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Restricted Item Redemptio... by Sol Bestiam
Come here for anything you need updated or fixed! In addition, staff will post important announcements here for you to view.
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Brassa by inkbone
Come here once you have finished your character's profile to be officially accepted! You can also find adoptables or retire a character inside.
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Colors of the Wind by Liam
This board has everything you could need to make your character's life complete - plotting, thread/art logs, wish lists, and even a place to post lore for their home lands!
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*taps mic* is this thing ... by inkbone
If you need to take a break from the IC world, this is the place to do so. Art, games, and so much more can all be found in this little nook.
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Advertise or affiliate with Novus here! Please use the password "guestfish" to access this board (and help us block those nasty internet bots).
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Estallan by inkbone
In an attempt to keep forum contents tidy, all inactive and finished OOC threads will be moved here for safe-keeping. IC Threads will be found in archives under whichever main board they were originally posted in. This board is view-only!