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Bondeds are the animal companions of our characters. They share a special telepathic bond with the equine they are bonded to, and are oftentimes very intelligent beings. Bondeds can be any species, although it is extremely rare to find a fantastical beast and even rarer to bond with it. The majority of the equines on Novus consider these creatures to be a blessing from the gods, so harming them outside of battle can bring on severe consequences.

Bonded Rules

While animal companions are loved by many RPers, they can also create many complications when it comes to common role-playing etiquette. If you have acquired a bonded for your character, please follow the rules outlined below.

  • If you use an original species as your bonded, you must have permission from the creator! Staff will be checking this, and if no permission is obtained it will be considered stealing.

  • Humanoid bondeds and bondeds with humanoid features are not allowed. This includes vampires, satyrs, homo sapiens, sphynx, etc. Primates are as close as you can get to human.

  • Bondeds speak telepathically, and cannot communicate with anyone except the one they are bonded to.

  • Bondeds may be used in battles. Please see the Fighting Information and Example thread for more details.

  • If a character dies, their bonded will die with them. If a bonded dies, it will cause irrevocable emotional damage to the one they are bonded to.

  • A character can have two bondeds (or two sets of Bonded Packs) unless they have a Massive bonded - in which case, they can only have the one.

  • Staff will be monitoring bonded powers. If we find you writing an unapproved bonded or a bonded with unapproved powers, the consequences will be as follows:
    • 1st offence: Official Tier 1 warning
    • 2nd offence: Temporary suspension of bonded
    • 3rd offence: Bonded item will be revoked without refund

Bonded Types

Our characters' soul companions can truly be any species imaginable, although some are much more rare than others. Here is a list of the types of bondeds that your character can find!
  • Realistic Bondeds: Any species of animal that currently live in the real world, including endangered species. Examples include fish, birds, cats, dogs, and more. Realistic bondeds must be smaller than 7 feet tall (21HH), which is our max height for equines.

  • Bonded Pack: Up to five small animals of any species that currently live in the real world, including endangered species. Examples include rabbits, mice, spiders, small birds, and more. Bondeds in a pack must be the size of a rabbit or smaller.

  • Massive Bondeds: A bonded of any type - realistic, fantasy, or extinct - that is over 7 feet tall (21HH). Due to the overpowering nature of these bondeds, they are restricted and only given out as prizes to contests.

  • Fantasy Bondeds: Any fantasy species of animals, including a fantasy species that you've made up! Examples include phoenixes, dragons, gryphons, and more. Fantasy bondeds must be smaller than 7 feet tall (21HH), otherwise they will require the "Massive Bonded" item.
    • Note: Fantasy Bondeds have power restrictions! They are limited to 1 active magic, such as the flames of a phoenix, the paralyzing stare of a basilisk, or the healing capabilities of a caladrius. However, they may have unlimited aesthetic or natural powers, such as glowing eyes and venom!

  • Extinct Bondeds: Any species of animal that is considered extinct in the real world. Examples include sabre tooth tigers, mammoths, thylacines, and more. Extinct bondeds must be smaller than 7 feet tall (21HH), otherwise they will require the "Massive Bonded" item.

Finding Your Bonded

Similar to magic, obtaining a bonded for your character requires hard work and dedication. Prices range from 1,000 signos to 2,000 signos depending on the rarity of the bonded you're seeking. Once you have earned enough signos, follow these steps to find your bonded!
  • Purchase the item for the type of bonded you'd like (realistic, massive, fantasy, extinct) from the Agora.

  • Fill out the "Bonded" section of your profile with a summary about your bonded animal companion. Include a brief description of their personality and physical attributes.

  • Respond to the Restricted Items Redemption thread with the correct form filled out.

  • Staff will create an Interactive Quest thread for your character based on the form you filled out in the previous step. The staff member who created the thread for you will send you a private message to let you know. The thread only requires one IC response from you.

    • Your response must include your character's entrance, the main content, and your character's exit.

    • You can be creative as you'd like, but your response must show your character bonding with the animal in one way or another.

    • Interactive Quest responses are the only exception to our "no word count" rule. Your response must be 500 words or more.

  • Once you have responded to the Interactive Quest, reply to the private message that was sent to you. Staff will review your response. As long as the above requirements are met, your Interactive Quest will be approved, and you will now be able to RP with your newfound bonded!

  • If you purchase a bonded for a new character that has not yet been approved (including characters born on-site), you do not need to complete the IC portion of this process. However, you do still need to fill out the form in the Restricted Items Redemption thread.