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Accessory & Weapon Records
Accessory & Weapon Records

Character Description Obtained By Enchanted? Date
Batty Skull of an unknown Terrastellan swamp predator, with leather, feather, beads, and bone attachments Purchased No 05/22/2018
Tuolouse A small golden ring that renders Tuolouse's mass transparent and nearly invisible Purchased Yes 06/06/2018
Anzhelo An iridescent, oilslick dragon scale hung on a necklace which all imbue courage into Anzhelo Purchased Yes 07/29/2018
Euryale A long, jade-blue scarf that floats around her, constantly shifting, acting as a dress or skirt Purchased Yes 12/08/2018
Metaphor A glowing white orb that floats in the air, following along behind him Purchased Yes 02/02/2019
Toulouse An intricate golden snake charm on his forelimb that comes to life when he commands Free joining accessory Yes 02/24/2019
Mesnyi A glass violin that plays itself at her command. The violin case is covered in ever-changing fabric. Purchased Yes, x2 02/24/2019
Runaveig A silk shawl that can be worn various ways, attached to a vibrant flower Purchased No 02/27/2019
Caine The pallium umbrarum, "cloak of shadows"; turns his form into a writhing shadows when worn. Purchased Yes 03/03/2019
Anatoly Two gold collars secured around his neck; one significantly slimmer than the other; one with a clip for hanging items from. Purchased No 03/16/2019
Azrael An enchanted necklace of a smooth obelisk design, which glows with a turquoise light. Incentive Yes 03/22/2019
Polyxena An intricate silver pentagram pendant that grows warm in the presence of magic. The stronger the magic, the more warmth the pendant emits. Free Joining item Yes 03/22/2019
Na'eemah A red sheer scarf that she wears in a variety of ways but most commonly to cover her brown hair and neck. Blood red in colour with darker red and gold patterns. Purchased No 03/28/2019
Vikander A pendant that has 'recorded' the voices of his wife and daughter. Joining Incentive Yes 04/09/2019
Manon Twisted twig crown with one shimmering blue crystal hanging on each end. When activated, the wearer’s appearance becomes an unrecognizable blur and their identity is unknown. Joining Incentive Yes 04/10/2019
Polyxena A black mirror with an intricately carved ebony hardwood frame that reveals disoriented visions of past, present, or future. Free joining accessory Yes 04/22/2019
Valefor A golden bracelet fastened around his left foreleg, inlaid with strange runes. When activated, his hair and body throws off illusionary sparks that hold no heat and emit a very faint light. Free joining accessory Yes 04/28/2019
Septimus A heavy leather satchel with notebooks, ink, quills, and glass vials. Purchased No 05/05/2019
Llewelyn Goldleaf/filigree paint applied to upper right leg and lower left leg each day. Purchased No 05/05/2019
Llewelyn The jewels in Llewelyn’s horns will randomly emit the sound of whispering, no words can be made out. Free joining item Yes 05/05/2019
Anemone A pearl dangling from a ring; the pearl enables the wearer to detect if another is lying, but never discern the truth. SWP reward Yes 06/27/2019
Kindred Pendant with a small, cloth, black crescent moon attached to it. When touched by a nose it will temporarily deafen the wearer. Free joining accessory Yes 07/09/2019
Sada Crescent-shaped knife that cursed him to slowly have his muscles degrade as it spreads. Free joining accessory Yes 08/11/2019
Maret A pair of slender golden bands wrapped around her neck, from which hang a feather, gemstone, or other trinket of her choosing. Purchased No 08/14/2019
Kibou A small glowing orb that follows its wielder. Gifted Yes 08/26/2019
Caelum A red stone mounted on a silver pendant, worn around neck. Stone glows red and provides slight warmth. Free joining accessory Yes 10/13/2019
Thaeron Various bronze rings/clasps adorning the length of his tail. Purchased No 10/24/2019
Locke A small leather, leg strapped, pouch that will shrink anything to fit inside it, make it effectively bottomless. Free joining accessory Yes 01/07/2020
Hugo Leather tool bags, suspended over the back and buckled to chest and waist. Purchased 12/28/2019


Character Description Obtained By Enchanted? Date
Avdotya A primitive spear strapped to her left foreleg. Grandfathered in Yes 06/01/2017
Florentine Silver and amethyst dagger with flowers and vines in its hilt and on a chain around her neck Grandfathered in No 06/27/2018
Raum Simple silver dagger kept strapped in a holster around his front leg Grandfathered in No 08/25/2018
Apolonia Two foot long steel hurl bat, sharpened on every edge and kept in a leather hip holster. Weapon has sentient critical thought and the ability to speak out loud. Sept. 2018 Incentive Yes 10/11/2018
Cyanide A curved dagger with a golden handle that hangs on a leather tie necklace Dec. 2018 Incentive No 12/17/2018
