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Current Novus date and time is

▶ Year || 502
▶ Season || Summer
▶ Temp || 74℉ (℃) - 100℉ (℃)
▶ Weather || With the end of Spring comes Summer's warm embrace. While some flourish in the comfortable glow of the sun, others take shelter from its sweltering midday heat. Even so, it is now that the continent bustles with life, for it won't be long until a cool chill returns.


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Bexley gives him a cold, dark, beautiful smile. “Wanna see a trick?” she asks, eyes glowing with feral self-satisfaction. The bare of her teeth in a mock-grin is nothing less than terrifying. “I can make you see ghosts.” do the hungry ever sleep?

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Dawn Court Commoner

The Character


▶ Age: 6 [Year 496 Summer]
▶ Gender: Female [She/Her/Hers]
▶ Orientation: Heterosexual
▶ Breed: Hanoverian x Arabian
▶ Height: 16.0 hh
▶ Health: 11
▶ Attack: 9
▶ Experience: 15
▶ Signos: 1,430 (Donate)

▶ Joined: 06-23-2017
▶ Last Visit: 8 minutes ago
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Rhoswen is featherlight: her bones are avian, held together by delicate fibres and the lost dreams of men. Her posture is balletic ( swan lake her favourite dance ) and she moves like cool liquor falling from a millionaire's glass; smooth but strong. Standing at sixteen hands, she was neither the tallest or shortest girl for her age; but the petiteness of her frame seems to only accentuate her height. Despite her Arab-borne elegance there is an assurance of bone and length of leg gifted to her by the Warmblood breeding of her father, and she is set high upon mile long limbs, allowing for great speed and agility. Brute power is not her forte, mind, but this is something she has worked to combat by understanding instead where her strengths lie. A dainty silver-white earring chain hangs from the tip to the base base of her right ear, and her left nostril is pierced by a silver-white ring; both gifts from her mother. A pale red roan, Rhoswen is painted a soft shade of silver kissed by sanguine; velveteen skin framed by bloodshot copper curls. Her scarlet hair bounces high upon her neck; thick and beautiful. Immediately behind her ears, at the start of her mane, Rhoswen typically choses to contain her curls in a small round bun, decorated with one or two daisies, for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Her eyes are dark; an ominous grey - a collection of winter storms hanging over the ocean open. Their intensity seem detract from her careless nature, as if to suggest there is more to her mind than meets the eye.
Wolf child, lover of the summer solstice and all things alight. She is a forest fire of blistering incandescence upon the horizon. The carbonated hurricane defined as her ambition roars against the hollow of her heart; "over the glowing hill, I will conquer". For she is bold, some say fearless; her hunger knows no bounds. Her father's wealth was never enough - she needed more, always more. Materialism had sewn it's way into her heart by the eve of her first birthday; stretching and breathing with each contraction, and there it stayed: warm, steadfast. She is a lover of gold; be it borne from a delicate shard of sunlight or the riches buried beneath the throne of kings past. Rhoswen always rejected the word 'greed', replacing it confidently with passion; everyone is enthralled by something, it just so happens that for her this something is power.

Her materialism is shallow, but she is not so naive as to entirely disregard those who cannot gift her an orb or sceptre. For Rhoswen, although candid and ferocious in her assessment of those she encounters, is not without heart; it would be easy to assume her veins run with cyanide, but such an assumption would be wrong. She is not unkind, rather than she values other qualities higher than kindness. Altruism had never got her far in life. Her humanity shines between her lupine smile, glittering in the corner; if you look close enough, it is impossible to miss. Filled with humour and a lust for life, Rhoswen is a girl you'd see laughing still at the close of day; wild, burning, open. But, with all naked flames, one should be careful not to get too close and like all wild things, she would not hesitate to consume your heart. For this girl, an amalgamation of wolf and ocean, is not one to be tamed.

POSITIVE: ambitious, beguiling, untamed, confident, humorous, audacious, forthright, adventurous.
NEGATIVE: capricious, materialistic, wild temper, obstinate, careless, ruthless, narcissistic.
Rhoswen Levoire, daughter of Iscariot and Severina, was born into a wealthy respected Night Court family. Her father was a merchant with deep-rooted connections to the Sovereign throne, and his empire dated back several generations. Perhaps it was this inherited power which sewed the first seeds of hunger into the girl's heart. She was the youngest and final child, resulting in a more spoiled upbringing than that of her three older brothers - not to mention she held the advantage of being the only girl. As a child she wandered the great halls, scorching eyes cast to the moon as though she believed her gaze alone could send it falling from the sky; for it was the sun that she adored; the sun with it's radiance, its strength, its fervency. She alone would be stood upon the mountain at the break of day, a ritual of steadfast worship which grew to concern her parents. Rhoswen was as fearless in youth as she was in adulthood, and many summer day she had spent racing white-washed rivers - daring her brothers to run faster, further. Nothing ever seemed to be enough; she was alive with a blistering desire for more than this, and she refused to believe her fate was sealed. As she grew from youth to adolescent, the difference between Rhoswen and her peers became increasingly obvious - glaring almost. Where they leaned closer to reservation and stoicism, she railed toward violent delights.

She was three when her brother, Rhaegar, and his betrothed vanished into the night. As the eldest of the four siblings, he had been set to inherit his father's position and his leaving sent waves of disbelief through the family and court as a whole. Reichenbach, their adopted brother and best friend of Rhaegar, had perhaps been touched most by the pairs shocking departure; but it was Rhoswen who had smiled. Fond of her brother she had been, Rhaegar's desertion had been something of a gift to his little sister: if he could leave, why couldn't she? Six months later, Rhoswen too took her leave; waving goodbye with a searing smile as her family watched on in dismay. The girl who had never truly fitted in was finally gone. She travelled briefly, but it did not take long for her wanderlust to wane and the gnawing hunger in her throat to emerge. Rhoswen returned to Novus in the spring of her fourth year, but instead of taking the path through the mountains back to the court of Night where she had grown up, the girl swerved north toward Solterra. Rhos had heard many things about Day Court and the humming in her bones gave her promise as she crossed the border. At last, a place she could finally call home.
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Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

1. hairtie for her small, daisy-adorned bun
2. silver-white nose ring
3. silver-white earring chain

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