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 Year || 503
 Season || Fall
 Temp || 35℉ (℃) - 69℉ (℃)
 Weather || The iron grip of Summer has slowly faded into the gentler Fall embrace. The morning dew frosts over in the early morning hours and melts by the time the sun hits high in the sky. Many of the trees have traded their lush, vivid green for a more suitable array of red and orange hues. But don't blink, for Winter's cold embrace is fast upon Fall's heels.


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"Are there lines she's crossing? Should she toe them or touch them with a pole and stay away wholly? But to avoid such a storm he offers, such a taste of life; to withhold herself from the chance to taste starlight, to love satin and silk and swallow pomegranate seeds not yet offered... She should be stronger." — Moira in
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OOC - First Week Feedback!
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Hey guys! Novus has only been open three days, but I want to be as proactive as possible and gather feedback based on your opinions and experience so far! New sites are extremely adaptable, and change is often pretty easy with little to no stress if it's implemented as early as possible. Because of this, I'd love to get your candid response. Anyone who responds to this announcement will receive 50 signos for their efforts to help us make Novus a better place!

First Topic: Character Designs
It seems as though the primary source of hesitation are our rules concerning character designs. The overall goal was to make sure all characters fit in the world we've created, but we don't want this to drive potential members away! We have decided to relax the character design requirements. Here's what we have in mind:

- You can have any fantasy design, with the exception of the following things...
- No "obnoxious" designs (like skull candy designs, hot magenta or bright neon base coats, etc)
- They must be made out of flesh (not stone, not glitter, not the stuff of stars)
- Hippocampus are still only allowed if you have magic to shapeshift into their alternate form
- If they are undead/anything similar, it can't be purely aesthetic (basically, they must be afflicted by it somehow unless they have magic to prevent death)

Are these changes fair? Do you like them? Would you suggest anything else?

Second Topic: Human Things
I am still very adamant about my original idea for Novus - that "human" things will be kept to a minimum. That's why armor and outfits are so expensive, and that's why the only architectural structures you see are the actual Courts (and those are passed off as "built by the gods"). After some discussion with members on our Discord channel, we're willing to give a little more leeway on this...

- Since our characters are so humanized, they WILL be allowed to keep scrolls/written histories
- Along those lines, each Court will have their own dialects/slang that will be an option to use
- Buildings and other structures will still be prohibited - we want Novus to remain a natural world

Do you like this? Do you want more leeway? Less? Give us your arguments and your thoughts.

Third Topic: Shop Items
To go with what I stated above, there is a reason the restricted items in the shop are so expensive. We want them to remain uncommon, and we don't want to see every other character with magic or an animal companion or covered in gold armor. This is an attempt to throw back to the old days, when people were happy to just RP horses. But, it still gives you the option to get a bit more fancy if you prefer that.

Are our prices too expensive? Should we lower them a little bit? What do you think about the process to get restricted items approved?

Fourth Topic: Sovereigns
We understand that this first month of Novus will be SLOW, because we don't yet have Sovereigns. This is the only time we'll hold auditions for them - after that, it'll go to our normal system of challenging to overthrow the current Sovereign. With that said, I'm a little worried that there's not enough interest in the positions.

Is there anything we can do to boost interest in the Sovereign Auditions? We are already offering 100 signos to those who audition. Is there something about the positions that are turning you away from trying? Or am I simply worrying too early, and it'll just take time for people to flesh out their auditions?

ANYTHING ELSE YOU CAN THINK OF that you either love, or think might be an issue, PLEASE feel free to share with us! This is an open forum, an opportunity for you to alter Novus to fit what you want to see - or maybe it's perfect already (hardly!), and you like it the way it is! Either way, thanks for weighing in. <3

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as discussed on discord:
in regards to sovereigns, i suggest giving sovereigns magic and perhaps a magical companion as a prize for having received the position as well as a bonus for challenges, so that those who intend to challenge a sovereign must first gain experience of their own. This way, sovereigns have a certain sense of security without being completely untouchable. It was also suggested that with every month/IG month of successful ruling, they be given another magic level (because logically the longer you rule the more experienced you become/the easier it will be to defeat challengers).

Both of these points are so that you do not have new players and characters challenging and defeating sovereigns who have justly earned their position and not even had time to develop. Still, I do like the idea of most people being able to challenge because it means the sovereign cannot simply claim the position and disappear, they must constantly assert their claim.

Also, in regards to a defeated sovereign: they could be allowed to keep their magical companion but be stripped of the magic ranks earned a sovereign and be reduced to the most basic level of magic? That way they must work to reclaim their honor.

