics as the night wore on. Finally, they got to the topic of Sovereign, of how the position was weighing on the copper-coated stallion and how it was tearing down the strong mental walls that he'd built throughout his life. It was in the wee hours of the morning that the pair came to the conclusion that the title of Sovereign would reside solely on Uzuri's shoulders.

Guilt still bubbled in Liam's stomach as he looked at his Co-Sovereign, worry and heartache in his eyes as he looked at her. "Uzi, I—" Liam's voice broke as he tried to speak, his ears flicking back against his skull. What could he even say? Clearing his throat, he tried again, inhaling shakily. "I'm so sorry to do this to you. I know you said it was okay, but I still feel bad, and this isn't something that was an easy decision. Bucky and I were up all night trying to come up with a solution that didn't involve me stepping down and leaving Novus as a whole, but—" He cuts himself off, looking away from Uzuri so that she wouldn't be able to see the pain in his expression, and so that she couldn't see all the hurt he was carrying inside of him. "All I ask from you, dear Uzi, is that you keep Aeon around; he's a good kid and he'll do wonders for Dusk Court as a soldier if you allow him. Asta— she'll drive you crazy with her antics, but she's a sweetheart. Don't let her parents kill that beautiful soul inside of her. Elain—"

Once more, he cuts himself off at the mention of Elain. One of the most recent citizens he'd taken in as his children, the albino mare was one of the sweetest equines he'd ever met. She was sensitive, and he worried what his disappearance would do to her, what it would do to her children. Not that they'd been introduced to him. He'd never even met the father of the foals. None of that mattered now. Inhaling shakily again, he watched as citizens started setting foot into the Citadel, a sight that he would most likely never see again. "My citizens, thank you for joining us today. I know the weather is a little warm, but trust me when I say that this meeting is incredibly important."

Liam could hear the whispers, wondering if he was finally taking a significant other, or debating between each other what the announcement would be. The great captain knew that none of them were expecting what he was about to tell them. "It is with great sadness that I am here to tell you that I am stepping down as Sovereign, and our great court looks to Uzuri to lead us to greatness once again. It's been my pleasure to lead you for the short time that I have; I would do it again in a heartbeat. That said, I am retiring from leading, and I am going to go live a life with this guy," he announces, nudging Bucky's neck tenderly with his muzzle. "Whether me retiring from serving leads me away from Novus or has me stay here has yet to be seen, but I will miss helping each and every one of you. It's been my absolute pleasure to be your Sovereign."

"Liam Speaks."

Notes;; Some things have happened in my life, and as a result, I need to step back a bit from Novus entirely. If Staff has any questions about any of what has happened, they're more than welcome to reach out to me.
Voice claim;; Chris Evans
Word count;; 778



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To say that the words came as a surprise would be an understatement. Uzi had thought she would have time to learn from the stallion, but in her heart she understood. She wished for the love that she saw between the stallions, so much so that she couldn’t find any anger within her. 

"I understand completely. You deserve love and time to grow with Bucky. I will do my very best for the court." She answered softly, standing before her court and taking a dee breath.

"Citizens of Dusk. I may be new at this position, but I am long of our beloved court. I grew here, my life story being a myriad of experiences. I was a warrior, training my hardest to make my court proud. Then I was elevated to Champion of Battle. It felt like a reward for my work. Time took me from home to learn a new craft, one that requires passion, dedication, and focus. I became a blacksmith. It allowed me a new way to serve my court. Now I stand before you as Sovereign. As a mare that is more true to myself than ever. I will work to make you proud, to serve my beloved court the best that I possibly can. Yes, it is a change… But I believe that we can rise higher together and become stronger as a court." She paused then, feeling the reassuring touch of her companion. 

"I know that I am not the most versed in leadership. I welcome any input you may have, any thoughts on where we go from here. Mostly, I want to know how I can help to serve my court and make us each stronger." She finished as she dipped her head to those assembled. Within her, a bolt of anxiety was electrifying her blood and making her tremor slightly. What if they thought her a fool? Neema pressed to her front leg, giving the lightning in her blood a grounding touch. She pressed her muzzle to the maned wolf’s ruff and smiled before lifting her head and waiting. 

Notes: Just a quick reply from my girly <3
Credit: Character by Chaosy, Art by LizzArtStudios


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So tell me your secrets ; and join me in pieces

Aeon had heard that there was to be an important announcement. Anxiety had squirmed its way through his body from his hooves to his feather tips. What on earth could they be announcing? He wondered if there was something he missed and maybe the others were aware of what was going on. He arrived early, even so there were a lot of folks standing around waiting to hear the announcement. He gently nudged and pushed his way to a front but side position of the gathering. He was very tall so he didn’t want to stand in front of anyone, but he also wanted to be close so that he could see what was so important to draw them all together today. 

He looked up and saw that Liam had started to talk. His heart started to sink in hearing the words spoken. He could understand what was being said, but it still felt overwhelmly sad. He had accepted that his new normality would include Liam and Bucky. Perhaps it was selfish, but a part of him wished they could just keep on going this way. He was thankful for everything the pair had done for him. 

They had shown him this new life in Novus. Allowed him into their family while he healed and recovered. He hoped they would stay somewhere within reach. But most of all he hoped that someday he would have a connection to another like he saw in them. He had to control his emotions and not let them well too deeply within. He did not want to make Liam feel any guilt. He also didn’t want the others to fully appreciate his emotions at this moment. He would miss them both very much, he hoped that there would be opportunities in the future to see them. 

He was even more thankful that he had been given the chance to get to know Uzi before this moment. That the stability of life was guaranteed under her watch. Her speech was a welcome distraction to his emotions. Pushing them aside he tried to focus on what was good for Bucky and Liam, and what was good for the court. 

