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Rosemary stared at the paper lying atop the wooden shelf before her, her mouth slightly agape and her worrisome green eyes distant. A crude writing instrument turned slowly, indecisively, in the air beside the waiting page, held aloft by her telekinetic gift with such a strong inattention it was a wonder the item hadn't clattered to the floor of the Library yet. The look upon the grey mare's face was full of uncertainty, of doubt and second guessing, and she could feel it constricting her chest, tightening her breath, filling her with a foreboding sense of dread.

Why did she have this thought? Why had it occurred to her that, upon realizing the Dawn Court possessed a need for merchants and traders, she thought to take up the occupation herself? She wasn't the least bit qualified, hadn't any mercantile knowledge or experience in trade of any kind; most of her knowledge was tied up in etiquette and basic lessons one might impart to a child, all of which had come in handy once upon a time when her title had been something along the lines of "governess." Here, however, there was less need for such a role, less room for her to make herself useful with those outdated skills, and by Oriens, she needed to be useful.

Closing her eyes, Rosemary forced a shaky breath into her lungs and released it with painstaking slowness. Calm yourself, Rosemary. There was no sense getting so worked up over this. It was just another lesson for her to learn, something new she could later teach to another and continue the passage of knowledge down the line. First, she needed to become a master herself, and honestly what better place to begin than Dawn's famed Library? Making herself open her eyes, she glanced over one shoulder at the nearest book-laden shelves, taking comfort in their presence, their tangible lessons and impactful information that would no doubt prove a boon to this newest endeavor. You are not alone in this. You have the scholars of the ages at your back. They will guide you.

She took comfort from the inwardly directed pep talk, and her wary expression took on a resigned resolution, steeling herself for this uncharacteristic--and frankly ill-conceived--venture she had set herself on. "First things first," she murmured to herself, her tone surprisingly measured despite the lingering nerves rippling beneath her surface, "do your research." With a look, one of the tomes on the shelving rose and floated over toward her, settling itself gently atop the shelf beside the paper. It wasn't a direct instructional manual on how to operate or build a successful franchise from the ground up, but it did document one that had come before her, a piece of their history from which she could glean valuable insight.

Already she was flipping through it, skimming pages for key words, indicative phrases, pieces of the text that would act as a springboard for her plans. "Here we go..." Something clicked, beginning to take shape in her mind, and her green eyes focused with a keener interest upon the page. The book settled as she delved into the text, and the writing instrument lifted almost in the same moment, making notations on the blank paper of those most important bits that Rosemary planned to put into practice as soon as she felt confident enough. But only when she felt confident enough.


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