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Current Novus date and time is

▶ Year || 502
▶ Season || Summer
▶ Temp || 74℉ (℃) - 100℉ (℃)
▶ Weather || With the end of Spring comes Summer's warm embrace. While some flourish in the comfortable glow of the sun, others take shelter from its sweltering midday heat. Even so, it is now that the continent bustles with life, for it won't be long until a cool chill returns.


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Bexley gives him a cold, dark, beautiful smile. “Wanna see a trick?” she asks, eyes glowing with feral self-satisfaction. The bare of her teeth in a mock-grin is nothing less than terrifying. “I can make you see ghosts.” do the hungry ever sleep?

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Night Court Regent

The Character


▶ Age: 6 [Year 495 Fall]
▶ Gender: Female [She/Her/Hers]
▶ Orientation: Bisexual
▶ Breed: Anglo Arab X
▶ Height: 16.0 hh
▶ Health: 19
▶ Attack: 21
▶ Experience: 35
▶ Signos: 1,810 (Donate)

▶ Joined: 07-01-2017
▶ Last Visit: 30 minutes ago
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Lightning in her eyes—

( BUILD ) arabian thoroughbred cross
( COAT ) silver-dapple seal bay
( SKIN ) ivory star and teardrop snip; four stockings
( EYES ) sky-blue gems
( HAIR ) starlight & ink ombre tresses
( SCENT ) wood smoke & lavender

full reference sheet*
Standing on the taller spectrum, around sixteen hands, Aislinn has a build just between that of her two mothers. A mix of Freya's sport horse build, and Luna's delicate small-but-mighty frame. She bares features from them both -- her mother's dished face and refined ears, little hooves, and also a strong-muscled build overall. Her coat is almost ebony in color; however, in all actuality she is a seal bay. She is greying out, silver hairs dappling out through her coat and mane. Her mane is predominately silvery-white in color, with few dark hairs peppered throughout, especially at the tips, as if dipped into ebony paint. Faint hues of violet and cobalt can be seen across her neck, shoulder, and back. An ivory star stands out where her third eye would be, as well as a teardrop snip on her left nostril. During times of war, Aislinn partakes in her tribe's tradition and adorns her face with war paint; signifying the power and the protectors of a long line of proud gypsy heritage. Aislinn's eyes are silvery-blue in color, just like her mother Luna's. Some would say she also gives off the scent of wood smoke and cinnamon when around her. She has four long socks around her hooves. Aislinn wears a long corded necklace of bird's feathers and silver and gold coins, as a gift from the Mother and the Crone when she departed. Feathers to symbolize her late mother's love for reaching for the stars -- dreams that will take flight, reaching for the heavens above. On her slender neck, she sports white ink tattoos of the constellations Ursa Major and Minor, and Cassiopeia; symbol of her mother's love for the stars as well. Lastly, she has large feathery wings. The feathers are dappled with the hues of brown and ebony, as well as the streaks of navy. Her great wings would blend in perfectly with the night sky, save for the tips of every long feather that are dipped in an ivory that could rival the color of shimmering stars.

your heart is a wild thing,
made of stardust and thunder and hurricanes.

-- -- --

coding by Avis. BG from Unsplash.
Thunder drumming in her heart—

( POSITIVE + ) romantic , wanderer , loyal , protective , wild , empathic , motherly , brave
( NEGATIVE - ) stubborn , bi-polar , hot-tempered , martyr , manipulative , distant , self-righteous

i. From Luna
Like all younglings that were blessed to be under Luna's care, especially for her own daughter, Aislinn became the dreamer. A wanderer at heart, a true gypsy. She still sees the beauty in the little things that are mostly passed over by the masses. From her mother dame, she adopted an ability for empathy. She grew to be motherly and protective of those around her. Aislinn is a hopeless romantic, wild, courageous, and brave. From witnessing Luna sacrifice herself for the young, Aislinn also became the martyr.

