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▶ Year || 503
▶ Season || Spring
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▶ Age: 11 [Year 491 Summer]
▶ Gender:
▶ Pronouns: female [she/her/hers]
▶ Orientation: Bisexual
▶ Breed: Warmblood x Warlander
▶ Height: 16.1 hh hh
▶ Health: 10
▶ Attack: 10
▶ Experience: 10
▶ Signos: 9 (Donate)

▶ Joined: 08-27-2017
▶ Last Visit: 08-15-2018, 12:23 PM
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     A P P E A R A N C E     

Breed: -- Warmblood x Warlander
Gender: -- Mare
Age: -- 10
Species: -- Uniquine (Equine x Unicorn hybrid)
Horn: -- Spiraled white horn with red tip
Eyes: -- Crimson
Mane: -- White
Body:-- Black - lithe and muscular
Hooves: -- Solid
Markings: -- Bronze tribal bear on right shoulder, bronze tribal dorsal stripe, four white stockings with leg barring
Tail: -- White

Ktulu, for the most part is monochromatic in color. The majority of her coat is an expanse of dark, black fur interrupted by white markings with the exception of two bronze markings that she received in Helovia.

Her heritage is a mixture of Warmblood and Warlander, an even mixture of Equine and Unicorn that resulted in the creature that is called Ktulu. She stands at 16.1 hands at the withers, her muscular body sculpted from years of serving as a mercenary turned Chieftess. Outcast turned Captain. Captain turned General. Scars dot the expanse of her body, they are numerous but none of them stand out in any way as having been life threatening or serious.

She carries two bronze markings. The one on her right shoulder is in the shape of a tribal bear, given to her by the God of the Earth, himself, when she carried and birthed his son, the demigod Hototo. The second is a tribal dorsal stripe that expands the length of her back, from the base of her neck to her tail.

Ktulu's mane and tail are stark white, a drastic contrast from the dark black of her coat. There is not an ounce of color that mars strands the long, silken strands.

The most striking feature about Ktulu are her eyes. They are bloody crimson in color, a trait passed on to her from her father's line. Ktulu's expressions are usually guarded as she is not one who likes to wear her emotions on her sleeve. Looking in her eyes rarely serves to give any insight into what the dark mare is thinking or feeling aside from anger. Situated in the middle of her forehead is a classically twisted horn. It is ivory at the base, but the tip of it appears as if it's been dyed blood red.
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     P E R S O N A L I T Y     
• Protective • Distant • Determined • Strong • Judging • Opinionated • Fighter •
• Instinctive • Guarded • Withdrawn • Aggressive •

As Ktulu has grown and matured she began to see the world for what it truly was instead of from the hopeful eyes of a child. She has known lies, betrayal, hunger, thirst, pain, and suffering, most of which had been inflicted upon her from her father's family. In her early years the only constant good in her life had been her twin sister, Ophelia. There was never any hesitation or thoughts about her own safety when it came to protecting her sister. There have been two instances where she has nearly killed. Rather than rattle Ktulu and make her uncertain it gave her a steely resolve that allows her to distance herself from emotion when it comes to fighting and killing so she feels no remorse.

Ktulu is a judgmental creature and often forms opinions of others before she truly gets to know them. This makes her appear more distant, cold, and unfriendly than she truly is. Anyone who breaks through Ktulu's barriers can find an ally and a friend within the mare. She tends to form strong bonds with those that she befriends, to the point where she begins to view them as family. If she is betrayed, however, she will cast the individual out and have nothing more to do with them. She is a creature that trusts her instinct more than her heart in all matters no matter what the situation is or who it involves. There are very few that have hurt or betrayed Ktulu that have managed to get back in her good graces.

She is not a mare that has a strong maternal instinct. The safety of someone else's child is the least of her concern and she will not go out of her way to protect them or help them. However, she is fiercely protective of her own children and will fight anyone who tries to harm them no matter who they are. Case in point, when the Goddess of the Moon murdered her son, she attacked her careless of the consequences. Death is something that she has a hard time accepting and the death of a loved one typically results in her becoming withdrawn, distant, and angry.
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     H I S T O R Y     

Ktulu was born to Paladin the Valiant and Soleil the Virtuous, leaders of the Moonlit Tides, in what was known as Anarore. She was the first child to be born to the pair and also the first of twins to be birthed that evening. She slipped into the world relatively easily. No illness plagued her, but she was born with valgus legs that made it difficult for her to get around. For much of her childhood she lived in pain because of her deformed legs. Despite this she was still a happy, ambitious child. Her sister, Ophelia, helped her move around for much of her early life and was there to bolster her when she became discouraged. When adults told her that she wouldn't be able to be a warrior because of her legs Ophelia was there to tell her that she could do anything she wanted.

Ktulu was still young when Ophelia was stolen from their family and it was the first time she had experienced fear, followed by searing anger and hatred. The group that had stolen her sister tried to use her as leverage to take over their herd. It dissolved into a fight, which resulted in Ktulu and Ophelia's mother killing the leader of the group that had stolen her daughter. The fight was still continuing when the shades, spirits of all of Anarore's dead, descended upon them, attacked them, and drove them all from Anarore's borders.


