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Armor & Outfit Records
armor & outfit records

Character Description of Outfit Enchanted? RIRT
Adonai Thinly braided harness that drapes over his head and chest, featuring gold threading and raw teardrop shaped sappires No Here
Aghavni An emerald green scarf embroidered with gold, attached to a golden cuff and draped over her shoulders, with a pearl earring and hair spikes. No Here
Aislinn A large piece of velvet lined cashmere material - with pale crystalline drops hanging from the hood and sides - draped over her head, shoulders and back to resemble a hooded cloak and shawl. No Here
Andras Forest-green wool cape edged in an even darker green No Here
Apollune A golden jewelry set that extends the entirety of her body. No Here
Arah A very fine silver hooded cloak, almost completely see-through, though the hem is thicker and decorated with small moons and stars. No Here
Ard A cloak-like collection of charcoal cloths secured with belts, accented with pouches and green hemp cord. No Here
Asta A sunset hued shawl fastened with a golden chain and large red stone. No Here
Aska A transparent blue shawl wrapped around her neck and shoulders, a brass collar and brass bands around her feet. No Here
Atlaas Two self-crafted leather satchels, rich brown in colour with a two buckle fastens. Inside, he possess leather work tools, quills and drawing material. No Here
Avdotya Old bearskin cloak - with skull, ribs, and vertebrae - secured with red cloth supports. No Here
Avdotya A head, chest, and body piece with various fabrics, gold, silver, bones, a religious representation of Solis. No Here
Baphomet A twenty-four inch long crimson cowl scarf. No Here
Brenn A large green cloak that's frizzled at the edges, held together against his chest with a simple silver chain. No Here
Callynite A Dark Green Traveling Cloak with white trim, closed at chest with a black, green and white amulet and feather fashioning. No Here
Cicatrix A large starry and gold-accented cloak that covers their head and neck and hangs low. No Here
Cordelia Crown and thin sheer cloak fastened to her bodice with a sun pendant. No Here
Corinthian A heavy black cloak that covers most of his body and includes a hood, clasped at the chest with a plain silver fastener. No Here
Delilah A black, silk outfit. It is light enough for the desert. Some say she wears black because she is still in mourning over the loss of her parents.No Here
Delphine A fluffy-lined cloak and a metal hair clip fashioned to look like orchids.No Here
Diana A collection of black silks and a veil, fastened around a collar and gold rings around her horns, that guises her identity when she so chooses. Yes Here
Emersyn A set of flying wings that carries its wearer in a leather harness. Yes Here
Erd A cloak-like collection of charcoal cloths secured with belts, accented with pouches and green hemp cord. No Here
Fever An assortment of gold jewelry, piercings, and a sheer half-mask. No Here
Forseti Large maroon cape with a golden pauldron and delicate chains. No Here
Gaston Red and gold cloak-like outfit, held together by a series of knots and golden chains and a large ruby at his chest; paired with matching golden, ruby-encrusted faceplate. No Here
Hagar Hooded robe of wine colored sheer fabric, several intricate gold piercings, a collection of gold chains. No Here
Jask Gold-rimmed red robes and a black leather collar that is enchanted to make him oblivious, but not impervious, to magic. Yes Here
Jetsam A traveler's cloak that doubles as a supply cloak, containing many pockets and straps across the back to carry larger items. No Here
Juniper A flowing cloak of storms and lace, parts around her tail to connect to a golden cuff, with matching anklets on each leg. No Here
Katarina A rich, deep-red velvet cloak. No Here
Kratos Satin cloak with attached silver chains and decorative black roses. No Here
Lovis A gold collar with a scarf attached by ruby bands and decorated by rubies. Green tassels, attached by rubies, decorate the collar. The collar will hum whenever anything blessed by a god is near. Yes Here
Luvena A light wolf pelt cloak with neck and leg wraps. No Here
Nevaeh A long, black hooded cloak that covers him in his entirety, with miscellaneous small trinkets stashed underneath it. No Here
Meridoc A half-fur cape, with a harness carrying a flask, two pouches, and his longsword. No Here
Michael A scarf, bangles on his forelegs, and an intricate hair tie for his tail. No Here