ii. From Freya
On the other side of Aislinn's coin, from the tribe's Mother, the warden's daughter, Aislinn grew to be tough and passionate. She stands firm on her beliefs, protective and warrior-esque in nature. She is the first daughter of a long line of destroyers; a princess in her own right. Because of this, she is volatile and manipulative, as well as stubborn to a fault. Spending the majority of her life with Freya, Aislinn was hardened from a young age; shadows lurking in between the innocence of the world around them. She grew vengeful, and protective. Having grieved Luna's death from a young age, Aislinn has hardened into a warrior her people could be proud of. She is hot-tempered, with a shorter fuse than most. But that surely boils down to her passion for those she loves. Freya taught her daughter how to hone her rage into something tangible. Adopting the nature of her people, Aislinn will do anything for those she loves, for her loyalties, and especially for her Court.

iii. From Her
Because of her wide-spectrum traits, Aislinn often feels misunderstood. She distances herself from others, not wanting to feel shunned for her personality. Aislinn is quirky and slightly awkward at times when she feels uncomfortable. At times, she feels unnatural due to the fact she can switch from one side of an ocean to another in mere seconds. Over time, however, she hopes that she will learn to hone the differences in her personality as she matures, becoming more wise and stable with age.

your heart is a wild thing,
made of stardust and thunder and hurricanes.

-- -- --

coding by Avis. BG from Unsplash.
Starlight in her veins—

lore of the Rahilah gypsies*
ash's family tree*
Before an inkling of a thought of Aislinn's future existence even grew in the minds of her parents, they were lovers shrouded in shadow and mist and pure bliss. Luna of the Stars, her mother dame, of which Aislinn nursed. And Freya of the Wind, her mother's heart. You see, the little femme was born into a herd of gypsies -- natural wanderers and dreamers of the world. They were freeborn spirits, warriors and musicians, writers and healers. Three women held the structure of their herd. The Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. Without them, their herd would fall apart at the seams. Throughout their lives, every youngling grew into the age of the new Face, they called it. Three Faces. Three sacred phases of life; each with their own significance. The Maiden was their youngest, virgin protector. A warrior, a healer, a teacher.. young and strong and dutiful to everyone, regardless of age. The Mother, the tribe's alpha, their leader. A destroyer, a mediator, a warden. She was a queen among her people. Then there was the Crone, the wise woman, their spiritual entity tying them to Calligo. She watched over the younglings. But she was not to be looked over; the Crone was a goddess in her own right, old and inspirational to them all in her age. When one passes the coming of age into each new Face, there is a call for celebration. For Calligo has blessed them to live another mortal day. This is where Aislinn grew up. Her mothers prayed to the demi-goddess for a daughter, like many warrior women before them.

Her femme parents were two opposites of an ocean-wide spectrum. Freya, the warrior princess of a land long forgotten. She was a steady, strong presence that did not bow to the strong wind. Never wavering, never hesitating. Freya was the Mother of their herd, their leader. Strong-willed, hot-tempered.. a wild thing. Whereas the dame she was nursed from.. well, Luna was different. Of the Stars, they called her. She was the dreamer among them all, for she saw the fantastical and whimsical beauty of the harsh world around them. Where Freya was the realist, the steady stone, Luna was there to bring starborn hopes to life. A Maiden through and through, regardless of her age. She believed in the wildest of dreams, breathing them to life among the younglings of the tribe. Especially into her own daughter.

Aislinn was born in the twilight of autumn, the day where light and darkness hung in equal balance for the second time of the year. The stars winked at her as she drew her first breath, the sun slipping below the horizon as night spilled across the sky. When a youngling is born, their birth is sacred, celebrated. Among the feminine tribe, each new life is powerful. As the daughter of the herd's warden, Aislinn's birth was blessed. A shower of stars fell across the sky. The gypsies saw this as a gift from Calligo herself.. the demi-goddess recognizing the new birth. On her name day, she was given the name Aislinn, of an ancient language meaning dream. Something else --one she did not realize until she was older -- was she was born into a herd of warrior women. Both of her mothers, said to be blessed by the demi-goddess Calligo herself, were among the many couplings that bore a child with a gift from the gods. An unnatural birth, some would say. But she had never felt more revered, more empowered.

