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I heard from God today and She sounded just like me
What have I done, and who have I become?
I saw the devil today and he looked a lot like me
I looked away, I turned away

The sunlight battered his blackened pelt, as though Solis himself was helping beat Jarek into shape. The warmth of the sunlight was welcome and encouraging. He would not be the man who would sit in his office and push papers around. He was a soldier before he was the monarch here. He would remember that Solis valued the strength, that those who lived under his gaze should be able to defend themselves or each other. He would be available for his citizens young and old. Part of that in his mind would be training amongst them. His flesh needed to be worked to maintain muscle as much as the next man. 

He found himself standing in the center of the colosseum. Admiring the height and grandeur of the looming stadium. It was becoming close to noon, and he was aware that most preferred to fight at this time so Solis himself could witness their glory.  He could see the battering that time had worn on the colosseum. Perhaps; rather than forging something new - he would set his mind to ensure that this place would be restored to its beauty and function. Of course to make it look new would take away from its character, but he was certain there were works that could be completed to attempt to maintain what was left. He also wanted to make sure that the levels set for observation would be safe. 

He found himself running steady circles around the outside, stretching his stride and enjoying the feeling of the sweat trickling down his sides. It ran an unusual path due to the texture of the mineralisation on his coat. His mind lazily also ran laps about what his first goals could be. He had hoped that his citizens would meet him here and they could discuss what the court desired. He couldn't help but hear the words of Swahili in his mind. He was sure that most would still consider him an outsider; and perhaps the nature of his takeover would not be welcome. 
It was clear to him that the day court needed a strong and capable sovereign; he felt that he could provide that to them. He would do his very best to ensure their needs would be met.

Arms wide open
I stand alone
I'm no hero
And I'm not made of stone

Day court Citizens are welcome to come and spar with Jarek/talk about their concerns! If this thread gets too busy/there are alot of responses I will make more open threads! | speaks


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