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Constructed high above the treacherous banks of the Rapax River, the Dawn Court’s capitol overlooks a great portion of its district. The pointed spires that burgeon from each stone tower make the building itself an unmistakable facet on a horizon dominated by treetops. In spite of the brick and mortar, ivy has stubbornly overtaken the building’s walls in certain places - perhaps an effort made by the surrounding forest to reclaim the soil that the fortress stands upon. Nevertheless, these are the halls the Dawn Court’s sovereign walks, and where the law of the land is both made and held.
For miles upon miles, grass is all one can see when standing among the fields of Illuster Meadow. It is an uncomplicated province; there are no mountains, no rivers, only very slight hills that roll gently beneath a blanket of tall prairie grasses. At times, what is predominantly a sea of pale green may become dotted by the petals of bright red flowers. During these periods, many horses flock to Illuster Meadow to experience the beauty of the land, particularly on clear nights as the stars flicker brilliantly overhead.
A more chaotic scene amongst the serenity that makes up most of Delumine, the Rapax River is lined with sharp rocks and abrupt ledges. Although tame - and even calming - in some places, many have met their demise in the roaring rapids of the Rapax. The footing along the banks can be precarious at best, for even the slightest weight in the right spot can send soft sand and soil tumbling into the waters… along with anything or anyone above it. Of course, even a land as dangerous as this has its beauty; one would be hard-pressed to find water as clear as that which flows through Delumine, and a cool, refreshing sip from the Rapax on a hot day simply cannot be beat.

Struck by you by Gareth
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From above, Viride Forest is but a thick carpeting of deep green. Very little sunlight is able to permeate through the treetops and reach the ground below, making it difficult for much plant life to thrive at the forest floor; however, hardier vegetation such as shrubs and grasses take root where others cannot. Although there is some variation of flowers and other more delicate plants, the majority of Viride’s terrain is populated by bush and bare ground. By way of travelers and native wildlife, a network of trails wind through the worn and weathered tree trunks of the wood. It is best to take note of your surroundings here, lest you wish to become hopelessly lost.
The trees are oldest in the northern reaches of the Viride, reaching far into the sky. Those who wander so far may begin to notice the forest changing: overhead their branches interlock tightly together, a canopy that keeps out the weather and, often, the sunlight. The trees grow closer together, their trunks widening into walls that create many hallways, and many rooms. And carved from these wall-like trunks are shelves; hundreds of niches where books and scrolls rest. Every few meters, a lantern is hung directly on a low-lying branch, providing ambient light for reading and studying, and many equines have left blankets and pillows to rest upon. Often it's the most sagely of characters who seek out the Library, but most everyone can find themselves awestruck by the whispering of the trees.

Do Your Research by Rosemary
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Delumine has come together to offer a chance for all of Novus to mingle, the foals to have fun, and everyone’s inner foal to come out to play! Come join us for Delumine’s first Summer Egg Hunt! You’ll find refreshments, fun, and prizes to be won while you search through Viride Forest for the eggs hidden throughout the foliage!
With the warming of the air and the melting of the snow the Spring Festival has arrived at Delumine! Beautiful and varied stalls of all kinds are already being set up. The meadow is sure to be filled with activities and stalls by the time the sun rises. The moonlight dance is set to occur with the full moon embracing all attendees. All are welcome, those who disturb the celebration will be duly dealt with.

Save A Dance For Me by Torielle
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