The first year of her life was full of joy, and light. Oh, so much light. Luna of the Stars taught her how to see the magic in the little pieces of the land. The things that might commonly be overlooked. Her life up until her second winter was wondrous. She looked at the world and saw only the good. The tribe of warrior women found themselves in the nook and cranny of the land, caught between warring herds. A blood feud aged longer than the myths told to her as bedtime stories. As it was her tribe's way, they fought neutrally -- the younglings left with the Crone, the wise woman of them all. Freya, the Mother, along with the other protectors, left to mediate the feudal war around them. Luna stayed behind, guarding her yearling daughter, and assisting the Crone as much as she could. A lone warrior wandered into their camping grounds, however. The wise woman stood as unwavering as a stone pillar against the battering of ocean waves. Unmoving, protecting the young. Aislinn could only watch as her mother dame faced the outsider alone. Fragile, and delicate as she was, Luna of the Stars was still strong. She was the mate of the Mother, Freya herself, after all.

The night was long, the copper tang of blood heavy on the air. Smoke rose to the heavens, the fires of the feud continuing to burn. Aislinn and the other younglings stayed with the Crone, her eyes on Freya's face when the warriors returned. Only to see the still body of the tribe's dreamer, lying on the ground opposite of the stranger. The sun broke through the trees, too bright and blinding, the rays catching the tears on Freya's cheeks. That was the only night she saw her mother cry. From that day forward, Aislinn began to see the world in another light -- or rather, one where shadows lurked behind every good thing that existed. As the Mother's daughter, Aislinn was hardened and trained. She grew to have many facets -- an assassin, a lover, a defender. Underneath, she was also still a dreamer in her heart. As she grew older, and after her rite of passage to the face of the Maiden, Aislinn accepted her mother's death. As a new spring arrived, the equinox gone and passed, she decided to leave her tribe. A home, where her soul would always lie. Still the christened Maiden of the gypsies, daughter of the warden, Aislinn departed. Leaving to serve a higher Court, the deity of which she was blessed. Under a sea of never-ending Night, the whispering of stars. Here, Aislinn called this place her new home.

your heart is a wild thing,
made of stardust and thunder and hurricanes.

-- -- --

coding by Avis. BG from Unsplash.
Active & Parvus Magic

Her voice sings to hurricanes—

i. Discipuli
The droplets of magic in her blood have awoken, the storm that has swirled in her heart and soul churning. Aislinn's ability to control her magic are feeble, and requires a decent amount of concentration. She must hum or sing several notes for the wind to change it's course, or to summon even a small cloud of rain. However, with sudden bursts of anger or other strong emotions, the clouds above her may bruise and darken, threatening rain. She can only manage to control the weather for a few minutes, and then her energy is considerably drained. In worst cases, if she pushes herself too hard (either on purpose or by accident, since her magic also tends to answer to her emotions), Aislinn will fall into a deep restorative slumber, whether she wants to or not.

ii. Vexillum
Although her magic is yawning awake, Aislinn has more of a grip on her abilities. The storms she summons are more stable, but still answer to the whim of her emotions. Rain clouds can swirl above her and fall like tears with a few notes hummed from her throat, and thunder can rumble and crack with a flare of her anger. The most notable change is that lightning will begin to answer to her beaconing call; however uncontrolled, untamed. Her eyes will go a glowing blue-white for a hairsbredth before she blacks out entirely. But with each swoop of blind rage comes a downfall just as hard, just as sudden. However, she cannot manage such control for extended periods of time; the longer or fiercer the storm, the harder she will fall into a blackout. Thankfully, her restorative slumbers are shorter in time, and her ability to master her gifts is stronger than before.

iii. Periti
The magic bubbling in her veins is a strong, wicked drug now. She can sing several chords and the skies will open up above her. Turning grey and indigo and blue in moments. Aislinn can now summon hailstorms and rain, her energy more fluent, her strength more controlled. Her power now a chained beast she keeps on a tight leash, as long as she has her own anger and emotions in check. She now only requires minimal hours of sleep to recover from over-use of her abilities; her storms needing less and less notes from her lips to become tangible, beautiful chaos.

