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Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful 5 years!
Novus closed 10/31/2022, after The Gentle Exodus

In an attempt to keep the community active and involved with each other, staff will host events that you can choose to participate in. Participation will never be required, but it will be incentivized. You'll get a chance to role-play with members that you may not have interacted with yet, the opportunity to put your character in a position that they may never have found themselves in before, and you will be extremely likely to earn rewards!

SWPs & IC Events

SWPs, or Site Wide Plots, are what will drive any events or plots that affect the vast majority of the characters on Novus. Staff members will use the Novsu Team (not the Random Events account) to post an SWP. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • You are not required to participate in SWPs. But bear in mind that the aftermath of many SWPs may affect your Court, border lines, or other dynamics.
  • All SWP threads will be notated by the [SWP] Prefix.

  • While you are not required to participate, SWPs will come with some highly sought-after rewards!

  • Some SWPs will only require one thread, while some SWPs will stretch across multiple threads. These threads will typically have three Rounds, subect to individual changes depending on the SWP:

    • Round 1 — After the introductory post, all characters will have two real life weeks to post their first response. This Round is limited to one post per character.

    • Round 2 — Staff will post Round 2, and all characters will again have two real life weeks to respond. This Round is limited to two posts per character, with one post from another user between each of your own.

    • Round 3 — Staff will post Round 3, and all characters will have one week to respond. This Round is limited to one post per character.

  • Before each SWP begins, the staff will post an announcement with a general overview and the technicalities - such as how many threads, how many Rounds, if there will be character eliminations, rewards up for grabs, etc. These announcements will be your chance to ask any questions you have about the SWP!

IC Events, or In Character Events, are similar to Site Wide Plots however they are typically on a smaller scale (in that they don't typically affect the entire Novus continent), can be less structured, and can be started/run by Court Sovereigns as well. Their rules and specifics vary wildly, so there is no "set expectation" for them! Examples of IC Events:
  • They will always have [EVENT] for the thread prefix.

  • Court Events hosted by the Sovereign

  • Seasonal events such as The Portals

  • Staff-hosted events that affect one land, court, or specific area.

  • And more!

Random Events

The Random Events account is used by staff to "shake things up" on Novus! The account can be used at any time. While the Random Events account is meant to create IC tension and unexpected obstacles, staff will use their best judgment before jumping into threads currently in progress; if we do not think the RPers would appreciate their plot being thrown off, we will respect that! Staff, please read this thread for more information on using the account. Here are some of the actions you can expect to see from the Random Events account:
  • Interrupt a thread (private or public)

  • Create a new thread for anyone to participate in

  • Randomly give out gifts or curses from the gods

  • Drop in Signos or random item rewards - Unique, Common, or maybe even Restricted - from the Agora

  • Create a small obstactle or hiccup for the characters to interact with

  • And more!

NPC Account

Many players like to plot something in particular out for their characters, but need help to push it to fruition. If you want your character to face off against a pack of wolves or try to survive the perils of an earthquake, that's where the NPC Account comes in! The NPC Account can be used by any member of Novus. If you don't want to create a one-post thread and instead want to play out a fluid multiple-post thread, have one of your friends use the NPC Account to play whatever you need! A few notes concerning this special account:
  • The password can be found in the Plotting board. This will prevent guests from abusing the account, since the Plotting board is only viewable by current members.

  • Do not link the NPC Account to any of your other accounts with the Account Switcher! This will give anyone who uses the NPC Account access to your personal accounts.

  • The NPC Account is only to be used for reactive posts, not proactive. Do not start a thread with the NPC Account and hope that someone will respond - that is a staff duty to be carried out with the Random Event account.

  • There are certain threads that the NPC Account cannot be used in:

    • IC stealth threads or judged battled threads

    • Private threads (without the RPer's consent)

    • SWP or Random Event threads

  • The NPC Account is meant for one-time interactions with non-playable characters.

    • For instance: if you want to interact with your character's relative more than once, that relative needs to be created as an actual character.

    • Similarly, you can use it for an interaction with animals, but those animals cannot be "companions" in any way.

  • All other site rules still apply to this account. This includes our rules concerning powerplaying, godmodding, metagaming, and retconning.

  • Do not edit the NPC Account's profile.

  • If this account is misused in any way, staff will assess the possibility of removing it from Novus. Please use it respectfully and with the right intentions!