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Sodoma stands tall at 16 hh on top of legs that taper to slender points at her hooftips. Her thick bodice is reminiscent of ice and covered in an opalescent oil spill pattern, filled with shimmering and gleaming bits of fine glitter here and there. The spill flows from her colorless eyes as well, making it seem as if she is crying- however, she more than likely is not. One streak of glitter streams down to her nostril on either side of her face, but ends before touching the flaring hole. Her mane and tail are in disarray- a testament to the rough life she has lead thus far. Usually in a neat loop for show, both her platinum mane and tail have loose strands and mangled bits, though the sight isn't off-putting. At first glance, one would barely notice that her hair was out of sorts anyway. Her pristinely trimmed hooves are the color of ash and have a blue gleam in the light, but in shadows appear to be the color of a graphite stone.

Unfortunately, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a genetic condition that has plagued her family for centuries. However, the last equine in her bloodline to show symptoms of the disorder was her granddam. It didn't begin until she was older, around 3 years of age. She started showing symptoms slowly, and then all at once. During an episode, Sodoma's personality becomes erratic and impulsive. She decides rapidly between her moods, going from happy to sad to angry to empty. She has a fear of both rejection and abandonment and often tries to manipulate those around her to stay, resorting to tactics such as begging and lying in order to keep them close. She doesn't think about the consequences of her actions during an episode, and acts solely on impulse. She spends her currency, sleeps with whomever, and has very little regard for what she puts her body/self through. However, when she is lucid, she is one of the most level-headed mares one could ask for. She is intelligent and charismatic with a good sense of humor- a complete 180 from her episodic side. She can usually feel an episode coming on by the rapid involuntary change in her body temperature- usually toward hot. She knows that she is unbearable in that state and will usually leave the area until she regains control of herself. Her worst nightmare is someone she loves or someone of authority finding out about her disorder and takes great care to hide it from the rest of the world. She trusts very few to begin with, but trusts absolutely none when she is acting out. Her episodes only happen few and far between, however they can last for days up to a week. As a rule, she tries to stay out of the eye of many around her for fear that they'll notice when she's gone temporarily, but finds it hard to do due to her bright coloring. She's polite and will respond with ease in conversation, but her fears make it difficult for her to have a relationship, whether romantic or friendly.

Sodoma grew up on a peninsula not very far from Nova- to the naked eye. In reality, it was in another time, hiding the wonders of Novus from their world. She grew up hearing the stores of the land, and from the time she was a little girl she desired to travel and see the magic that played within despite being told they were only fairytales. Her homeland, Cainesse, was void of all magic except for the gracious few that used their talents for the community. She was born to a noble dam and a rogue sire- an odd mix in her world, as her mother belonged to the upper class while her father ran with a "wild" crowd. They spent a lovely few months together before splitting due to the pressure for her mother to find a stallion of her own rank. However, not too long after, she realized she was due to have Sodoma. Sodoma's grandsire was furious, and once Sodoma was born and weaned, she was sent to live with her father in the Outlands. Soon, her dam was joined with another stallion and gave birth to a little colt. Sodoma, unfortunately at this time, began exhibiting symptoms of mental illness and when word got back to her dam and grandsire, he immediately set out to remedy the situation. His own partner had been plagued by ill episodes and it had caused him anguish until her death, so to preserve the now "tainted" the bloodlines, he decided to drive Sodoma and her father out of Cainesse. They took a boat and only Sodoma looked back, hoping with the spirit of a filly that one day she could return and take back her name. They arrived by boat at the shore of Novus, thought to be just another island within their realm, and entered, planning to stay only for a night before traveling again to another island several miles east. During the night, Sodoma woke in a frenzy and snuck off, manic and itching to get into something while her father stood sleeping. She stayed in an episode for a total of two weeks, the longest one yet, and by the time she got her wits about her she realized that her father had left and she was alone in Novus with nowhere to go but what she assumed to be the easiest court to disappear in- Dawn.

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