As she finished speaking, he pressed one hoof to the ground causing a loud echo  and said “We will miss the support and leadership of Liam and Buckys tender way, I hope the best for the both of you. I hope we will still see your faces from time to time. I support you, Uzuri, with every part of my being.” taking a deep breath and letting the moment settle.  “Perhaps in this time of change we could also look to each other and learn our strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps it is at this moment that we could appeal to Vespera for her support and knowledge.  To also strengthen our defenses, for those who wish to learn to fight to do so. To become accustomed to battling aside one and another, so should the worst come to pass we are prepared. My life before this one - I saw destruction and chaos. I want us to be prepared to prevent that ever occurring here.”


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A s t a
do you believe in reinarnation?
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Something was happening - but what it was, she had no idea. But a meeting had been called by her Daddy Liam; and like the rebellious teenager she was, she huffed and puffed about going - but did as was expected during a big event. Now, though; now she wanted to be anywhere else. The sunset-hued mare stood still, frozen, as she watched Liam's expressions twist. Something was happening . . . She shifted to the shadows, walking along them, trying to stay out of site as she crept closer to where Liam looked to be talking to Uzi. I'm so sorry to do . . . . I still feel bad, and this isn't something . . . . easy decision. Her ears strain, Bucky and I were up all night . . . a solution that didn't involve me stepping down and leaving Novus. Her word suddenly shut down. Stopped. The world stopped spinning. The sun stopped shining. The birds stopped singing, and the creeks stopped bubbling.

Worse, the way her stomach pitched, the way her breath stilled - it wasn't unfamiliar. It was a practiced method of closing her eyes, of settling her nerves, of knowing what came next. Asta She jolts at her name, She'll drive you crazy with her antics, but she's a sweetheart. Don't let her parents kill- She turns her back on this words, her stomach pitching further, sending bile up her throat that she forceably swallowed down. Her parents . . . with out Liam . . . what would happen to her. How soon until they would reach towards her with claws posed. Because he was leaving . . . She kicked a hoof against the cobbled stone of the floor, her steps taking her back towards the main group of citizens. of members. My citizens Hardly his anymore, huh. trust me when I say this meeting is incredibly important. Of course it was, he was going off to live happily ever after with a real family. His real family.

I'm retiring from leading, and I am going to live a life with this guy. It was like cold ice suddenly kicked down her spine. Her breath rushing out. She hadn't really thought that he was escaping to a real family . . . but . . . but that was what was happening wasn't it? All the stories of her being part of their family -- of course she wasn't really. She was an adult after all. And he had Bucky, and they were a real family. Had she really been so stupid all this time?

Toyed along, promised safety - shelter - the care of someone who would really be there for her, but they weren't really there. You are heavy like a stone at the bottom of a lake. Those words those short weeks ago come rushing back to her mind, Forgotten by those who tossed you in and covered in moss . . . you are nothing but a part of the background of their lives as they continue forward. Forgotten at the bottom of a crushing weight, drowning slowly as you grow bitter to those who knew you.

That soothsayer had been right. She was just a stone to be tossed aside, nothing but a part of a background, and now Liam's story was changing scenes, and her useless part was no longer needed. She was no longer needed. Her gaze slowly grew hard, but it betrayed her turmoil as her muzzle twitched, her breath continued to hitch, but those eyes turned to ice as she slowly lifted her gaze, until she stared forward at the two stallions she had seen as her fathers.

Fathers, ha. They were going off to be their own family, and who cared about poor Asta, Forgotten by those who tossed you in. Everyone always forgot about her. She was always alone, nothing but an unwanted extra in someone else's story. Forced to feel the sands of time trapping her in an hourglass. Once that sand had accumulated, at the bottom, and she was struggling to keep her head up, it was turned over and the process repeated.

A never-ending story of no purpose. A never-ending life with no guidance. And apparently a never-ending extra where true familial ties that were promised to extend past this life's existence was nothing but hearsay. Liam was supposed to be there for her. For her to turn to. Protection from her parents who were ready to dominate her life and crush her spirit. Protection from the loneliness and isolation she'd crafter her story from. Protection from her demons that begged her to see if her next death might be her last one.

Those purple eyes of hers hardened, turning gold like a glacier, and slowly she felt her body stiffen, her head tilting up, the perfect high-society princess staring up with contempt at the king who was now turning her away. No, not a king anymore, soon not to be a Novus-Resident at all if he and Bucky where escaping. Her gaze cuts briefly to Uzi, and she makes her decision as she refuses to look back at Liam, to say anything to him about his decisions. She treats him as if he's a ghost - it's all he'll be after all. A ghost of a memory when this life finally ends and her cycle repeats in a lonely atmosphere. Another connection made that will be ripped away from her.

"Uzuri, I shall have my room cleaned out of your Citadel by tonight. I am sure you'll do Terrastella well, but I must take my leave of this meeting. Do not take it as a slight to your position, I just have no desire to be here any longer. If you need me for anything moving forward - provided my parents have not dragged me back home, I can be found at my bar." Perhaps she'll be able to convert the storage area on the roof into a bedroom?

Either way, she had many things to be done, the first was to pack away her things in the Citadel, and leave the falsified sense of family behind as she made her way to a new home in Terrastella. As she turned to leave, her shoulders still, and head held high, she made sure to avoid making eye contact with either of the stallions. Liam, or Bucky; she couldn't stomach looking at either of them right now . . . she didn't want to see what may be in their eyes  . . .

She'd simply been too stupid to realize.

Adoption was just a word they said.

They apparently didn't mean it would truly pull you into their family.

Stupid, Asta; so stupid.

No real tag to give other than to @Uzuri since Asta's running from the scene.

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