It was only because of Ophelia's help that Ktulu was able to make it to Helovia. The girls were separated from their parents, but they were together. Neither of them ventured far from the other as they explored what would become their new home. They soon discovered the presence of gods, which gave Ophelia the idea to ask them to fix Ktulu's legs. Ktulu agreed and together they set off to find the Veins of the Gods. Once there the God of the Earth appeared before them. Whether it was out of kindness or pity, the god agreed to fix Ktulu's legs and sent the sisters on their way.

Together, Ktulu and Ophelia made their home in the Thistle Meadow, nestled beneath a large oak tree. They lived there for a year before they finally decided that it was time for them to join a herd and become part of something bigger than themselves. The pair of them decided that the Dragon's Throat, a herd that was primarly pegasus, would be the perfect place for them to call home. Upon joining they were met by the herd and granted entrance despite their lack of wings. Ktulu set upon the warrior's path and began to learn from a stallion called Azzuen.

When she turned two years old, Ktulu was beckoned forth by the God of the Earth. She heeded his call and approached, asking why he was calling for her. The god was in need of a child, a demigod that would walk Helovia with the mortals, so he asked Ktulu to bear his child. She agreed and became pregnant with the god's child.

She was heavily pregnant when she met Midas, a warrior of the Dragon's Throat. He was questing for magic and asked for her help, to which she obliged. The two became friends, which blossomed into something more as time went on. A short time after helping Midas with his quest, Ktulu took on her own quest, which ended in her being bonded with a grizzly bear cub named Eytan.

Hototo was born on the sands of the Dragon's Throat, but Ktulu did not stay in the herd long. She had come to hate the oppressive heat and the sand. So she, Hototo, and Ophelia all left together an took on life as outcasts.

Not long after she began her life as an outcast, Ktulu happened upon a gathering of mermaids in an area known as the Endless Blue. The sea creatures held a very valuable silver dragon egg. The crowd grew and the mermaids made it known that they intended to give the egg to the winner. Ktulu was already bonded, but she still competed and ended up winning the dragon egg, which she gave to her sister. Several weeks passed before the dragon finally hatched, but Ktulu, Hototo, and Eytan were there to witness the hatching.

Ktulu had come to call a dark forest home and was very comfortable within its confines, but she felt that there was something missing. She didn't have a purpose and it bothered her. She approached her sister with an idea and, together, they formed a mercenary group that would come to be known as The Grey. Ophelia was in charge of gathering information and delegating duties to the spies, while Ktulu lead the warriors that were known as Executioners. It was while she was recruiting for this group that she would meet three individuals that would have a huge impact on her life. Lakota, Apollo, and Archibald.

The Grey's numbers quickly began to inflate and there came a point that it was apparent that the forest would not be an adequate home for their growing numbers. The sisters decided it was time to secure a permanent home for themselves and they set their sights on the Windtossed Foothills. The Grey's spies began by stealing away vital herd members then the Executioners made their move. The invasion was swift and merciless and resulted in The Grey winning the Foothills for themselves.

Shortly after the invasion Midas sought Ktulu out in her new home. The pair bred, resulting in the conception of a filly who would be named Ranjiri. During her pregnancy she was called to the Deep Forest and was approached by the Great Bear who had allowed her to bond with Eytan. With his dying breath he granted her magic that would allow her to shape shift into a bear by focusing on her heart beat -- and his. He also gifted her fireflies that would float around her and nestle within the strands of her mane and tail.

Living in herd was much harder than Ktulu anticipated because of the politics that it included. It began to drive a wedge between the sisters and eventually Ophelia left. With the departure of her sister, Ktulu took on the full responsibility of the herd, but she couldn't do it alone, so she asked Apollo to join her. She ruled the herd with him by her side for several months before she felt that she had to leave. Ktulu said her goodbyes to Apollo, but when she tried to say goodbye to Lakota everything fell apart. Lakota had always promised Ktulu that wherever she went she would follow, but did not follow through when the time came.

Ktulu lived alone for many months, though she always kept an eye on the Foothills because she had promised Apollo that if he ever needed anything she would be there. When Confutatis made her move to try and take the herd from Apollo, Ktulu was there watching. The Merciful had never been much of a fighter, but that day he gave everything he had to keep his herd safe. It made Ktulu see him in a much different light.

Sickness broke out in Helovia. One by one the inhabitants became infected, turned on their friends and family, and infected them, too. Ktulu became sick while protecting Lakota from a filly known as Jorogumo. Lakota escaped and found shelter, but Ktulu roamed, infected, for weeks before she found where Lakota had hidden away. It was only because of Lakota, Apollo, and Archibald that she was healed from the sickness that plagued her, but it resulted in a life threatening injury to Lakota that Ktulu never forgave herself for.

