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Experience Earning  - Cake Bringer

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Liseli had finally reached the Dawn Court’s lands and was enjoying the scenery as he ventured through the cobblestone streets of the main city section. It was awfully quiet on the streets other than the occasional pockets of sounds coming from various homes or workshops. Liseli thought his experience here would have been different, but he also knew that the odd placing of life around the city would be the result of the festivals and such. There seemed to be a lot of events around this court, much different from the other he’d passed through. Liseli had always been used to the more tranquil life, inexperienced in the ways of planning and management. Regard;es he figured the best way to show some initiative was to complete the task the sovereign had given him by chance. To get cake? Probably

The word had gotten to him through the grape vine, he’d known few individuals around other than the occasional greetings but it was nearly impossible to not hear of the “baby boom.” Apparently love had been in the air this spring and the court was expecting new arrivals. Liseli wasn’t quiet sure of children, but as long as everyone was happy. Maybe the foals would bring stability and a sense of peace to this land. A grand thought though peace seemed to be the standard at least since he’d arrived. So the mission he’d been sent on did make sense, again he didn’t really engage much with children but he did know everyone liked the occasional sweets.

His job now was to find the bakers apparently for various confections for the newest event about the land. This wouldn’t be the issue he could carry plenty and had brought his leather satchel with him to ensure he could make the trip. Now finding the bakery seemed to be his issue. Listening for the faint sound of ovens or any type of mixing was obviously not getting him very far considering in the clusters where there was noise it was jumbled. No one to give up half way he thought of what he could do. No one to ask, going to every sound cluster would take too long, what would the animals do? He thought of friend bear, a creature known for their sweet tooth’s. Scent… that was the answer. 

He inhaled deeply hoping he could find some type of pick up, though the horses nose wasn’t nearly as sensitive as brother bears’ he’d gotten lucky. The faint scent of sugar wafted closer to him through the cobble store streets. He was farther than expected but at least he had a clue. Focusing hard and letting his nose guide him he wandered forward making sure to glance around himself every now and then, scent can be hard to pinpoint. 

It was a bit of time before the smell of sweets and bread became stronger and the sounds of fire ovens reached his ears. He’d found it, through a large open door much like the openings of large barns. He shouldn’t have been surprised it was pretty close to the main castle. He wandered in and saw the busses of various equines all around in the darker bakery room. A large scale production it seemed. One equine had a ring of white flour across the left side of their face Liseli smiled at this little mishap. Reagrdless he couldn’t a muse himself long and he quickly set to finding the individual in charge. There was a pony of a mare, a character really, loud little and purple barking commands at her fellow equines.

“Hello, I am Liseli I was sent to… get the goods for the festival?” He was unsure but hoped the pony could help him. She retorted quickly with a friendly smile, “yes of course we have been expecting someone all the things that are ready are over that way, come!” Liseli smiled politely back at the the enthusiastic Lilian pony lady and he followed her to a smaller table with some fairly ornate pastries and two cakes. For his relief they were all wrapped safely, now he could carry them in his bag. He thanked the mare and set to placing a few of the smaller boxes in his bag, the rest he could carry.


It was a bit of journey to get back to the festival grounds for the newest event. It wasn’t too far of a distance, but he walked slowly as to not drop anything he was carrying. What an amusing sight to see as the large Pegasus balanced cakes upon his slightly outstretched wings. In some cases wings could be used as hands and for this mission he was glad to have them. He looked around wearily to find the brown doe to let her know he’d arrived back but things were a little busy and he figured they find each other eventually. 

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