Milena A hooded red cloak, decorated with gold and silver embroidery and pockets of various sizes, held about the neck with golden clasps and chains. No Here
Pavetta Silver embellished breast collar with sheer floral scarf, with a headstall, earrings, and anklets. No Here
Pilate White linen tunic with gold clasp. No Here
Rannveig Wolf fur cloak with leather straps, with a single star-crest embellishment along the neckline. No Here
Reckitt A delicate capelet, made from sheer white fabric, adorned with gold, shell-shaped accents. Thin gold chain holds the cape on her shoulders and withers. No Here
Rufio A golden harness, with additional interconnected jewelry and chains. No Here
Salome A hooded cloak with tassels and a large braided fabric on the front, with a moonstone brooch. The fabric depicts a solar system. No Here
Savannah Enchanted cloak to conceal appearance and Mage's book bag. Yes Here
Savannah A colorful shawl, stockings and a collection of silver jewelry and piercings. No Here
Saoirse An enchanted leopard sealskin that melds to her body and allows her to have a kelpie-like form. Yes Here
Sigrun An alligator skin worn over her rump, fastening decorated with two red feathers and a small alligator skull. No Here
Soleil Ivory shawl and matching hood, patterned with beads and embroidered suns. No Here
Stellanor A fur mantle with a leather, fur-lined harness that has a cylindrical document holder and an elaborately engraved, collapsable, bronze telescope. No Here
Swahili Light, sheer khaki shawl with ivory silk border. No Here
Targwyn When worn normally, appears as a solid black silk cloak with bright red trim. When worn in reverse, renders her invisible. Yes Here
Theodosia Sheer lavender veil covering her body, attached to a white fur collar and decorated with rose quartz pieces. No Here
Torielle Silver bells, blue veil, nose ring and hair coins. No Here
Torielle A white veil with iridescent shimmer decorated with beetle wings. No Here
Tristan An ensamble that consists of a slate-blue cloak with embroidery, leather belts for security, and an attachment at the hip that holds a scabbard. Enchanted to dampen the effects of harmful magic upon the wearer. Yes Here
Zayir A silken auburn cloak embroidered with golden laurel hemming, accompanying anklets, and sun effigies woven into the mane and wings. No Here
Zelda A pale blue "cloak", face veil, and shoulder wrap, all of which are accented by gems of various sizes. No Here
Zola A red cape used for travel. No Here
Vidaar An ornate, golden mask obscuring his face and intricate golden adornments encircling his tail. No Here
Vikander A set of acolyte's robes, with a leather under-holster to carry his spell books and scrolls. No Here


Character Description of Armor Enchanted? RIRT
Antiope A set of enchanted, self-healing armor that includes metal face and leg shields, fabric sash and wooden shield. Yes Here
Erasmus Gold engraved armor with iridescent sheer black fabric and matching cowl; enchanted to maintain the wearer's body temperature. Accompanied by a damascus sickle sword. Yes Here
Fang Batwing-themed chest guards of bronze and black opal stones, trimmed with fiery silk tassels. No Here
Katniss Lightweight but strong armor, including a headpiece, breastplate, top and bottom neckplates, and hip and back plate. No Here
Mathias Battered, dented, and well-worn iron greaves and faceplate. No Here
Noam Plain leather armor, covering chest, shoulders, front legs, and 1/4 of the neck base. Accompanied by a traditional recurve bow. No Here
Pangaea Gold and amber gauntlets upon her forelimbs and wings. No Here
Seraphina Matching leather and steel breastplate, headpiece, and braces all completed by a billowing gold hooded cloak. Accompanied by a small steel arrow. No Here
Sol Bestiam Golden armor, decorated with suns and scarabs, and a hammered golden alloy helm with scarab wings. No Here
Theodosia Engraved iron chestplate and leg bracers. Accompanied by a sharp dagger strapped to her neck. No Here
Torstein Harness with wool-backed, steel-infused wooden chest plate and steel neck, shoulder, wither, haunch guards. Accompanied by an enchanted Broadseax. No Here
Uzuri Modeled to match her weapon: plates of damascus steel swirled with sapphire blue meteorite throughout, leg panels from hooves to knees as well as chest, barrel, poll to shoulder, and flank panels as well as a face shield. No Here
Vreis Leather chest piece, face piece, leg guards, and a black cloak. Accompanied by an rapier. No Here
Warbird A set of black armor edged in beveled silver. No Here