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Armor & Outfit Records
armor & outfit records

Character Type Description Obtained By Enchanted? Date
Rannvieg Outfit Wolf fur cloak with leather straps, with a single star-crest embellishment along the neckline. Purchased No 08/21/2017
Anonymous Outfit Large silvery, midnight cloak with a sapphire and silver broach clasp. Purchased No 09/03/2017
Avdotya Outfit Old bearskin cloak - with skull, ribs, and vertebrae - secured with red cloth supports. Purchased No 09/03/2017
Penthesilea Outfit A linen cloak, sheer and grey, hanging from head to hock, with a small vial hanging at her neck and golden jewelry upon her ears and canons. 10-2017 Day Court Incentive No 10/31/2017
Toulouse Outfit Burgundy scarves attached by gold rings at his horns, withers, tail; with a hidden pocket for knick knacks. Purchased No 04/08/2018
Pavetta Outfit Silver embellished breast collar with sheer floral scarf, with a headstall, earrings, and anklets. 11-2017 Caretaker Incentive No 05/20/2018
Tuolouse Outfit Seafoam green scarves attached by gold rings at his poll and dock with golden tassels and rings. Jacob's ram horns attached via tree sap. Purchased No 06/05/2018
Soleil Outfit Ivory shawl and matching hood, patterned with beads and embroidered suns. Purchased No 06/06/2018
Cyrene Outfit 3 piece hood and rug concealing most of her body, with a leather satchel for collecting herbs. 11-2017 Caretaker Incentive No 06/08/2018
Avdotya Outfit A head, chest, and body piece with various fabrics, gold, silver, bones, a religious representation of Solis. Purchased No 07/13/2018
Erd Outfit A cloak-like collection of charcoal cloths secured with belts, accented with pouches and green hemp cord. Purchased No 08/18/2018
Ard Outfit A cloak-like collection of charcoal cloths secured with belts, accented with pouches and green hemp cord. Purchased No 08/18/2018
Vendetta Outfit Ruby red, weighted chiffon-style skirt with white rose embroidery and roses with golden pears on the croup. Purchased No 12/01/2018
Theodosia Outfit Sheer lavender veil covering her body, attached to a white fur collar and decorated with rose quartz pieces. Purchased No 02/13/2019
Rufio Outfit A golden harness, with additional interconnected jewelry and chains. March '19 incentive No 03/03/2019
Juniper Outfit A cloak of storms and golden lace that flows around her wings, back over to part around her tail where a golden cuff securely holds the masses of hair in check, with matching anklets on each leg. March '19 incentive No 03/03/2019
Kratos Outfit Satin cloak with attached silver chains and decorative black roses. Night Court incentive No 03/06/19
Michael Outfit A scarf, bangles on his forelegs, and an intricate hair tie for his tail. Free Restricted Item No 03/06/19
Corrdelia Outfit A soft cloak of black and grey gradients covering her body, trimmed in delicate black lace. A black cord secures the cloak in a knot across her chest. Incentive No 03/14/19
Toulouse Outfit Burgundy scarves attached by gold rings at his horns, withers, tail; with a hidden pocket for knick knacks. Purchased No 03/17/2019
Tuolouse Outfit Seafoam green scarves attached by gold rings at his poll and dock with golden tassels and rings. Purchased No 03/17/2019
Forseti Outfit Large maroon cape with a golden pauldron and delicate chains Incentive No 03/28/2019
Aghavni Outfit An emerald green scarf embroidered with gold, attached to a golden cuff and draped over her shoulders, with a pearl earring and hair spikes. Incentive No 03/28/2019
Vikander Outfit A set of acolyte's robes, with a leather under-holster to carry his spell books and scrolls. Incentive No 04/09/2019
Targwyn Outfit When worn normally, appears as a solid black silk cloak with bright red trim. When worn in reverse, renders her invisible. Purchased Yes 04/22/2019
