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Current Novus date and time is 02-27-2021, 07:14 AM

 Year: 506
 Season: Fall (02/01 to 03/31)
 Temperature: 35℉ (℃) - 69℉ (℃)
 Weather: Summer's iron grip has slowly faded into the gentler Fall embrace. The morning dew frosts over in the early morning hours and melts by the time the sun hits high in the sky. Many of the trees have traded their lush, vivid green for a more suitable
Season Spotlights
Member: Scapeh

Character: Galileo

Pair: Adonai & Vercingtorix

Thread: "Whom the gods love die young"

Quote: "It is a shame, I think" she adds to Galileo "even if they don't agree with you, they should at least be willing to accept who you are. Acceptance doesn't have right or wrong. It isn't about agreeing or disagreeing. Embracing another takes courage, I suppose. They do not have it." — Willoughby, Mother Courage

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02/11 [IC] — What was once the Island has suddenly been swallowed whole, the yawning mouth of the sea opening up to reclaim the wild magic back to the depths from whence it came.. its departure has left a rift, angry and churning, at the south of Novus near the circular isthmus pass between Dusk and Night, over the Terminus. The gods murmur between themselves...

02/08 [OOC] — ... and some new exciting changes for Agora items! Characters can officially have two bondeds (unless they have a Massive bonded), a low-cost Stat Adjustment item was added, AND the Battle and Stealth items all now have their own icons! In addition, there are several unique items that have been added - the Marauder's Satchel, Solonia Wreath, Stone Lion Fragment, and Sun Coin - and more are on their way ♥

02/06 [OOC] — Some new exciting changes for EXP and Signos! "1st time threading with" signos redemptions will now be worth 50 signos instead of 20. Whenever you "Thread with (5) members you haven't RP'd with before" you can now claim +3 EXP to any (1) of your characters. "Thread with (5) members you haven't RP'd with before" & you can now claim an additional +250 SIGNOS bonus. Completing (5) threads will now allow you to claim an additional +100 SIGNOS bonus too~

02/04 [IC] — Two new Champion positions have been created: Champion of Revelry will lead the Entertainer, Bard, Magician, and Thespian ranks & Champion of Wares will lead the Merchant, Peddler, Artisan, and Blacksmith ranks! Interested? Contact your local sovereign!

02/02 [OOC] — Interested in joining our staff team? ♥ Mod Apps are now open until 02/15!

02/01 [OOC] — Congratulations to our 506 Summer Spotlight winners! That means that nominations for 506 Fall are now open until 04/07 - a week into the new season (by member suggestion!), to allow people to read over and nominate some of the awesome posts made later in the season ♥

01/25 [OOC]Year 506 Summer Spotlight nominations close in just a few days!

01/23 [OOC] — A new Joining Incentive for Merchants and Entertainers of any court is now live.

01/20 [OOC] — A new experience redemption has been added - You can now claim +2EXP for your character if they join any of our member's official sub-groups!

01/19 [IC] — A new Deluminian Sovereign has been crowned: Andras!

01/19 [IC] — There is now a new official Sub-group: The Star Walkers, headed by Cicatrix! If interested in joining, please contact Kaiju.

01/19 [IC] — A new Denoctian Sovereign has been crowned: Ira!

01/18 [IC]Marisol has stepped down as Terrastellan Sovereign, and passed the crown to Elena, who is now the Dusk Court Sovereign!

01/14 [IC] — A new Solterran Sovereign has been crowned: Adonai!

01/13 [IC]Night Court and Dawn Court will be open until 11:59P EST on 01/18/21! Day Court Sovereign voting will be closing tonight at 11:59P EST.

01/10 [IC]Night Court and Dawn Court Sovereign Auditions have closed. Voting will be imminent, so stay tuned!

01/02 [IC]Day Court Sovereign voting is open until 11:59P EST on 01/13. Solterrans, go place your vote for either Adonai, Bexley, or Warbird!