Marisol A throwing spear, approximately 7 feet long, with a sharpened steel head and wooden shaft Purchased No 01/12/2019
Theodosia A sharp dagger, held in place around her neck with leather, part of an armor set. Purchased with Armor No 02/13/2019
Seraphina A simple steel arrow hidden in the folds of her cloak, controlled by her telekinesis and part of an armor set. Purchased with Armor No 02/19/2019
Seraphina An ornate Solterran sword, named "Alshamtueur". When its name is spoken aloud, the sword will burst into flames; spoken again, and the flames with extinguish. This sword chooses its wielder. Purchased Yes 02/19/2019
Torstein A large Damascus dagger with a blue resin-stabilized handle, featuring a blood-stained feather engraved in resin. When it comes in contact with blood, the dagger resharpens and strengthens. Purchased with Armor Yes 02/19/2019
Elif A ten-foot long leather bullwhip fashioned out of smooth, dark leather. Purchased No 02/24/2019
Caine A silver dagger with a hilt of carved dragonbone and studded with rubies. Free Restricted Item Claim No 03/03/2019
Makeda Gold caps attached to her upper teeth, fashioned like wolves' teeth and deadly sharp. Purchased No 03/09/2019
Azrael A staff carved from smooth onyx with silver inlay, branching into a dreamcatcher at its top. Incentive No 03/22/2019
Teiran One of two Kris daggers made of obsidian, both blade and handle. The handle has a gold snake wrapped around it. The Enchantment improves its accuracy. Purchased Yes 03/22/2019
Teiran One of two Kris daggers made of obsidian, both blade and handle. The handle has a gold snake wrapped around it. Purchased No 03/22/2019
Only 12 inch cold steel tanto knife, steel handle, all of it is plated in black chromium. An Illusion enchantment disguises the weapon as a regular horn upon his head. Incentive Yes 03/22/2019
Aghavni A red silk fan with a skeleton of reinforced steel; parries arrows and blades and can be thrown to slice through flesh. Incentive No 03/28/2019
Elchanan A large, ornamented golden staff with knobbed head and sharp base Incentive No 04/03/2019
Antiope Double-headed axe made of obsidian metal and rosewood with a piercing extension. The axe blade becomes enveloped with glowing energy, making it hot as fire to the touch. Joining Incentive Yes 04/03/2019
Illu A collapsible grey and blue spear, roughly 6 foot long fully extended. Joining Incentive No 04/06/2019
Isra The Lunar Bow. When active, the arrows erupt in moon-fire and the bow glows. Purchased Yes 04/22/2019
Meridoc The sword, Vitus, is enchanted, sentient, and able to be directed telepathically through the air by Meridoc's will. Purchased Yes 04/22/2019
Polyxena An intricately carved ebony hardwood staff with an elegant sickle blade. Joining Incentive No 04/22/2019
August A pirate's sabre with a hilt crusted in barnacles and bleached coral. Joining Incentive No 05/13/2019
Maerys A dense, double-sided ax with gold accents and sharp edges. Joining Incentive No 05/29/2019
Jetsam A large iron dagger that sits in a soft leather sheath on his right foreleg. Joining Incentive No 05/29/2019
Boudika A five-foot golden trident with three serrated points. Joining Incentive No 06/27/2019
Locust A simple obsidian dagger about a foot in length, with a hilt engraved with the initials of her fallen crew members. Joining Incentive No 06/30/2019
Ipomoea An enchanted blade made of a living plant, its crossguard made of flowers, and a wooden handle that can reform to Po's needs. Purchased Yes 07/31/2019
Callynite A Golden Bow with emerald ivy design, with a matching quiver filled with serrated arrows. Purchased No 08/03/2019
Senna A curved scimitar with a bronze hilt and an engraved blade. Purchased No 08/21/2019
Lucinda A magical staff made of wood with intricate vine carvings and an orb of labradorite at the top which is used as a conduit for Lucinda's magic. 2019 Anniversary Raffle Yes 08/26/2019
Vespir Restraint. A dagger enchanted to coat the blade in paralytic venom when the inlaid Mookaite jasper is pressed. Purchased Yes 09/01/2019
Thaeron Bloodbane is a gigantic war hammer forged from mountain-iron and bronze and inlaid with blood-rubies. Purchased No 10/24/2019
Morrighan A silver dagger with an intricate celtic knot pattern that is cut out to form the handle. Flaming enchantment. Purchased Yes 12/21/2019
Messalina An arrow-less bow made of silver and ice, enchanted to shoot shafts of ice at small prey. Purchased Yes 01/07/2020
Jahin Davke Spear - Not an especially ornate spear but crafted masterfully. Purchased No 01/11/2020
Helios A large spear with a sword-like tip that can be wielded for reach and in close combat. Purchased No 01/25/2020
Castalla Plain, slender short sword that is roughly 20 inches in length Purchased No 02/19/2020