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▶ Year || 503
▶ Season || Spring
▶ Temp || 43℉ (8℃) - 70℉ (21℃)
▶ Weather || The weather radar really does seem to be off the charts lately...
I wonder what's going on? (#15-19)


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A land of absence
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"And all the while her mind, her blood, her fierce and fearless heart was singing, singing, singing." — Shrike in We're under attack!

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“Yes, squirrels.” The God of the Morning lets out a sigh, looking slowly from face to face. “As you said, Sloane. When they are frightened, or otherwise startled, the fire ignites. I do not know how they are capable of this.” A frown crosses his face, as he sinks into a deep, contemplative silence.

“They are too numerous, we cannot get rid of them without razing the entire forest first.”

After all, the squirrels were everywhere - how could they possibly find them all? Either they would miss some of the fire would finish off destroying the forest during their search. No, there had to be another way. ’Perhaps…’

“For now, we can do nothing. The fire line is stable, we’re gaining more ground than we are losing. We’ll meet at dawn at the forest’s edge; sleep until then, if you can.”

With any luck, they would arrive with fresh minds and fresh ideas. As for the god, Oriens turns away from the group of gathered equines, prepared to spend another night keeping watch on the forest and its squirrels.

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