12/31 [OOC] — Have a happy and safe new year Novusians, and don't forget to claim your signos for visiting on New Years Eve and Day!

12/30 [IC]Night Court and Dawn Court Sovereign Auditions have officially opened up and will be taking applicants until 11:59P EST on 01/10/21.

12/28 [OOC] — Please read this important announcement, and join our new Discord!

12/05 [IC]Day Court Sovereign auditions have closed, and are being evaluated! Syndicate will be judging in place of Sid.

12/05 [OOC] — The November Writing Contest has ended, and all prizes have been distributed! If you think an error was made please contact a staff member asap.

12/04 [OOC] — Year 506 Summer Spotlight Nominations are now open until 11:59P on 1/31/2021! Get your noms in ♥

12/01 [IC] — The temperate evenings and sweet smells of Spring ebb away. Welcome to Year 506 Summer!

12/01 [OOC]End of Year 505 Activity Check has wrapped up and final account moves are underway. If you need to edit a check-in (or what you want done to an account), please message inkbone ASAP.

11/21 [OOC] — Don't forget that you have until 11/30 to check-in to the End of Year 505 Activity Check, and Spotlight Nominations close the same day.

11/18 [IC] — With Orestes' departure, the Day Court Sovereign auditions have now opened up!

11/01 [OOC] — Novus is hosting a November Writing Month contest with some awesome prizes!

10/31 [OOC] — Happy Halloween, and don't forget to claim your Holday signos for visiting the site on Halloween! ♥

10/10 [OOC] — We've expanded and clarified the types of Quests available (and their rewards) for Interactive Agora items! Head over to the Questing section of the Guidebook to read.

10/10 [OOC]Year 505 Winter spotlight winners have been announced, and Year 506 Spring nominations are now open!

10/09 [IC] — The Night and Dawn Courts are hosting a collaborative event in Illuster Meadow! The bonfires will last all season, and everyone is invited to attend.

10/01 [IC] — Winter's cold embrace has finally thawed, bringing warm greetings to the new year 506's Spring.

09/30 [IC]The island has changed it shape once again. But this time is has not risen, or fallen, or shed. In the belly of the island there is a city full of endless wonders - and dangers.

09/30 [OOC] — In honor of Halloween, we are streaming Spooktober movies all month! Join our discord, add the @moviespls role so you get pinged when they're starting, then head over to #movie_chat and read the pinned messages for the showing schedule! ♥ Stay spooky!

09/28 [OOC] — Give a warm welcome to our new moderator, Griffin ♥ And thank you to all those who applied!

09/13 [OOC]New joining incentives have been posted for Merchant and Medics of any court, AND for any rank of Dawn Court! Remember, incentives stack... so if you join a Dawn Court Merchant, you get two rewards!

09/06 [OOC] — You can now purchase pets for your character. Please read more about them in the Guidebook! Also, have you ever wanted to know what all you've redeemed signos or EXP for? Scroll to the bottom of your character profiles, because staff logs are now visible! These are notes for every purchase or change made to an account.

08/27 [OOC] — We're looking to add a new mod to our staff team. Please read this thread if you're interested in applying! ♥

08/08 [OOC] — If your character accompanies another on their Interactive Agora item, you may now claim EXP for your character too! This can be claimed retroactively for past threads too.

08/03 [IC]The island has taken its time with its latest transformation -- but now all the stars are shed, and in their place rises a thousand crystal-mirrors waiting to be explored.

08/03 [OOC]Year 505 Fall spotlight announcements are in, and congrats to this season's winners ♥ Year 505 Winter nominations are now open!

08/02 [IC]Novus Meet Cute: Winter Edition is now open for character sign ups until 08/08.

08/01 [IC] — The brisk breeze of Fall's Autumn has given way to the frigid chill of Year 505's Winter.

07/09 [OOC] — Final round of voting for the Novus Mad Libs contest is due by July 16th!