Anyway, these are all just suggestions going off of my previous experiences. There's definitively a thin line to walk and it's impossible to please everyone tehe, I commend you elk and the staff for doing your best to improve this for everyone <3

Quick aside: if our equines are allowed to use telekinesis (which from my understanding they are?) having castles and stuff would makes sense, at least to me. If they can lift objects etc. then why the heck no build monuments? Either way I don't think we need to get too caught up in the logistics of all of it c: sometimes you just gotta suspend disbelief. After all, these are equines on with human intelligence, so why not cook/create armor/weapons/build? Like idk I think we don't need to get too far into it.

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First Topic
I think the adjustments listed are great, though I was curious about the undead one. What do you mean by afflicted? When I mentioned I had an undead character, the one I had in mind was technically ageless, but would be cursed in that he gradually rots/goes insane, and is required to consume flesh/blood in order to restore his mind and body.

Second Topic
Whenever I see a site that falls into the "horses living in castles" shtick, it always brings a logistics problem with it. If the castle was made by supernatural forces, and the horses are otherwise living like animals, then who makes/repairs the things inside the castle? How does a settlement that large feed themselves? They'd graze the area around the castle barren in weeks, and spots like the Day Court barely have any places where large amounts of graze could feasibly grow. Unless the gods also create constantly-replenishing gardens or other food sources, a large, permanent settlement usually needs agriculture of some kind. I could see horses working as farmers, using their innate telekinesis to manipulate tools/crops and their natural strength to pull plows/wagons. 

I guess ultimately, we just need some explanation on what Novus's current tech level is, and how common tool use or other "human" traits are. Are there equine farmers/carpenters/leatherworkers? They don't have to be characters, either. I assumed that each court is also home to plenty of NPCs, just so they're not totally deserted. 

While I do think this is an important factor of worldbuilding and suspension of disbelief, I also acknowledge that it's a pretty minor detail when it comes to actually writing xD Just something to think about.

Third Topic
Shop prices should correlate with how rare you want certain traits to be, and how hard you expect someone to work for that trait. It may also be worth it to include an alternate option where characters can quest for those traits (especially magic), with some quests being more difficult to complete than others.

Fourth Topic
I'm honestly surprised that nobody has jumped on the Sovereign auditions yet. Usually that stuff fills up fast since people want to get their characters into positions of power. I can't speak for everyone, but the reason I personally haven't applied is just because I don't have any characters fit for the role. I only have maybe two equine chars who would actually want to rule, but Aryel is too young and the other guy (spooky scary skeleton lich horse) is going to need an item or two before I can bring him in. Edit: I like Flight's idea of giving them magic, though they shouldn't be made too OP.

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I think these changes are fair, perhaps they are something that should be a purchasable or not for a first character? Sometimes, and I speak from a personal point, I think that too many fantasy (aka outlandish colors, crazy designs, scary/creepies) elements can be a turn off for some people. I know that I prefer more natural designs with certain elements that add a unique twist.

Human things are a little more difficult. Gone are the days of horses being horses (aka, run around...fight some stallions, hoard some mares and have lots a littlies) , and I think a lot of that happened when we decided to give them names and distinct, in depth personalities. It doesn't necessarily make it a bad thing, don't get me wrong. I think you are on the right track with trying to restrict it as much as possible, especially with the buildings and things. Logistical things will come up I'm sure (Where do we keep the scrolls? Where does my character store their armor/things) but perhaps that's something to take on as they come.

Prices I think are good. If you're wanting to keep this place as simplistic as possible, then high prices are necessary to do that. You're going to have complainers on either side, but ultimately it's your site to deem how the game is played.

I think Sovereign auditions just need time. You may even extend it out another month, just so word can get out about Novus. I know that I'm planning an audition, but seeing as I am creating new characters specifically for Novus...that's going to take me some time. Besides, I want my audition and my character to stand out...so I am really going to take my time with him and get to know the lore of the site much better.

^^ Hope I was helpful, maybe?

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I like these changes. I think that more items should be added to the shop that could allow for the restricted characters to be joined, however. An example is a character I have adopted who is part pegasus and part peacock. She has extremely bold colors, and as the previous owner stated she had to earn a specific prize before she could bring her into another site. I think implementing a system that could allow "outlandish" designs into Novus would be a great addition, but they would take a lot of effort to earn (as in a yearly giveaway or IC event with OOC rewards or something).

I also feel like the incentives system suggested by the guidebook is fantastic! It's a great way to encourage diversity amongst characters.

I absolutely agree with your point of view. Stick with magic, companions, and maybe some outfits/armor, and leave the buildings and architecture out of it. I feel like scrolls are an unnecessary addition. Human tribes have passed on their history via word of mouth, myths, and fables for centuries. Why not just stick to that? Slang is great, however I still can't wrap my head around the regions... For the most part I feel like new members and bringing in characters that are also new to the land of Novus, so how would they know of a dialect that is specific to certain courts? For that matter, how do our characters even know of the courts? I've never been around for the opening of a site so I'm not really sure how to proceed with building the lore and reputation of a land I haven't explored before. On past sites there were always well-established characters who greeted mine, and I learned the ways of the herd they joined through them.

