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A child kissed by morning dew and dawn’s first light, Cassi is an ethereal being draped in a beautiful ivory coat. She shimmers in the sun, the alabaster that covers her nimble 14.2 hh frame resembles the most pristine marble. Pink hides beneath her skin but is most relevant around her pretty face where it appears most on her delicate nose. However, there is a rosey color placed very particularly across her bodice and it almost seems like the sun has slowly started to rise on the horizon and reflected upon her skin. Cloven hooves carry her graceful body across the earth’s surface and give her optimal balance. The palest verdant eyes stare out upon the world with that kind, curious expression that is always present on her face. Her hair is full and straight, usually having braids and twists in it. The woman’s locks are healthy and strong and it’s very long. The pearly appendages that reach for the heavens are her most distinguishable feature. Her wings are Cassi’s most dependable ally with the strength to carry her away from life’s troubles. The halo is currently not able to be seen.

Positive: Wise, thoughtful, kind, truthful, curious and confident.
Negative: Little world experience, a bit of a pushover, puts trust in anyone and everyone, and slightly anxious.

Perhaps in another life Cassilyn was fierce, competitive and always fighting for a position of power. Yes, maybe she was also kind and carried herself in the most regal way but again, that was another life.
Now, Cassilyn retains some aspects of what she once was but she has evolved into something else, something more? Satin words pour from velvet lips. Cassilyn is quiet and polite, her kindness rolls from her tongue easily and she dares to share a smile with everyone. She is fluid, every movement precise and planned but not meaningless. The woman radiates kindness and cares deeply for those around her. The walls around her heart have been lowered and now, she’s more then willing to create friendships.

There is a light that shines from inside her, perhaps it’s kindness and maybe it’s something else. The woman is quiet and observant and she’s always analyzing what’s going on around her. She’s confident but in the most innocent way. Her lack of experience in this world is evident as she isn’t aware that not everyone should be trusted. She can find herself placing trust in those who don’t treat her the best. She also struggles with conflict and has a hard time confronting anyone who might have said something that bothered her. Because of this, Cassilyn can become isolated and will stew over issues that probably have a simple solution.
Even though she seems so put together, Cassilyn has skeletons in her closet even if she isn’t sure what they are. The burdens of another life cause an ache in her chest and leave a shadow on her renewed soul. She’s learning to live with that hurt and each day she wakes, she’s reminded of a time she does not remember.
However, even if Cassilyn has forgotten her old life, she’s retained a sharp tongue and a wisdom beyond her years. The woman can be found enjoying life’s simplest pleasure, like a walk through the meadow or reading a book. Thought her anxious demeanor can cause her to panic in larger crowds, she’s learned that it’s okay to be alone. But even with a few flaws she’s slowed down and can now focus on herself and her own journey. Perhaps that’s what she needed. Perhaps that’s why she’s here?

Disclaimer: Cassilyn is subject to grow a lot and change since she has little world experience. However, these most likely won’t be life changing differences.

This isn’t her first life, her first life was full of many successes and failures. She was a queen, a mother, an enemy and a friend. The woman came from an incredible land where she was created, not born. She had been created for greatness and that urge burdened her for almost the entirety of her life. That urge was crafted so deeply into her being that she longed for power, any sort of throne. Little did she know that this would be her downfall. Cassilyn went by another name and had a different body. She’d lived for many lifetimes and seen many kingdoms rise and fall. She’d loved and lost and had children. She’d seen her children and lovers die or disappear. It really wasn’t a life worth living, but she persevered and fought for a life she wanted, a peaceful life.
Finally, she slowed down and quieted her ambition. But, because she ignored it, it burned a hole in her chest. She fell in love again and became pregnant but she couldn’t resist the urge anymore. The woman boarded a ship and sailed for a new kingdom, one in need of a ruler. During the long journey, her daughter was born during a great storm. The ship was thrown about and finally torn apart by the sea and her newborn was ripped from her. The screams filled the night but there was nothing Cassi could do to save her child.
Adrift in the ocean, the once great woman’s sobs could be heard for miles. In the end, it wasn’t the exposure that killed her, it was her shattered soul and broken heart.

When she woke, she was not mortal, she was a ball of pure energy. She’d been taken to Cirrus, a kingdom in the sky where lost souls could find paradise. She grew accustomed to her new life in this world. The creators, Empyrean and Elysian, watched the new soul who wandered aimlessly about with the brightest spirit. The light of her soul was so bright that they couldn’t ignore her. They could feel her past and all that she’d endured and they pitied her. She should have been happy but a longing for power had been imbedded in her very DNA. The creators longed to give her another chance and so, they sent her back. They gave her a new body, a new mind and a new soul but, they left her original heart within her chest. They knew it would cause her some pain but they knew that it was the very best part of her and without it, she’d never be happy. The creators gave her another chance with a clean slate.
And then, she started on a new adventure, one that has led her to the world of Novus.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic



Sorren is not a creature of this world, perhaps sent here by someone of another realm. She is centuries old and her wisdom stretches on for eons and that is reflected in her appearance. She is covered in a strange hide, a mix between feathers and fur. Her front legs are accented in the red that is found all over her body and the beast has hands like a primate instead of paws on her front limbs. Her back legs are white and have paws like a cat while her tail is long and slender, ending in a tuft of red hair. The crimson and blue markings can be found all over her but they’re most prevalent on her chest and face. The beast’s face is strange as it doesn’t match the rest of her body. She harbors the beak, eyes and tufts of feathers acting as ears, like an owl. However, her most uniques features are the sets of wings she has. Two pair sprout from her head and another from her slender body. She uses all three during flight, but the smaller sets only move occasionally. The magic that encircles her often shows itself in small orbs of blue light.
Sorrena is 7 ft long and close to 5 ft high. She is larger then her bonded.

Sorren is beautiful in her own elusive way. She’s brave, stoic, wise and incredibly quiet. She is the stoic guardian of Cassilyn’s heart. Nothing is allowed near Cassilyn unless Sorren knows about it, she is otherworldly entirely. The creature is fiercely loyal and her intelligence is unparalleled. Her voice echoes about inside Cassilyn’s head, it is mysterious and ethereal. Cassilyn holds Soren in the highest regard and respects the beast immensely. Their relationship is indescribable and perhaps, that’s how it is meant to be.

Her magic is as elusive and odd as Sorren is, it is the magic of a true guardian. When she feels she’s in danger, her body emits those small orbs of light which will be absorbed by her enemies. These orbs of light are a sort of poison which will disorientate and perhaps incapacitate whoever they are directed towards, they act much like a fungi’s spore. Only her bonded is immune to the poison.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Sash: Wears a white sash that wraps around her neck and is connected by a silver circlet. There are various flowers sewn into the fabric so she always smells floral. There are two tassles that hang from the circlet.

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I'm 19 and I just completed my first year of college where I'm majoring in Legal and Paralegal Studies. I'm also an athlete on an athletic scholarship and I'm on my college's rodeo team. Faith is my main mount and Diva is my prospect! I have two dogs, Stitch and Arlo, whom I love dearly. I've known several people from Novus for years and I'd love to get to know anyone new! I'm always up for a plot or a chat so don't be shy! I'm happy to be back!

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