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With the mind of a master and the soul of a dragon, she is a frightful woe despite first impressions. An intricately carved frame of oat and hazel, both pliable and deft, Maerys is an agile dam. Her mule-toned bodice is amply complemented by dense, creamy curls that swirl in billows around her distinguished features. Her hocks deepen marginally, embroidered with barring, before distinctly bleaching into polished chrome. Her shaded profile is made individual by imposing mauve sights and a tapered snout matched with a thin blaze. Though no soldier, such is clear by her distinctly lithe frame and supple body, her agility and endurance are profound. Though she looks like no one breed, there are traces of warmblood, thoroughbred, and even some akhal-teke in her ancestry.

The sway of her hips is refined and smooth, a motion that exudes a sense of regality and poise. Femininity springs from her quarters as she evolves and ripens, a blossoming dam undeviatingly ere her prime. Though by no means towering, Maerys' presence conveys a sense of weight only proved by the glances she garners upon entering a gathering.

Maerys is a genuine visionary, steadily hunting for even just a twinge of benevolence in even the wickedest characters or circumstances. While she may be distinguished as reserved and bashful, she has an internal glow and intensity that is unmatched. Guided by her beliefs, rather than by reasoning, drama, or practicality, Maerys will look to honor, morality, and virtue to make her decisions- driven by the purity of purpose and not the premia or consequences.

Gifted with an upper-level diction and an artistic reflection method, Maerys is a silver-tongued orator who is readily able to vocalize in tropes and parables. Her gift with words extends beyond the common. Maerys is proficient in various languages and has the capacity to learn new ones at an unprecedented speed. Despite her uncanny ability with words, Maerys talks to few and those she does socialize with frequently come to depend on her rosy vision. Her restraint keeps her from the podium, but she is eternally willing to extend aid and guidance.

A passionate, hopeless romantic, Maerys may not hasten to commit, but once she does she is a faithful comrade. She takes the time to recognize those around her while still regarding their self-sufficiency. Notions such as "a friend of a friend" hold limited to no influence with Maerys who assesses those around her based on their individual merit. Even as alliances develop firmer and broader, and compatriots are lulled into a sense of mutual understanding, Maerys’ enigmatic properties will never truly vanish.

Few are as lyrical and tender as Maerys. Her altruism and vivid imagination allow her to conquer numerous challenging barriers while concurrently brightening the lives of those around her. Maerys' creativity is invaluable in many areas, including her own personal growth.

Maerys is from a faraway land, a place of mythology and lore, known as Varak. It is a bulky, secluded landmass broken into six regions. Each district has its individual assemblage of royals and bureaucracies and their morals and legalities differ immensely. Despite their variations, all regions unite below one sole king and queen that dwell in Arganoem, the middle region.

When Maerys was yielded, her family held sovereignty. Paramount, trusted, esteemed, the Valdorath family had commanded for centuries before unrest rose. Their reign ceased with the slaying of her father and mother- leaving her alone in the world. After the assassination, unrest was slain spontaneously by a different influential family in Varak who claimed the vacant throne before the next heir of the Valdorath family could: Maerys.

Maerys was brought in by a local clay salesman who raised her diligently, never informing anyone of her Valdorath ancestry grasping she would be sought for it by the current king who would feel abused at the opportunity of her producing unrest in the regions and toppling him. The merchant readily brought her to his residence in Ragnarysa- the easterly desert region. The capitol, Arganoem, would not be innocuous for the budding Valdorath. Maerys promptly acclimated to her fresh life, mastering the native language of Ragnarysians while appreciating the significance of their core values: might, valor, resilience, and benevolence.

With age, her true blood began to shine through and she decided that she needed to leave Varak until it was the proper time to come back. Until then, she investigates the vast and varied regions of the universe she exists in, studying their diverse cultures while equipping for her homecoming.

the blood of the valdorath family

Thousands of years ago, life was unconventional and obstinate in incomprehensible ways. War and famine destroyed as many as malady and ailment did. Despite the barely livable homeland and system of life, an association of dedicated soldiers and scholars joined forces and created what would later be a fully functioning government and six beautiful regions on the continent known as Varak.