07/01 [OOC] — First round of voting for Novus Mad Libs is due July 8th: Poll 1, Poll 2.

06/19 [OOC] — Our anniversary events listed below all end in less than two weeks!

06/06 [OOC] — We've got tons of contests running to celebrate our 3rd anniversary - An anniversary raffle, mad libs contest, and an advertisement contest - all with tons of prizes, in addition to all the courts' events listed below!

06/05 [OOC] — Year 505 Summer's spotlight winners have been announced; nominations for Year 505 Fall are now open!

06/03 [IC] — All four courts are currently hosting events: Dawn's Autumnal Solstice, Day's Autumn Fest, Dusk's Second Harvest, and Night's Seasonal Prompts.

06/01 [OOC] — Happy 3rd Anniversary, Novus! We couldn't have gotten this far without all of you helping bring such amazing stories to life. Keep your eyes peeled for an official announcement and anniversary celebrations!!

06/01 [IC] — All four Courts are hosting events! Check out Dawn's Autumnal Solstice, Day's Catacomb Exploration, Dusk's Second Harvest Festival, and Night's Fall Prompts!

06/01 [IC] — The world breathes a sigh of relief as the trees begin to change... welcome to Year 505's Fall!

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Sprawled across the entirety of continental Novus, Ruris is a vast stretch of land that separates east from west and north from south with its looming mountains and boundless meadows. It plays host to a myriad of activity left untouched by the ruling figures of the four kingdoms, ranging from bloodshed and theft to worship and romance. There is a niche for all faces of Novus here, though it is best to tread carefully, for one may never know what they will stumble upon in the freelands.

No one rules these lands other than the gods.
Lush with impressive forests and seemingly endless meadows, Delumine is known for the extensive palette of greens that exist within its borders. During the warmer months, the land comes alive with flowers abloom and trees budding to life all in the blink of an eye. It is here, in these verdant territories, that those of the Dawn Court make their home. The sage minds of Delumine complement its ancient forests well; it is said that some have even heard tales of the wisest residents obtaining knowledge from gentle whispers of the trees that have stood since Novus’ beginning.

Sovereign: Andras
Regent: [x]Emissary: [x]
Known for its harsh terrain and relentless heat, Solterra is not for the weak of heart. Unlike its neighbor to the west, the landscape of the nation is overwhelmingly lackluster; in the place of rich, green fields is a sea full of sand and stone as far as the eye can see. Few are fit to survive in such conditions, yet these are the lands those of the Day Court call home. Through their ability to not only withstand the climate but to thrive in it, the horses of Solis’ faction have gained a reputation for their mental and physical toughness. The desert is their ally, the canyon walls their guardian — and the oasis, then, their giver of life.

Sovereign: Adonai
Regent: [x]Emissary: [x]
Perhaps one of the most diverse nations, Terrastella plays host to an array of landscapes. The coastline is a craggy and volatile place with the ocean constantly clashing against towering cliffs; however, just a short journey north, ocean brine is replaced by sweet summer breezes and jagged stone turns to lush grass underfoot. Travel even further north and the open fields close up, becoming crowded by plantlife and marsh. It is those who are loyal to Vespera who make these lands their home and embrace it for its diversity. They are an admirably kind nation, though their love for their home is fierce and eternally unwavering.

Sovereign: Elena
Regent: [x]Emissary: [x]
Of the four factions, the Night Court is the most secluded. Denocte is bottlenecked by the surrounding Terminus Sea, leaving the Arma Mountains as the only access point into the land. While some may think of it as an inconvenience, those who follow Caligo seem to appreciate the cut-off from the rest of the Courts; they are left to enjoy the peace of their home without the disturbance of the other nations. Such remoteness, however, has fed the belief of neighbouring realms that those of the Night Court are distant and outlandish in their ways.

Sovereign: Ira
Regent: [x]Emissary: Moira

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