The world seemed to quiet down for a while. Ktulu, Archibald, and Lakota all traveled to the World's Edge and became members. When the position of Captain became available she, Archibald, Note, and Fiore all competed for the position. Ktulu and Archibald, naturally, teamed together and defeated the other two vying for the position. They were named Captains and,together, they protected the World's Edge.

Murder. The peace was broken by a series of murders and the Helovians were tasked with finding out who it was and ending it. One by one they pieced clues together, and it was discovered that the Goddess of the Moon had possessed a stallion known as Gaucho and was using his body to murder. They all gathered to confront the Goddess, who was angry at being discovered. She tried to attack the Helovians, but Ktulu's son, Hototo, threw himself into harm's way and was killed to protect those he cared about. As he died the Gods appeared and doled out their punishment on the Goddess.

The death of her son by the hands of the Goddess and the Earth God's inability to bring Hototo back and allow Ktulu to take his place forever skewed her view of the Gods. She no longer worshiped them and she no longer trusted them.

The World's Edge herd, who's patroned god was the Goddess of the Moon, no longer wanted to live within the borders of a murderess. The teamed up with the Aurora Basin, who was now being led by Ophelia, and together they invaded the Foothills. They won, but allowed anyone who wanted to stay permission to as long as they proved loyalty to the new leaders. Those who chose to leave made their new home the World's Edge.

Shortly after Ktulu tried to leave, only to be stopped by Archibald, the herd's new leader. He challenged her to a fight on the condition that if she lost she had to stay and become his General. The fight ended with Ktulu's defeat and she reluctantly stayed as the General of the Hidden Falls herd.

Ktulu and Lakota's friendship blossomed into love, with the two mares declaring their love for one another. They talked about having a family and eventually the pair traveled to the Veins of the Gods. The God of the Earth heeded their call and granted the two mares a quest that would allow them to have a child together. They completed the quest and Lakota became pregnant with the pair's first child.

Not long after Lakota gave birth to their son, Murtagh, the Gods were at it again. They stole land from a place known as The Rift, and along with those lands came the corrupted gods of those lands. Ktulu was only present for the arrival of one new land and that was the land that the Goddess of the Moon had taken. When the corrupted RIft god appeared and began to fight Ktulu attacked the Moon Goddess in retaliation for murdering her son. The Goddess stripped Ktulu of her magic and cast her aside. Upon the conclusion of the fight the Goddess instructed those that had attacked her to meet her at the Veins of the Gods.

It took Ktulu some time to finally man up and go to the Veins. Upon her arrival the Goddess damanded an apology from Ktulu for her attack. At first Ktulu refused, but the only way she'd get her magic back was to apologize to the Goddess. WIth that ultimatum, Ktulu swallowed her pride and apologized.

More death. Not long after the defeat of the Rift gods, Ktulu was sent out to scout the new lands by Arichbald. She was away for several months, and when she retured Lakota was deathly ill. At first Ktulu refused to accept that her love was dying and there was nothing she could do. They even traveled to the Veins to ask the Earth God for help, but he turned them down, saying there was nothing he could do, either. He could only ease Lakota's suffering and transition into death.

After Lakota's death Ktulu became more withdrawn and distant. She became reckless and whatever responsibility she had was thrown to the wind. Ktulu began wandering and one day she happened upon a filly with her deceased dam. She took the child, Akeli, in and began to look after her. Still, she looked for any way to ease the pain she was feeling, which resulted in a fling with a stallion known as Sunjata. It was not without consequence and she soon gave birth to a filly named Rinne. Rinne was only a few days old when the amalgumation of the defeated Rift gods opened the gates of hell on Helovia.

Ktulu watched her brother and her sister die, heard the screams of dying friends, as she herded her family through a portal into the unknown.

What was supposed to have been The Rift simply wasn't. Ktulu awoke and found herself alone in an unfamiliar land. Neither Eytan nor the two fillies were with her and there was nothing she could do about it.
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Active & Parvus Magic

     O T H E R     
Dark/Wind: - ability to stop lungs of another from oxygen exchange, causing asphyxiation with prolonged use.

Dark: - ability to shapeshift into the form of a bear by calling upon the Great Bear's spirit. She must focus on her own heartbeat until she hears the sound of the Great Bear's heart beating with hers for the shapeshift to take place.

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Passive Magic


     O T H E R     
Companion: Grizzly Bear - Eytan
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Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

     O T H E R     
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     L I N E A G E     
Sire: *Paladin the Valiant
Dam: *Soleil the Virtuous

*Ophelia the Amaranthine (Paladin x Soleil)
*Vadim (Paladin x Soleil)
Varath (Paladin x Soleil)
Soren (Paladin x Soleil)
Tyradon (Terrador x Soleil)
*Cael (Terrador x Soleil)

*Hototo (x Earth God)
Ranjiri (x Midas the Gallant)
Murtagh (x Lakota the Poisoner)
Rinne (x Sunjata)

*Psyche the DarkEmpress


Roskuld the Sparklight



*Midas the Gallant
*Lakota the Poisoner
Archibaldthe Dauntless

* = Deceased
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