An early member of the Valdorath family, Arronys, was a part of this collection of characters and sat in a high seat of power his entire life and after him, his children did the same. The name Valdorath became a constant, well-known family name that all knew and respected. At some point in history, the sitting leader gave the throne for the first time to a Valdorath. Taitys was the first of the lineage to carry the crown. Ruling honestly and carefully, the Valdorath's carried the crown for centuries, passing it from father to son until only now.

of ragnarysa, family valdorath
kilysa x daerinium
lysa x kinaem // ferien x dragal

the first of the valdorath
Together, Hepitalys and Aerlino had four beautiful girls and six beautiful boys. This pair and their children are the foundation of the Valdorath blood, their names sacred to all in the family.

the current state of varak and its inhabitants

Though Maerys is nowhere near Varak in the present, she hears news of its ongoings through messages sent by horse, crow, or word-of-mouth. She has a general understanding of what has transpired in her absence and will continue to somewhat know what happens beyond this point in time.

Kingdom News
from newest to oldest

// Urgad has taken Willou of region Whisteria as his queen, despite her family’s wishes.
// the Derath family has taken prisoners and killed many to ensure their power.
// the throne has been claimed by Urgad of the family Derath, though the armies do not relent.
// several armies have formed in hopes of claiming the throne.

Valdorath News
from newest to oldest

// The clay merchant has kept Maerys a secret thus far and plans to do so in the future.
// Maerys has fled to Novus where she prepares for the intended revolution.
// Maerys parents and elders have all been slain.

those who Maerys has met and how she interprets them

those she trusts and those she knows well
has not met any yet

those she simply knows
Regis; dawn court
Seraphina (Fia); day court
Lasairian; stranger

those she distrusts and those she dislikes
has not met any yet

where she’s been and the things she’s done

i. she was waiting for a sword; upon entering Delumine and settling down in Dawn Court and in her new rank as soldier, Maerys meets Regis.
ii. when snow falls, she listens; jumping right into her duties, Maerys begins patrolling the meadows in Delumine where she is approached by Seraphina
iii. the trembling of a distant land (swp); while wondering around, Maerys is one of many who witness the explosion of a volcano.
iv. a pilgrimage made strange (swp); the volcano has left behind a bridge in its wake. the bridge is very odd, though many choose to walk across it (including Maerys) despite the lurking sea monsters and strangeness it offers.
v. the taste of laurel and sable; once back at home, Maerys chooses to explore the Viride Forest in Delumine to acquaint herself with her new home when she is approached by Lasairian.

*side note.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic



At Maerys' side is perpetually her companion. Named Vradara with distinct blush and peach coloring, the reptilian beast is easily recognizable as a dragon and remembered well by all she meets. She has a way about herself, a variety of grace. With a tongue seemingly able to taste one's fear and dread, claws sharp enough to lacerate flesh with ease, and an aura of dominance, despite her meager length, Vradara is a potent threat. She is wise like no other, yet expresses a sort of toxic greed. From her skull erupts a variety of sharp spears that trail down her spine and lead to a sharp tail-head. On either side of her narrow body are wide, leathery wings that grace her with the gift of flight. Her eyes are white with pale pink slits for pupils, the same color that dots her spine, legs, and wings. She balances well on sinewy legs, sturdy and powerful. Her length totals five feet: a two foot body that continues into a three foot tail. Being a dragon of heat and fire, she is most comfortable in warmer areas though gladly ventures north should it be needed. Though she cannot speak in languages the horses around her understand, she has a wide variety of coos and calls that she uses to communicate, her voice, beautiful in its rawness, echoes softly off her surroundings. She is a kite without a chain; a celebration of liberty with each musical swing of her stately wings.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

weapon reference

Maerys wields a compact and sturdy double-sided ax in battle as her choice of weapon. The blade is composed of dense and sharpened carbon steel with intricate gold detailing for aesthetic purposes. There is one scanty, blue gem in the middle of the blade and is easily identified as sapphire. The handle of the ax is a golden-brown, deftly sculpted timber with a steel center.

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