iv. Dominus
Aislinn's abilities are uncompared; a thing of myth and legend. She does not require a moment of song from her throat; instead, the stormsinger needs only a thought to create a thunderstorm or hurricane from nothing. Aislinn is not a god, but the lightning she adores now bends to her will. A true embodiment of stardust and thunder and hurricanes; a living, breathing rainstorm, as lightning sizzles across her skin and her eyes shine brightest blue-white when her magic is at it's fullest. Calligo save any who fall victim to the beast of her wrath.

v. Parvus
A true daughter of Calligo, a Child of the Night, Aislinn is not only a singer of storms, but a woman made of stars and kissed by moonlight. When the sun falls into slumber, and the moon rises in its lover's wake, stardust will gather and follow her in a trail. She is bathed in silver shimmer, as if she wears a gauze of the heavens above when night takes over her beloved skies. Finally, and all at once, an embodiment of stars and hurricanes.

vi. Passive
Currently, Aislinn does not possess any sort of passive magic.

your heart is a wild thing,
made of stardust and thunder and hurricanes.

-- -- --

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Passive Magic


An extension of her storm—
full reference coming soon*
She had dreamt of him. Once.

A stormsinger to her very core, and a daughter of stardust and thunder, Aislinn has been graced to share her soul with an extension to the storm that swirls in her heart. The only Rahilah alive to share twin souls with a bonded of wildest dreams and storybook myths, Aislinn's bonded is a lightning dragon; a beast that is a near perfect match to her inner violence and hurricanes. Brutal and without fear, he towers over her, his body covered in thick obsidian scales. At a closer glance, each scale shimmers and shines, reflecting the night sky almost like tiny mirrors over his entire frame; but instead, each one glimmers with an indigo sheen. Sharp, dagger-like spikes run the length of his spine and down to his tail, but this is not the part of him that strikes fear and loss of speech. Her bonded sports several rows of teeth that could rip apart enemies in shreds; sharp enough to tear through flesh and bone with ease. He does not breathe fire, but instead, each flap of his wings can summon lightning and thunder and tsunamis. Ramuh, her dragon, as much apart of the storm as the warrior woman he shares a mind with. His throat summons electricity instead of flame, and his eyes.. molten silver and burning brighter than hellfire, are a quick promise of Death through rain and wind should one cross him or her.

your heart is a wild thing,
made of stardust and thunder and hurricanes.

-- -- --

coding by Avis. BG from Unsplash.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Wings beat like a pulse—
Aislinn is adorned with a necklace gifted to her by the Crone and Freya the Mother when she departed her tribe for the Night Court. It's decorated with bird feathers to symbolize her mother Luna's dreamy personality, as well as gold and silver gypsy coins for her proud heritage.

your heart is a wild thing,
made of stardust and thunder and hurricanes.

-- -- --

coding by Avis. BG from Unsplash.

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Hoofbeats like roaring thunder—
mood board *

playlist *
You can listen to her entire playlist here.
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Profile doll is by siliencely. Postbit art by neverrmind. Profile table codes by the lovely Avis. All lore about the Rahilah gypsies is copyright to Roo. Various artworks by oxlorn, youburymexx, aenemoni, siliencely, yewrezz, empluvie, the-day-of-shadow, memuii, space1993, neverrmind, rhiaan, fintron, elegant--tragedy, and kiroochuu. Inspiration for Aislinn is the child of many things combined into one: my eclectic pagan faith, the moon and stars, the beauty of night, thunderstorms, warrior women, gypsies, and the characters Lunafreya from Final Fantasy XV and Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy XIII.

your heart is a wild thing,
made of stardust and thunder and hurricanes.

-- -- --

coding by Avis. BG from Unsplash.

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Hello, I'm Roo! I love all things winter and tea and books and cozy things ❤️ Feel free to message me here or on Discord anytime (kiroochuu#3100) :3
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