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Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful 5 years!
Novus closed 10/31/2022, after The Gentle Exodus

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Spring Summer Fall Winter

Character: Camdis
Member: Lauren
Pair: Rannvieg & Máni
Thread: Gentle Drops...

Character: Only
Member: Roo
Pair: Reichenbach & Florentine
Thread: Misguided Ghosts

Character: Eik
Member: Spaced
Pair: Torstein & Araxes
Thread: Welcome the Dawn

Character: Velorca
Member: Sparrow
Pair: Rhoswen & Raum
Thread: A Path of Stars

Spring Summer Fall Winter

Character: Avdotya
Member: Jeanne
Pair: Ipomoea & Messalina
Thread: I'll cool your fever...

Character: Eik
Member: Katherine
Pair: Acton & Bexley
Thread: A Midsummer Night...

Character: Raymond
Member: Sid
Pair: Eulalie & Somnus
Thread: Your company's fine...
Quote: Calliope, though goest...

Character: Pavetta
Member: Nestle
Pair: Bexley & Acton
Thread: A Land of Absence...
Quote: Shrike, We're Under Attack!

Spring Summer Fall Winter

Character: El Toro
Member: Griffin
Pair: Isra & Eik
Thread: Bring Me Thunder...
Quote: Apolonia, The Vine...

Character: Theodosia
Member: Nestle
Pair: Atreus & Fiona
Thread: R.I.P. to my youth
Quote: Moira, small as a wish in a well;

Character: Seraphina
Member: Echo
Pair: Moira & Asterion
Thread: coloring outside the lines
Quote: Theodosia, cinderblock gardens

Character: Maerys
Member: Muirgen
Pair: Israfel & Ulric
Thread: Perish The Thought
Quote: Boudika, thank you kindly, wolf

Spring Summer Fall Winter

Character: Ipomoea
Member: Jeanne
Pair: Theodosia & Marisol
Thread: Oath
Quote: Isra, the good son

Character: Boudika
Member: Layla
Pair: Apolonia & Anandi
Thread: It starts with a spark
Quote: Samaira, lead me out into the light

Character: Aspara
Member: Sea
Pair: Ipomoea & Ramses
Thread: Pestilance & Penance
Quote: Andras, as if to ask forgiveness

Character: Sarkan
Member: Cannon
Pair: Boudika & Tenebrae
Thread: The dark won't hide you
Quote: Messalina, the lilacs never wilt

Spring Summer Fall Winter

Character: Dune
Member: kay
Pair: Morrighan & Al'Zahra
Thread: half sweet, half gone
Quote: Elena, tell him the fire's out

Character: Azrael
Member: Sam
Pair: Tenebrae & Elena
Thread: I smell the blood
Quote: Asterion, summer left us beckoning

Character: Vercingtorix
Member: Berb
Pair: Ipomoea & Thana
Thread: holy water cannot help you drown
Quote: Aspara, behind the glow

Character: Nicnevin
Member: Obsidian
Pair: Ruth & Ishak
Thread: I saw you in the grave
Quote: Elena, for all the monsters

Spring Summer
Not yet passed!
Not yet passed!

Character: Tenebrae
Member: e-cho
Pair: Elliana & Aeneas
Thread: The Making of You
Quote: Euryale, prophecy to the wind, to the wind only;

Character: Galileo
Member: Scapeh
Pair: Adonai & Vercingtorix
Thread: Whom the gods love die young
Quote: Willoughby, Mother of Courage

Character: Below Zero
Member: Lullivy
Pair: Sol Bestiam & Below Zero
Thread: Fallen Angel's Return
Quote: Raglan, have you ever thought of leaving the nest


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