Kai Outfit A golden cloak, paired with a gold crown wrought with leaves and tiger lillies. A pair of twin chains drape from the crown, which glow with an otherworldly hue and trail golden stardust in his wake. Purchased Yes 04/14/2019
Reckitt Outfit A delicate capelet, made from sheer white fabric, adorned with gold, shell-shaped accents. Thin gold chain holds the cape in place, resting on her shoulders and withers. Joining Incentive No 04/22/2019
Meridoc Outfit A half-fur cape, with a harness carrying a flask, two pouches, and his longsword. Joining Incentive No 04/22/2019
Cassilyn Outfit A white sash that wraps around her neck and shoulder and is connected by a silver circlet. There are various flowers sewn into the fabric and two tassles that hang from the circlet. Joining Incentive No 05/13/2019
Corinthian Outfit A heavy black cloak that covers most of his body and includes a hood, clasped at the chest with a plain silver fastener. Joining Incentive No 05/18/2019
Jetsam Outfit A traveler's cloak that doubles as a supply cloak, containing many pockets and straps across the back to carry larger items. Joining Incentive No 05/29/2019
Callynite Outfit A Dark Green Traveling Cloak with white trim, closed at chest with a black, green and white amulet and feather fashioning. Joining Incentive No 06/16/2019
Sigrun Outfit An alligator skin worn over her rump, fastening decorated with two red feathers and a small alligator skull. Joining Incentive No 07/14/2019
Baphomet Outfit A 24 inch long crimson cowl scarf. Joining Incentive No 08/04/2019
Aeranas Outfit Their scarf emits a warm glow that can only be seen in the dark. Purchased/Incentive Yes 08/09/2019
Sada Outfit Ratty cloak that covers part of his back. Purchased No 08/11/2019
Atlaas Outfit Two self-crafted leather satchels, rich brown in colour with a two buckle fastens. Inside, he possess leather work tools, quills and drawing material. Joining Incentive No 10/22/2019
Araxes Outfit A small leather bag she carries her herbs and goodies in, and a mint scarf around her neck. Joining Incentive No 10/25/2019
Katarina Outfit A rich, deep-red velvet cloak. Purchased No 10/28/2019
Emersyn Outfit A set of flying wings that carries its wearer in a leather harness. Purchased Yes 12/21/2019
Sarkan Outfit A simple cloak, dyed a mottled brown, gray and green for camouflage. Purchased No 12/27/2019
Pilate Outfit White linen tunic with gold clasp. Purchased No 12/29/2019
Jask Outfit Gold-rimmed red robes and a black leather collar that is enchanted to make him oblivious, but not impervious, to magic. Purchased Yes 01/19/2020


Character Type Description Obtained By Enchanted? Date
Rostislav Armor Titanium alloy and leather body armor, with   metal face and crest plates. 07-2017 Relic Contest prize No 07/10/2017
Morrigan Armor Scaled hide and cloth armor with animal skin overlay, with a bronze headplate, shoulder and hock spikes, and an attached scimitar. Auditioning for Staff No 09/29/2017
Katniss Armor Lightweight but strong armor, including a headpiece, breastplate, top and bottom neckplates, and hip and back plate. 09-2018 Incentive No 09/26/2018
Mathias Armor Battered, dented, and well-worn iron greaves and faceplate. SWP Prize No 01/20/19
Theodosia Armor Engraved iron chestplate and leg bracers, with a sharp dagger strapped to her neck. Purchased No 02/13/19
Seraphina Armor Matching eather and steel breastplate, headpiece, andbraces, completed by a billowing gold hooded cloak and a small steel arrow. Purchased No 02/19/19
Torstein Armor Harness with wool-backed, steel-infused wooden chest plate and steel neck, shoulder, wither, and haunch guards. Accompanying Damascus dagger. Purchased No 02/19/19
Teiran Armor Lightweight scaled leather armor with attached hood and two dagger sheaths. Accompanying Kris dagger. Purchased No 03/22/19
Erasmus Armor A gold engraved, blackened set of armor, streamed with black iridescent sheer fabric and a matching cowl. Accompanied by damascus sickle sword. Enchanted to maintain the wearer's body temperature. Purchased Yes 10/13/19