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Bonded & Pet Records
bonded and pet records
Realistic Bonded

Character Bonded's Name Taxonomic Family - Species RIRT Obtained By Date
Somnus Alba Avian - Barn owl Here Purchased 01/17/2017
Azrael Noctua Avian - Barn owl Here Purchased 05/01/2020
Senna Nestor Avian - Gyrfalcon Here Purchased 05/24/2019
Katniss Finnick Avian - Harpy Eagle Here Purchased 01/18/2019
Charlotte Indy Avian - Osprey Here Purchased 06/02/2019
Amunemhet Heret Avian - Peregrine Falcon Here Purchased 04/13/2020
Sveirja Svagabi Avian - Raven Here Free restricted item 12/21/2019
Galileo Kerauno Avian - Blue Swallow Here Free restricted item 01/05/2021
Avdotya Feliks Canidae - Borzoi Here Purchased 12/25/2017
Kassandra Oculos Canidae - Borzoi Here 09-2018 Incentive 10/11/2018
Marisol Anselm Canidae - Ibizian Hound Here Purchased 10/13/2019
Regis Milo Canidae - Red Fox Here SWP Participation Reward 12/12/2018
Uzuri Neema Canidae - Maned Wolf Here Purchased 08/11/2019
Euryale Lilith Canidae - Timber Wolf Here Purchased 01/20/2019
Kibou Saki Cercopithecidae - Vervet Monkey Here 2019 Easter Prize 08/21/2019
Maybird Rook Cervidae - Whitetailed Deer Here Purchased 07/30/2020
Luvena Picoro Choloepus - Two-Toed Sloth Here Free Restricted Item 02/10/2020
Solstice Luna Felinae - Common Cat Here Purchased 06/25/2020
Leonidas Circe Felinae - Cheetah Here Purchased 07/07/2019
Anubis Bastet Felinae - Eqyptian Mau Here Free restricted item 01/05/2020
Ba'al Kit Felinae - Golden Tiger Here 2019 Easter Prize 04/05/2020
Moira Neerja Felinae - Malayan Tiger Here Purchased 03/09/2019
Rufio Asha Hyaenidae - Striped Hyena Here Purchased 04/22/2019
Elliana Jack Lemuridae - Ring-Tailed Lemur Here Purchased 08/11/2020
Pan Oliver Mustelid - River Otter Here Purchased 03/09/2019
Jahin Sahar Reptilia - King Cobra Here Purchased 11/10/2019
Ciaran Karsi Ursidae - Polar Bear Here Purchased 05/26/2020

Pack Bonded

Character Bonded's Name Taxonomic Family - Species RIRT Obtained By Date
Selena Alizeh, Scirocco, Esen, Sabiya, Zyphrie Avian - (5) Purple Martins Here 12-2018 Incentive 12/29/2018
Rivane Beech, Barley, Breadnut Muridae - (3) Fancy Rat Here Free restricted item 11/30/2020

