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Lasairian is a Silver Perlino in overall color, with a sheen to his coat derived from his Akhal-Teke heritage. The softer areas of his body are more blush-rose in color: sensitive undersides, nose, lower face in general, ears and around the eyes. There is a darker almost blood-red color around his eyes as well, in a sort of eyeliner type marking. There are thin, ring-like markings around his neck where the hair is translucent, and the blush pink color of his skin shows through. There is a dark blood red rune marking carved into his left shoulder, creating a scar that has been there for a few years now. His hooves are a peach color.

He is about seventeen hands high, and well rounded in structure. He has a medium long mane and tail, more white in color due to the Silver gene showing up. On a good day his mane and tail are soft and flowly, a little wavy in looks, but there are days it seems to hang limp and straight. Lasair does his best not to let it get too dirty - or the rest of him - but doesn't seem to have the same issues with a splattering or smear of blood. His eyes are pale silver, and there are often little blood-red tear marks going down from his eyes due to an diagnosed form of Haemolacria. Lasairian also has small but sharply defined canine teeth, but nothing extreme in length to consider it truly abnormal.

• Curious • Obsevant • Enthusiastic • Friendly • Creative • Dedicated • Open-minded • Reliable •
• Overthinking • Sensitive • Reserved • Persistant • Impatient • Obsessive • Secretive • Wayward •

Lasairian is a friendly, caring sort of person who simply can come off as aloof at times. It's true that he is reserved where his heart is concerned, but otherwise he does his best to be considerate. He does his best to repress anything that could be considered or become problematic in the emotional sense, but he does have a somewhat short tether on his anger if pushed too far. Lasair is observant and dedicated, going out of his way to show that he can be both loyal and reliable to those that matter to him. When he loves, he does it with all he has, unconditionally and not in a very practical way. Logic doesn't always win here, even when he is very aware of how messed up or one sided a situation might be. He isn't without his delusions from time to time, either.

He is attentive and enthusiastic, and has the drive and ambition to put his creative ideas to the test, enjoying the process and adventure of it all. Lasair can give into his impulses, and likes a challenge that gets him thinking. He's all for hooves-on experiences and visual cues, embracing impersonal complications that he can figure out and fix. Lasair likes to see the beauty in things around him, and tries to surround himself with things he thinks are lovely. He's fond of nature, compelled to keeping plant life around himself for practical and aesthetic use. He adores crystals, gems, and semi-precious stones. Lasair enjoys lights and glowing things that remind him of home. He also has a thing for fire that goes beyond magic interest and awe.

He does not like to be seen as a burden or less than worthwhile, and doesn't like unneeded stress or drama. Lasair can't stand tight and strict restrictions; he likes having freedom to explore options and situations, and try new things. He knows how to go from hyped to relaxed, to find a more even mannered calm to circumstances that may make him come off colder than he really is. He has some sass and sarcasm to spare if in the right mood for it, and is much more open around those trusts. Lasair reaches for optimism in places that seem unlikely sometimes, and has an innate need to excel and achieve more. This makes Lasair a firm believer in studies and taking them seriously, knowing that with the right resources, not much is too far from his grasp if he wants it bad enough.

Lasair is a curious, knowledge- loving creature who seeks the understanding of magic above all things. He's constantly trying to find more to learn on facts and theories, quite absorbed into ritual and witchcraft; interested in power, though not for the wrong reasons. He has no interest in using it for cruelty or horrors, but more into finding ways to use it to help others or contribute to something good. That doesn't mean he is completely without selfish intention, however. He would use what power he has and could gain in order to prove his worth where he feels proving it would be necessary or beneficial for him. He isn't over the top with this, though, and would show no more than what proves his competence in whatever the circumstances are.

With all the good comes a darker side, because he can get overly intense in his interests and studies, and that can lead to moods where he forgets himself and the normal order of the world around him. There are things in the deeper corners of his mind that are not so pretty or kind, and it's a place he is often careful to not get too close to. It was, in some ways, how he coped and adapted to his living situation growing up. That wasn't to say it was bad; because it wasn't. Complicated was a much more suitable word for how his life unfolded among family and the tight-knit community they surrounded themselves with. Lasair only slid into the recklessness and risky behaviors when those around him tried to hold him back. For example, he was forbidden to enter a forest not too far from his home. So he did, and did repeatedly. It was in his nature to explore, come hell or high water; and he did.

Lasairian was born in a large community, raised in a pretty tight-knit group of individuals that were more like extended family than anything else. The group itself was very open minded about magic and it's use, and Lasairian found interest in everything surrounding magic and it's applications. He studied all that he could in this area, focusing also on healing and salves. Granted, his interest in this area was heavily influenced by one of his caretakers, who was looked at as the shaman type medic of the group. Caydren was very skilled in magic and healing work, so it was all too easy to get caught up in learning some of those same skills. Working with herbs, plants, and anything that could be beneficial. Lasair was always trying to find ways to impress his mentor, and that eventually turned into the realization that he was quite infatuated with Caydren.

Lasair knew it wouldn't and couldn't go anywhere, considering the relationship type between them, the age gap, and the sheer fact that Caydren was over the top where being promiscuous was concerned. So Lasair suffered with his feelings in silence, struggling to ignore them and pushing them away, doing everything he could to talk himself out of such a folly. Time dragged on, and those feelings never changed, never wavered. Lasair simply decided to accept this, and pretend that he had no interest in such things at all. Buried himself in what he could learn, what he could be taught, and let the community think he was nothing more than an asexual creature. It worked in his favor, considering that he was not too often approached on the subject once he started letting such vibes settle over himself. It wasn't always easy, but Lasair became pretty good at holding things in on personal matters.

Turning his attention to other, more obtainable things was the better choice for him, though Lasair found himself less than pleased over how limited his place within his community was, as he did not come from what was considered a 'pure enough' bloodline to them, and therefore could never hold a real, earned title and place among them. This stung quite a bit, and he did try to push all of that aside for the sake of bettering his studies, but it did keep him from sticking to all the rules. Lasair had a bit of a rebellious streak when it came to going to the forbidden areas, like the forest not too far from home that held all manner of terrible things within it. Dangerous things. It was the only place close by where death wasn't a punishable offence, and gathered a lot of unsavory types due to that. Of course Lasair gained a bit of a rush from going, beating the odds in the scuffles, and just plain getting lucky surviving the place.

Maybe he had watchful eyes on him that he didn't know about when he snuck away, but those were things he never knew, never confirmed to him. Life went on like this, but eventually a line was crossed where Lasair knew that he couldn't keep hiding his feelings for Caydren if he stuck around, couldn't let himself be too weak to walk away, and so he did. He left all that he knew behind and set off to try and figure out what to make of life from there. Lasair did his best to go as far from home as he could get, and he did find a place to settle into, and started to get fairly comfortable there. All was working out, and he was managing to make something of himself, carve out a piece of life for himself away from the home he missed dearly and still yearned for. A difficult process, but he pushed through it. He wasn't sure what happened, how it happened, but Lasair suddenly found himself stuck in someplace new, different, and utterly strange.

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Lasairian has one tiny vial of blood on a chain, usually knotted into his mane, three feathers and a small crystal on a cord that are often found tangled in his mane as well.

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Date of Birth: Dec 13th

Family: Katriel (father), Kier (mother), Seòras (brother) & Siobhán (half sister)

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