I think prices are great, but as someone mentioned previously I would prefer a questing system over a store. I like writing about the journey that my character has to undertake in order to earn that super cool companion or unique magical ability that I have been dying for them to get. It adds a much more potent sense of purpose to my writing (and to my characters' ambitions) than simply waiting until I have enough currency to purchase whatever I want. I understand that implementing a system like this will take a lot of time and effort, but from my experience it is more enjoyable for everyone. In the end this is your site, however, and I'll be along for the ride regardless. ^^

As suggested, giving a sovereign their choice of magic or a companion sounds like a great idea. I'm not really inclined to hoard currency at the moment, and I'd much rather be able to get a real head start on my character than 100 signos. That being said, however, Yana isn't ambitious. I could make a leadership role work, but it doesn't fit her personality 100%. I'm on the fence about applying.

All in all I would say that Novus is doing well. It takes time to get the ball rolling, and if I knew of good affiliates I'd partake in the advertisement contest, but I know nothing. I wish I could be of more help, but for now you have my dedication. c:

{My apologies. I'm already posting in OOC boards with my character's account. >.<}

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Offering magic and companions to characters who happen to be the best fit for a sovreign in my opinion goes a little against the philosophy that magic and rare companions should be hard to get. Simply by becoming sovereign in the auditions doesnt mean youve worked hard to get it, and frankly being sovreign of the entire court should be incentive enough?? You character would have celebrity status throughout the realm, a whole team of advisors, and if they were anything like actual monarchs could almost demand the respect of any character to cross their path. I think it's really important we protect the rarity of items like magic etc. That's just my input though!

Ps. someone didn't close their tags :(

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Thank you!

 50 signos have been given to everyone who replied to this thread. Thank you guys so much for your feedback! We'll be discussing all of this soon. c:


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First topic
I picked this site because the designs can be more lenient but it is not overboard. Some sites have no restrictions. I like that there is some restrictions. The rules seem to work like this.

Second topic
I love the no human thing! I also think the horses are portrayed as very human like so the line between the two should be clear. I think a lot of people will want Armour, stuff like that. I like that the things are expensive.

third topic
I think the prices are fine. I have already been watching how fast people are gaining points and I think at least at this time the points are good. It can be evaluated later I think but I think at this time the points are gaining pretty fast and it should be harder to get the good things.

fourth topic
I am not applying because I don't think I will have the time to keep the position long term. Also I have led a herd since like forever ago so I don't think I would do it well. I think some more patience would be good, people are still applying to join the site. Word will get out there and more options will come through.

spaced — Guest
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First Topic: Character Designs
I was happy with the character restrictions originally, but I'm also not adverse to these changes! 

Second Topic: Human Things
I think the main issue I have with this is that the idea of a Court is a very human thing, with a human building as a base for the Court. Perhaps more buildings but only in the Court, so things like arena's etc. could be included!

Third Topic: Shop Items 
No I love that things are expensive!! It gives you something to work for, and besides, if everyone was waltzing about in fancy things then they would lose their special feeling!

Fourth Topic: Sovereigns
UGH If I could apply for every position I would!! I have already applied with my character whom I would want to win which is why I haven't applied with any future characters - I wouldn't have the time to rp two sovereigns! I think once the member group grows so will the auditions. 


I have one bone to pick and that is the relic contest -- I love contests, and I love contests that encourage posting even more so! BUT with the incentive of posting in all 20 lands, I feel like characters are just posting in every single thread without the intention of character building. It also makes continuity really difficult! For example I've got two new threads going almost simultaneously, but Reich has met one of the previous members in one of the threads... meaning I have no idea how that thread is going to go, so how is Reich supposed to react in the more recent thread? Does that make sense? 

Weir — Guest
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I already replied but I wanted to comment in response to what spaced said.
I TOTALLY agree. I am trying to make posts that have a point but also don't since I'm just posting to try and get the lands done. There are not a lot of active people yet so my options of people to reply and limited and some have replied. It also draining my muse already and I don't have many lands covered. Like space mentioned it can get really confusing here in a min if I have replied to even like 10 out of 20 posts if I even manage to get all 20. Ill try but once I do, some threads with simply die where they have been posts. Just being honest.

On a better note, I love the opportunity to get people posting is working! Prizes for some is awesome. I don't see stuff being handed out left and right which is cool too. I love the idea of getting people around the lands before there are sovereigns. It really is a neat plot idea. Im excited to see how it plays out.

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