Fantasy Bonded

Character Bonded's Name Breed or Species RIRT Obtained By Date
Seraphina Ereshkigal Bearded Vulture Demon Here Free restricted item 05/05/2019
Samaira Alaunus Caladrius Here 09-2018 Incentive 03/09/2019
Pravda Prigovora Dobrodetel Raptor Here Free restricted item 09/01/2019
Elain Eomer Eastern Snow Dragon Here 2021 Advent Day 17 Raffle 01/17/2022
Brassa Espoir Fantasy Lion Here Free restricted item 06/11/2021
Roshan Bandit Ferret-Dragon Here 09-2018 Incentive 12/08/2018
Arah Wynter Griffin Here Free restricted item 01/05/2021
Antiope Fylax Gryphon Here Purchased 01/22/2021
Brendan Arwen Hellhound Here Free restricted item 01/05/2021
Raziel Gahenna Hellhound Here 2019 Easter Prize 07/07/2019
DianaAve / ValeHorrors HerePurchased10/21/2020
Below Zero Yukime Ice Serpent Here Relic Contest Prize 10/13/2019
Leviathan Enyo Indoraptor Here Free restricted item 09/11/2021
Gareth Noor Irish Elk Here Free restricted item 01/04/2021
Warbird Stykki Jörmungandr Here Advent Calendar Prize 12/27/2020
El Toro Hajduk Mythical Lion Here SWP Participation Reward 03/09/2019
Faction Sors Necrobotanic Maned Chupacabra Here Purchased 04/23/21
Israfel Solaris Phoenix Here Raffle Prize 03/27/2018
Runaveig Umbra Pygmy Dragon Here Purchased 02/27/2019
Kratos Pryna Pygmy Dragon Here Free restricted item 03/06/2019
Valan Rosario Rose Hivemind Here Purchased 01/17/2022
Odessa Kai Sea Newt Here 12-2018 Incentive 12/31/2018
Ambrose Dandelion Sky Lion Here Easter Egg Hunt reward 10/19/2020
Jocasta Hassimir Smilodon Lion Here Purchased 01/20/2020
Caelum Tiana Soul-Spirit Here Purchased 03/30/2022
Rylan Keokuk Spirit Stag Here Free restricted item 09/20/2021
Anandi Anouk Water Elemental Here Purchased 07/07/2019
Aspara Furfur Wraith Wolf Here Purchased 08/13/2019
Tenebrae Thia Shadow-creature Here Purchased 02/22/22
Tristan Merlin Wyvern Here Purchased 01/10/2021

Massive Bonded

Character Bonded's Name Breed or Species RIRT Obtained By Date
Elena Celosia Dragon Here 100 EXP Milestone Reward 01/27/2021
Ira Hati Nordic Wolf Here Advent 2020 Prize 01/10/2021
Polyxena Erebos Cerberus Hellhound Here Purchased 05/05/2019
Raum Legion Basilisk Here Purchased 03/03/2019
Raymond Ruth Tarrasque Here Purchased 07/06/2018
Sol Bestiam Telum Dragon Here 2021 Activity Contest 02/14/2022
Torstein Circe Greater Lammergeier Wyvern Here Purchased 03/09/2019
Vercingetorix Damascus Tartosian Dragon Here Raffle Prize 07/08/2020

Extinct Bonded

Character Bonded's Name Taxonomic Family - Species RIRT Obtained By Date
Xalvador Bastian Pygmy Spinosaurus Here Purchased 06/02/22
Entia Seze Utahraptor Here Free Restricted Item 01/02/21

Character Pet's Name Taxonomic Family - Species RIRT Obtained By Date
Savannah Penelope Avian - Peregrine Falcon Here Purchased 01/27/2022
ElainCailerianCanidae - Great Dane HerePurchased11/15/2021
ArawnApollo, Minerva, AsharCanidae - Hounds (3) HerePurchased10/30/2020
LuvenaYara & MithraCanidae - Leonberger (2)HerePurchased12/01/2020
KhierTrueCanidae - MongrelHerePurchased11/27/2020
Rylan Tyee Canidae - Wolfdog (Wolf x Malamute) Here 2021 Activity Contest Prize 09/20/2021
Erasmus[Unnamed]Canidae - WolfhoundHere2020 Advent Calendar Prize12/27/2020
CaelumAdelineFelidae - Savannah CatHerePurchased06/03/2022
CaelumCatoFelidae - Pixie Bob CatHerePurchased06/03/2022
DianaCasperLeporidae - Dutch RabbitHerePurchased10/20/2020
Soren AvelaineHopcynLeporidae - Dutch RabbitHere2021 Advent Calendar Prize04/12/2022
Polar NorthGhostFelidae - Albino Savannah CatHerePurchased09/26/2021
SolsticeDahlia & BriarAves - Owl Finch (2)HerePurchased & 2020 Advent Prize12/21/2020